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RWBY Roleplay

Mistral's First Years [Closed RP - Applications]

And here we are, finally. An application thread for my fellow RWBY fans and friends (Syn, Ally, Izzy, Thess and Kyru)! Down below I have my list of rules and the like. Once you go over them - and at least agree - go ahead and set your characters u...
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RWBY Roleplay

Mistral's First Years [Closed RP - Setting]

(Note: This list may expand if anything else strikes my mind that I forgot to add currently.)And here we go again, finally getting around to getting this up for all participants to see! As the title says, this post is based around the current sett...
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RWBY Roleplay

RWBY'verse - Zelma Grau

I figured I would put this here, since I'm probably never going to use it.Zelma GrauAppearanceZelma is an unremarkable girl. Standing at 5'5'', she has straight, long, silver hair that reaches the small of her back. Her eyes are a dark, dark black...
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RWBY Roleplay

A Grimm Revision [WiP]

THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY A VERY TIRED PERSON. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO READ WELL. In my take on the setting of RWBY, the demonic entities known only as the Grimm would originally have hailed from a parallel dimension called Nowhere. They would hav...
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RWBY Roleplay

RWBY'verse - The Four Moons Mercenary Compant and Krayt's Jaw Cartel

Izzy gave me this idea! Been working on it for...two days, at least, and she's urged me to post what I've got. Do note, it's not 100% complete (there are some missing characters) and that I will steadily update it until I'm fine with the product.N...
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RWBY Roleplay

RWBY'verse - Hua Xuri

At first look, there is nothing extraordinary about Xuri. Her curly red hair is kept tied neatly behind her head, and it mostly covers her fawn spots, which are darker than her normal, fair skin tone. The spots start at her temples and follow her ...
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RWBY Roleplay

RWBY'verse - Lykos Athanatos

"The noir hero is a knight in blood-caked armor. He's dirty and does his best to deny the fact that he's a hero the whole time."Lykos Athanatos, the "Immortal Wolf", is a Mistralian Hunter-in-training and student at Haven Academy. He is the younge...
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RWBY Roleplay

RWBY'verse - Koraki Athanatos

"Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul."Koraki Athanatos, the "Immortal Raven", is a Mistralian Hunter-in-training and student of Haven Academy, and the eldest son of Aeras Athanatos, a member of the Mistral Co...
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RWBY Roleplay

Team Vermilion (VMLN) - RWBY'verse

The spiritual successor of the previous Team RBYN (renamed and redone to fit with Monty Oum's character and team names guidelines).Team VMLNTeam Vermilion (VMLN) is a second-year team at Beacon Academy. A firm group of friends borderline family, t...
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