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#13407537 Aug 22, 2017 at 11:20 PM
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((Chapter 1: The Dark Inside))
((Chapter 2: Dreams))
((Chapter 3: Smiles))
((Chapter 4: Bad Guy))
((Chapter 5: Monster))


That's all Xirad saw when his eyes burst open.

He could only remember opening a door, being punched in the face by a man in wampa armor... and that was it.

Not that it mattered, now.

Where was he?

He looked around, getting up slowly. The pain in his abdomen had seemingly withdrawn. The sterile room was small, filled solely with his little white cot. Xirad brushed a longer strand of hair from his face, now standing up completely.

He stopped.

His hair wasn't long.

He ran a hand through his hair.

It was long.

Xirad walked to the door leading out of the room and opened it.

((To be continued...))
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#13411418 Aug 25, 2017 at 03:44 PM
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Rex, now with a frame of mechanical legs on top of his own in order to help him walk, walked into Chrysa’s dim, grimy room. He shut the door behind him, careful to make sure that the crazy Twi’lek doctor - in addition to anybody else - didn’t see him. He turned to Chrysa’s dark red form clad only in her undergarments; her bare skin stood in stark contrast to the rough, dirty blankets of the bed she lay on. She sat up slightly, pulling the covers around her. Molten-gold eyes shone as she looked at him, a smile forming on her face. “Rex… how’d you sleep? How are your new legs?”

He smiled back at her; his blonde roots were already beginning to show underneath his black dyed hair. “I slept alright. A little lonely, but alright.” He sat down next to her. “The legs are…. Alright. Can’t wait to take them off…” the man chuckled slightly.

She smirked back to him. “One step at a time, love. One step at a time.” Her smirk faded slightly as she saw him flinch at the ‘L’ word. “Well, in any case… do you have a plan yet, Rex?”

There were a few moments of silence before he answered. “I can’t get anybody else involved in this mess. It’s too dangerous. I already feel bad about dragging you into this…” his voice trailed off momentarily before he continued. “Especially if what you say is true.” His sea-blue eyes looked at her. “I’ve got a few favors to call in on where we might find her. Are you absolutely sure you don’t have an idea where she could be?”

The Pureblood shook her head. “No… the majority of her resources were destroyed when the Eternal Empire invaded. If she had anywhere else to be, I wouldn’t know about it, or she might have gotten new lairs after I cut ties with her.”

Rex stroked his scruffy chin, staring off into space. “So... You were an spy from a Sith warlord scientist, huh? Kojasta, wasn’t that her name?” He looked back at her. “And you still can’t remember why she sent you to watch me?”

The Sith gave a sad sigh. “Rex… it’s not that easy. Once I realized what a good person you are… when you taught me that I can forge my own path…. I cut ties with her. I fell in lo- I mean, I realized that I didn’t have to be her slave.” She gently set her hand down on his leg. “Kojasta never told me why I was sent to spy on you. I assumed it was to make sure you didn’t disrupt her operations… but I don’t know.” She gave him a gentle squeeze.

His jaw visibly clenched at the squeeze. For a few moments, silence, then he put his own hand on top of hers. “It’s okay. Thanks for telling me, Chrysa; I can’t imagine how hard that was.” His eyes visibly softened as he looked at her. “And, I do have a plan. But… it’ll be hard.”

Chrysa looked up at him, her eyes shining even brighter now. “I’ll follow you anywhere, captain.”

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#13426968 Sep 05, 2017 at 07:41 PM
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(( Because Stranger Things pulled off this song/cover so perfectly))

I'm flying, again.

Just like I used to dream about.

I can't hear anything.

But, I can see all of Coruscant, below me.

I can see my parents, waving up at me.

I can see my childhood friends, all grown up, waving at me.

I told them I'd be a hero, one day.

I can see the girl I thought I loved, just before I left to go provide service to the poor.

She's waving up at me; I can see the admiration in her eyes.

I told her, too, that I'd be a hero.

And suddenly I'm flying on Hutta.

I can see all the people I had tried to help.

The Evocii people.

I can see them pointing up at me.

They told me I was a hero to them.

I can the family that took me in when I first got sick.

I can see the crops helped plant for them, growing, a patch of beauty in the muck of Hutta's chemical swamps.

I can see Coruscant again.

I'm flying near my old hospital room.

I can see the doctors, frowning at me.

They're gesturing for me to stop flying.

I can see the girl again.

She just shakes her head and walks away.

I can see my old neighbors.

They all have some look of shame on their faces.

I can see Rex.

He looks up.

He just shakes his head at me.

My parents appear.

Their faces are emotionless.

I'm starting to fall from my flight.

I land in the Military Recruitment office.

I'm walking through the Boot Camp grounds.

Other mud covered troops spits at my feet.

I feel myself being pulled down into the ground.

I'm suddenly walking through the observation room of Outpost Zeta.

I watch as everybody around me is shot down.

I relive the execution of the people that had survived.

The man with the Wampa Armor seems to walk right through me.

I'm in the bed of my hospital room.

I can feel the bed sucking me in.

The doctors smile down at me.

My vision is closed off as I'm almost completely engulfed by the bed.

Then the Mirialan walks in.


I feel the bed releasing its grip on me.

I'm in the speeder with Neria and Oninia.

I can feel that the concern on their faces is for me.

I'm hovering in my seat.

I'm suddenly in an alley on Nar Shaddaa.

I see Rex.

My brother.

He's looking for me.

I'm flying again.

He doesn't see me.

I try flying down, yelling out to get his attention.

No sound of any kind leaves my mouth.

I'm drifting further away.

I watch as the alley collapses on him.

I can feel myself being sucked up, into the sky.

I'm desperately struggling to go down, to go help him.

I turn my head to see what's pulling me up.

I see a bright white light.

I'm pulled into the white light.
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#13486042 Oct 16, 2017 at 11:13 PM
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"A group of assassins, mercenaries, and bounty hunters walk into a bar. What does the bartender say?!"



"Your guy is in the corner!"




The idiot red head smuggler was immediately thrown from the stage- that is, after getting a good beating for how terrible his joke was.

The smoky room of the Crazed Cocoon Cantina was filled with tables of the people the idiot of a comedian had mentioned in his joke: assassins, mercenaries, and bounty hunters. Some were playing Sabaac and other card games at their tables, others were idly chatting, and others more were watching and listening to the stand up comedy acts of the night. One thing was in common with the whole group, though: they were all armed and dangerous. In the corner was another small area with dancers on their poles, humans and aliens, males and females.

Rex and Chrysa walked in, looking around and literally breathing in the scene. The Pureblood had a frown on her face as she turned to her captain. "Rex... why are we here, again?"

The once blond man gave her a wink and smile, but something in his eyes was dark and serious. "You know why. It's time to figure out the next person who ratted us out and got us into this mess." His voice, even, sounded serious. Rex motioned forward, and they walked up to around the middle of the area.

Just as they sat down, the next act walked on stage; a dark green Twi'lek with a very large forehead. "So, folks, let me tell you a story... I was passin' through the Republic fleet one time, and..." His voice was drowned out as Rex patted Chrysa on the leg, under the table.

"Start looking for him. Now."

They both scanned the room, back and forth, back and forth. Rex's blue eyes shone intently in the dark... there's a weequay... there's a rodian... a Ithorian...

"Hey, you! Pretty Sith lady! Yes, you!" Rex looked up as the stage's spotlight shone on his spot with Chrysa; the red skinned woman had an agitated look on her face, golden eyes full of anger. "Ah, come on, get up here! I need you for my next joke! I promise, lady, if it's not funny, you get to vaporize me!" She gave Rex a look, and he nodded to her; she got up from her seat, and began walking up to the stage. "Very good, very nice! Thanks a bunch for lettin' us have ya girl for a minute, pal! Anywho, for the rest of the joke..." Rex started looking around the room again, scanning, scanning...


A dark-skinned human with white hair was moving very hurriedly from the dancing area of the cantina.

Rex stood up, hurriedly making his way to him. His target looked over and saw him, dark eyes going wide in fear. They both started running.

The human looked like he was just about to escape - but was suddenly shot with a stun blast by a passing by mercenary who was just walking in. Rex ran up to them, fear on his face; the look was quickly replaced with relief. "Oh, Milo! It's you!"

The merc gave him a nod. "Rex. Thought I'd do you a favor; half the people in this place owe you one, buddy." He walked on into the bar with out another word. Rex looked over his shoulder, just as Chrysa happened to kick the Twi'lek in the groin. Apparently this was more funny than the joke itself, because it wasn't until then that the audience laughed again. Golden eyes caught his blue ones, even from across the bar, and they nodded to each other.
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#13504273 Oct 30, 2017 at 12:41 AM
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"Welcome home, Xirad."

(Queue: ))

The young blond man looked around himself in this new room; in the very center stood a woman with tanned skin, dark black hair, bright green eyes... one side of her face was heavily scarred, but it did little to mar her beautiful features. She wore grey robes, her dark figure standing in stark contrast to the bright whiteness that seemed to overpower everything and give off a sense of purity, of cleanliness. The room itself was large in size, with eight white pillars forming a large circle halfway into the room. Between each pillar was a door, leading off to the rest of... wherever Xirad was.

"I've been waiting for you for a very long time, my dear." Her thick Imperial accent was hard to mistake. "Your brothers and sisters have missed you, dearly..."

He was suddenly aware of his clothes; he wore simple white robes, so light that they felt like nothing. He looked back up at her, then all around him. "Where am I... what is this?"

She took a tentative step toward him, a warm smile on her face. "I told you; you are home!" The woman spread her arms wide, gesturing around the room and then towards herself. Her whole demeanor was one of warm, welcoming invitation.

Xirad clenched his jaw, but then relaxed it slightly. "Maybe I should rephrase... where is home? Who are *you*?" He took a tentative step of his own to her.

"Well, that is hard to describe... home is constantly changing locations! We are in my personal travelling space station. As for who I am... well..." She bowed her head slightly to him. "I am your Creator."

"My... Creator?"

"Yes. Come! Allow me to show you." She extended her arm to him; he stared at it silently for a few moments, then nodded, accepting it and allowing her to lead him through one of the eight doors of the room. The next space they entered was a gigantic room; the entirety of one of its walls was a viewport into the vastness of space; distant stars glimmered in the dark, echoes of memories light years away. The door they entered from kept the view to their left, but on their right was a grand staircase; there were golden colored trees lining the walkways. Halfway up the staircase was a veranda, with dozens of people idly sitting and chatting on golden colored couches. Some of them smiled and waved down at Xirad and the mysterious woman. "Xirad... these is your family."

"My family? What about Rex, my parents? What about those people I was with before I was here...." His eyes went wide. "How did I get here?!"

She laughed softly, as if his confusion was similar to that of a small child learning a new concept for the first time. "Rex will be here soon; as for your new friends, they are waiting for you in another room."

"Now... allow me to explain this all to you..."
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