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Xirad shook only for a sliver of a moment longer before he clenched his jaw and narrowed his eyes at her. "This is insane. Whoever you are, whatever you believe in? That's just ridiculous. This is ludicrous."She tilted her head. "Oh?"He pointed hi...
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"How old do you think you are, Xirad?"The blond hesitated, if only for a moment; a brow, before thick and bushy, now trimmed and neat, raised. "Twen-"A suppressed giggle managed to slip between the scarred woman's lips. She cleared her throat and ...
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(( ))“They have destroyed the fleet. They have reduced our main force down to just a few dozen of us. Hundreds of our brave men and women have been killed.” The Hologram wavered for just a moment… no, it...
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“It’s been a long day, pal.”Smack.“So I’m going to ask you one more time: how do I find the people that attacked me?”Smack.Rex and Chrysa both stood in a big, sparsely lit warehouse. In the center of it was a dark skinned human with white hair; hi...
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