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[Pinned] The Cinematic RNG system

For those of you who've been wondering how I was going to handle combat in my games, this thread's for you. As the name of the thread suggests, it hinges on the use of a random number generator. In scenarios where there are one or multiple player ...
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[Pinned] Welcome to the Arena

Ladies and gentlemen, for decades, Roleplaying Games have littered our existence. They provide us with distraction, escapism, and (usual) good memories. They herald a good time spent with good friends. You're laughing, because your friend decided ...
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On today, this day of giving...

I'd like y'all to write up summary bios of your ideal Ravager character. They have to be completely original, but they can be pretty much anything you want 'em to be. The MCU is a pretty big place, after all. Why am I askin' for this? Well, you'll...
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These are the voyages of the USS Argosy...

Lately I've found myself becoming enamored with watching videos of people playing Star Trek: Bridge Crew, but none more so than the one uploaded by the Angry Joe Show in April of this year. For those of you who aren't in the know, Bridge Crew is a...
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Marcus Bowenford's Proposed Changes to Michael Bay's Transformers Films

(I'd originally planned to submit this to only a handful of people, but figured that I put so much work into it that I ought to just share it with everyone here!) THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY A VERY TIRED PERSON. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO READ WELL. Bel...
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Inspiration comes from the most unusual things, doesn't it?

THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY A VERY TIRED PERSON. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO READ WELL. So I've recently found myself obsessed with intrigued by the lore of Skullgirls. For those of you not in the know, Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game independently dev...
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[Poll] The Final Choice!

Hello once again! Here, I've prepared three outlines of different RPs. Know that I do intend to run all of them at some point or another, but running them all at the same time would, of course, wear me out, so! Out of these three, I ask you all to...
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[Poll] Cirsei's new forum RP part 2.

Hello once again! After posting my original poll, I realized there were a couple more settings that I was interested in running: The Legend of Zelda and Horizon: Zero Dawn. So I figured I'd throw up another poll while I write up the pitches for a ...
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[Poll] If Cirsei were to run another forum RP... (CLOSED)

Hey all. Not saying I'm going to be running another forum RP, but if I were going to, these are likely the settings I'd be interested in running. I have to say, though, that if I were to run ANY of these, you'd likely find little similarity in my ...
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Marcus Bowenford's Proposed Changes to Star Wars... (WiP)

THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY A VERY TIRED PERSON. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO READ WELL. So I figured that it was about time that I decided to touch upon a rather sensitive topic -- the canon of Star Wars. There's no denying that even before Lucas mucked...
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NPC Designer Contest Thing!

So some of you might remember me talkin' 'bout how I'd been "hired" by a friend of mine to write a tabletop campaign set in the Galactic Civil War era. If so, and if you've been interested to see what all I've come up with thus far, you're welcome...
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The Mall After Sundown (WiP)

THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY A VERY TIRED PERSON. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO READ WELL. I just needed to get my thoughts down somewhere. I could've easily have done this through the use of Google Docs, but I just wasn't feelin' it there tonight. The pur...
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[EVE Online Short Story] Zero Point Zero

Target closing fast, at 4000 meters per second...Angular velocity however is a mere 0.0364... Target within optimal range...Fire.Eight barrels of the plasma-powered railguns had already aligned on their target, and now erupted as a Thorium-based, ...
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Time to Turn the Page...

Alright, people, I'll get to the point. I've had an idea in my head for a new story arc for the FM for a while now, and I'd not only like to treat you all to yet another chapter in the Four Moons story, but I'd also like to stretch my GM muscles a...
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[Poll] Division RP?

C'mon folks, you had to know that this was coming sooner or later. And I kind of owe it to the people who were active in the FoRP, since it likewise took place (at least partially) in New York City in the dead of winter! Just one little thing thou...
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The Knights of the Fallen Empire - Time Skip

As we all know by now, a pretty intense time skip is central to the plot of the newest TOR expansion - KotFE. And many of us have talked about considering it as part of our own canon, and even going along with the time jump.With some support from ...
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... I heard from my old friend Nephtis today. She was among the officers of Clan Bes'uliik that rebelled against the old guild leader Nas'cuyan when he booted me out and forbade people from talking to me. Turns out she's gotten into RPing again an...
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A Trailer for A Galaxy Divided

"Once upon a time... there were heroes."Cue: words are briefly accompanied by glimpses of heroic characters from Star Wars' past. People like Carth Onasi, Zayne Carrick, Niko Okarr and others from t...
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Weekly PvE

Hey there everyone,Despite the fact that people haven't posted much in my "Guild PvE" thread, there was quite a bit of positive feedback in chat about it. With that in mind, I'd like to talk about days/times that I am thinking this will happen. It...
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So, we're all RWBY fans here, right?...Most of us. And I doubt anyone would want to take the burden of taking on another Roleplay to direct and host, while ALSO playing a character of their own making in such a rich world 'n stuff. So I'm going to...
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