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Character Biographies

Mededayya, Rai'rinn, and Iyo'tress Kojhal

[Author's Note: I've revised Mededayya and Iyo'tress Kojhal's backgrounds, with much larger retcons and additions than with Cirsei and Xyrna. Enjoy!]MededayyaMededayya Raverra Kojhal is an Echani Matriarch of Clan Mercea, born to the previous Matr...
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Character Biographies

Cirsei and Xyrna Altaros -- Revised!

[Author's Note: After some consideration, I've decided to clean up and write an extensive, detailed (but summarized) biography of my two dear red-headed siblings. It should be noted that much of Xyrna's background and portions of Cirsei's were eit...
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Character Biographies

Asa'riel Vanjervallias

Name: Asa'riel VanjervalliasAlias: "Doc" "That schutta"Role: SurgeonNicknames: "Sari"Class: SmugglerAdvanced Class: ScoundrelEthnicity: ZabrakGender: FemaleAge: 26Height: 5'4"Weight: Need to know information.Hair Color: Jet blackEye Color: Emerald...
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Character Biographies

Jingorro [long over due]

Final notice from Cipher Eight and Watcher Four: The target analysis requested took much longer to compile and examine in the wake of the attack on Imperial Intelligence by the Star Cabal and summary disbanding by the Dark Council. Further, the su...
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Character Biographies


Lover of women. Patron of the arts. Quick-shot extraordinaire. Martial Arts enthusiast. Pyromaniac. Valeiro is many things.Nobody is sure of Valeiro's past or who his family is. He's never been one to talk of the past.Valeiro first showed up on th...
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Character Biographies

A tale of Karrdon'Tal

*the click of a holorecorder being activated is heard and a medium to deep voice starts speaking*"Who am I?" The question has been asked countless times by millions of people. Some find the answer, some live out their lives like sheep. Me? I know ...
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Character Biographies

Recht Dalab

Kote!Kandosii sa ka'rta, Vode an.Coruscanta a'den mhi, Vode an.Bal kote, darasuum kote,Jorso'ran kando a tome.Sa kyr'am nau tracyn kad, Vode an.Glory!One indomitable heart, Brothers all.We, the wrath of Coruscant, Brothers all.And glory, eternal g...
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Character Biographies

Aleetha Kojhal

Drip... "Sixty five million three hundred twenty thousand and twelve." Drip... "Sixty five million three hundred twenty thousand and thirteen." Drip... "Sixty five million three hundred twenty thousand and fourteen." And so it continued...The sol...
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Character Biographies

Al'Meko'sa The Rouge Jedi

"The Darkside is ever-present consuming all until nothing remains, but the light within. "- Master MarzavaSome dispute if it was Hutta which she was born on or in fact the heart of the Sith empire Dromund Kass. Though, the next events about to unf...
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Character Biographies

Ardenith, the Dagger

>Receiving Transmission...>Data File incoming>Receive? y/n>y>Receiving file.....>Download Complete>Access file? y/n>y----------------------------------------Imperial Intelligence File #288-ASecurity Level: DeclassifiedDesig...
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Character Biographies

Garrace Valyrian

Garrace Valyrian was a male Mirialan who lived during the Great Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Formerly a sergeant in the former's army, he went "independent medical contractor" and joined the Four Moons as a doctor. He is...
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Character Biographies

Cabotta Thorne

Name: Cabotta ThorneHomeworld: Concord dawnSpecies: HumanSex: MaleHair Color: Graying BlackEye color: GreenAge: 41Birthday: May 7th.Blood Type: O-PositiveCabotta hailed from a minor aliit that was all but wiped out following the Blockade of the Hy...
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Character Biographies

The Krupps, Thyssen & Thessia (WiP)

THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY A VERY TIRED PERSON. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO READ WELL. The story of the siblings Thyssen and Thessia began (approximately) on April 12, 3677 BBY when their mother, an unidentified prostitute and spice addict, gave birth ...
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Character Biographies

Compiled Information on Marricks Vikarn - Garrace's Report

Name: Marricks Lezen VikarnAge: 40Race: MirialanGender: MaleAffiliations: None; often operates alone. Is known to join certain groups before leaving rather violently.Preferred Weaponry: Sniper Rifles, Blaster Rifles, Vibroblades, Toxins.Background...
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Character Biographies


Searching...File Found...Source: Imperial Intelligence DatabaseAccessing File: [NOT-CLASSIFIED]..........Name: Nadennl ‘Nade’ Crimson [deceased]Imperial occupation: Imperial IntelligenceSub-class within empire: Imperial Assassin.Born: 16 BTChistor...
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Character Biographies

No'let Ricidel

No'let was born on Dromund Kass and a Daughter of a powerful sith lord, Lord Tundoth. The only sibling out of two that is not force sensitive. Her younger brother, Xehit Ricidel escaped sith training when he was eighteen to become a Jedi Knight. A...
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Character Biographies

Ami Yequo

Name: Ami (pronounced Ah-mee) Yequo Age: 23Home: Born on Mirial, raised on HothSpecies: Mirialan Ami was sent off Mirial at the age of five to go study and train with her grandmother on Hoth. As a child, Ami was very obedient and very intelligent....
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Character Biographies

Makase Kamishini

Height: 5'11 Race: Male Class: SageWeight: 70Kg Age: 27 Species: ZabrakBiography SummaryMakse was born on Iridonia to a family of fairly well off mercenaries and hunters, of both beast and man. Spending most of his life in the city of Wortan, ...
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Character Biographies

Raythil Kojhal

The son of the current Kojhal Matriarch and a highly talented smith, Raythil's path was path in life was decided before he was born. He was going to be a smith, and a damn fine one. Growing up Raythil was always pale, even by Echani standards, h...
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Character Biographies

Jaronn Syleena 'Kiive' Elandril, formerly Cipher 16, formerly Fixer 7

EMC HR OfficeRequest for Extended Leave Form Aurek-Besh.Name: Jay ElandrilDated: [The date is marked as roughly a week after the Cirsei contract was taken]Reason for Leave: Personal Retreat.Witness: Izamura AldunWitness comments: Jay is acting str...
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