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Mass Effect Roleplay

[Poll] New RP, Y/N/M?

Considering that Mass Effect: Covenant doesn't seem to be generating any kind of hype, I've decided to take that off the table. But I would still very much like to host a Mass Effect RP for you all at some point down the line. So, I've come up wit...
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Mass Effect Roleplay

[Character] Eidolon Nox, Turian Blackwatchman (WiP)

«Very special thanks goes to our very own Cirsei for taking a disgusting piece of word vomit and helping me transform it into the blocks of text you're about to read.»___________________________________________________ ⤙Eidolon Nox⤚ History_______...
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Mass Effect Roleplay

Nosspott's Mass Effect: 2286

What you're about to read comes from my buddy Nosspott, who's responsible for the creation of the characters Xylia T'soni and Te'Meera. When discussing about the latter's relation to the former, they had this to say..."Both characters stemmed from...
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Mass Effect Roleplay

Marcus Bowenford's Proposed Changes to Mass Effect (WiP)

Nihlus KryikThe Turian Spectre Nihlus was a character with so much potential. His death came as a shock to newcomers of the series, and continues to remain a sore spot for loyal fans like myself. In my take on the Mass Effect trilogy, Nihlus would...
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Mass Effect Roleplay

MASS EFFECT™: APOTHEOSIS – Official Cinematic Teaser Trailer

A 2.5D holographic representation of Admiral Steven Hackett is playing on a large monitor of some kind. Behind him are the crew of his ship, all looking as exhausted as he. With his hands clasped behind his back and his chin held high, the man say...
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Mass Effect Roleplay


Normally I'd make this kind of thing a poll, but I'm more curious to hear your thoughts on this matter. How would you all feel about participating in a semi-freeform RP that is quite literally Mass Effect meets Halo? The story would be called Mass...
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Mass Effect Roleplay

[Story] "Demons" by Rex

The nightmare started like they always do.Charlie was with his squadmate, Trisha. They were on some planet that had two feet deep water covering the surface. Both were wearing soft, loose robes. Hand in hand, they walked along, each step sending r...
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