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"Do you know the best way to get rid of a pest, my friend?"Two large men in black armor carry a third between them, dragging him by the arms. The sad soul seems broken, his head hanging low. His once beautiful brown robes, those of a jedi, are tat...
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Five Years - With and Without You

Fythan, Age FourThe skycar was a silent ride from spaceport on. Qunai marveled to himself about it. In all his years, he rarely flew himself, and he was rarely awake to experience the rides. They weren't anything compared to shuttle rides that The...
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Off Into the Sunset

[[For your brief reading pleasure - a short story based off of a familiar Star Trek scene....Synda handed the last of her things to her husband before doing a final once-over of the medical supplies being left behind for the skeleton crew. The Fou...
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Breaking Bones & Hearts

Minute alterations in his grip, his alignment, the target's movement... The wind speed, direction, the Coriolis effect... There were so many factors in lining up a perfect cold bore. A kill on the first shot out of the barrel. Such as shot require...
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A Warning Call (WiP)

(( Please be aware that what you're about to read could be considered a songfic. While many of the lyrics present throughout this short story are actually integrated directly into the scene through the use of a character, there are several brief i...
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By Eight

Chapter One: Age EightI was eight years old when it struck me: I never knew my father. I was attending a party with my mother, and a few select servants. It was a familial gathering, the celebration of a new child accepted into the Treveleus famil...
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Book of Ten (name sucks deal with it)

Chapter 1Escaped Pray Why does it have to be so spacious? The Twi’lek grumbled as he walked down the hallway of his personal ship. He had to be stuck in space just waiting, the collectors not at their OWN drop point yet. He let out an...
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Purpose: Three Centuries of ZR-01

One: Taris.It is dark. It is quiet. I feel electricity course through my body, and fingers prod around the circuits in my head. I am confused. Lines of code run through my internal processors. I feel a door open. designation_self:. My name. But no...
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Honest Lies

I suppose my secret had to come out eventually...not exactly how I planned it though.I pictured something more along the lines of me getting sick of carrying it around, hiding it from my closest friends, from my sister. Not this...deefinitely not ...
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Dread of the Last

(( I'm not usually one to put music in my posts, but I think it appropriate for this. standard galactic year before the invasion of the Eternal Empi...
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Addiction & Reprisal

Time moved so slowly... a languid, placated pace, never quite pulling itself from the old before moving to the new...The vibroknife came out and around, point driving towards his neck. His forearm slapped inside the knife wielder's own forearm, ta...
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A teaser for things to come...

Ash, dust, cinders and smoke choke the air. War is literally Hell.A tepid gust allows for the man to see what lay at his feet; the bodies of a family who had died huddled together. The heat of the explosion that had transformed the ground around t...
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I eased myself back into the black leather medical chair. My gaze flickered about the room, the assembled medical personnel of Watchpost Besh. Although they milled about and prepared for the strenuous objective before them, they glanced backward a...
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The Dark Inside

I can't do this. I can't do this.I can't do this.I can't do this.I can't do this.I can't do this.I can't do this.I can't do this.I ca-"REX!"The young blonde looked up, his hands shaking, the blood of his late crewmate covering his shirt. His once ...
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"We can't keep the kid, Rex. He's a liability!""Yeah, what the hell are you thinking? Let's just drop him off at the galactic orphanage with all the other kids we pick up."Rex and the seven of his crew-mates from his main ship sat around a table. ...
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The Artist

Queue: knife is lodged into a table; The blonde haired man sits at the table, nursing a drink. His bright blue eyes gleam in the dark gloom of the room. A beautiful young woman sits opposite him, her fa...
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By the Souls (Pre-Four Moons)

He grinned.The click of a lock giving way made it widen, before the black haired man rose from his kneel and idly stretched. His amber eyes flickered over to the woman at his side - mutually black haired and amber eyed. He gave her a bow, and she ...
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The Blasphemous Sith

*36,386 months before Emperor Vitiate consumes all life on Ziost...*"My dear Sith brethren, my Sith sisters! Before I share with you what I have to say, I must thank you all for coming. Glory to the Empire! We have accomplished much in the space o...
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What Makes a Man?

What is it that makes a man? Is it his will to live?Is it his determination to change the world?Maybe a man is made by his passions, by what he believes in. Maybe a man is made by what he leaves behind; a father leaves his children, a builder leav...
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((Warning, graphic medical detail inside.))The jungles were alive, yet not with the sound of the creatures that inhabited it, it was filled with something awful. The acrid stench of plasma and the coppery scent of blood lingered in the air as the...
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