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Punished Gabe / Feb 18, 2017
If you wish to come hang around on a genuine piece of Star Wars history, then just follow this guide, and you'll be able to relive what might have been one of the most interesting times in Star Wars history. Everything is definitely safe, and you can download the game straight from their patcher, as long as you follow the guide.

Once downloaded and everything, I recommend you check out the thread posted below should you get a never-ending "Connecting to server" thing after logging in.
Punished Gabe / Dec 19, 2016
Dancer's Palace has been all decked out for Life Day! Bring warm clothes, as there is now snow in the ballroom! The security system has been programmed to recognise flying snow or snowballs as NOT a threat (unless, of course, it detects an object within the snowball). All patrons are welcome to enjoy the snow in the ballroom and then warm up in front of any of the fireplaces in the ballroom, on the ballroom balconies and on the main balcony.

On Friday December 23rd, at 7pm server time, two hours before the start of the usual hosted Dancer's Palace event, all patrons past and current are invited to gather in the ballroom for a snowball fight! Bring your mitts and your snowball canons! Bring a friend! Bring an enemy to pelt snowballs at!

A reminder that all violence, other than throwing snowballs, will lead to the perpetrator being immediately frozen in the security system's stasis field and escorted out by security droids once released by the staff.
ThyssenKrupp / Oct 06, 2016
My dear friends, it is with great sadness that I inform you all of the untimely passing of our dear friend Rex. As you all know, he heeded the call to serve his country in the never-ending fight against the tyrannical bruin communist party that lives on Pluto. During a mission to liberate a concentration camp full of triceratopses, his custom Grumman F-14 Tomcat was brought down behind enemy lines.

"Tell Ally that I will always value her opinion on things!"

Even though he was successful in ejecting and finding a safe place to lie low until help arrived, he was ambushed by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as he was climbing into the evac helicopter. When asked about why they attacked and killed Rex, team goof Mikey said that it was all the result of the illegal shrooms on their pizza placing them all into a drug-induced rage. The case worker assigned to evaluate the story made sure that the masked vigilantes were let off with a warning.

"I can think of worse ways to go out, but not many! Herk, ble-ag!"

A memorial for Rex will be held in the comments section down below. Those who knew him are encouraged to share stories as well as sentiments. Rest in piece, you lovable fool. We will await the day that your respawn timer cools down.
Punished Gabe / May 26, 2016
For those of you who might be interested, this Saturday (May 28) at 7PM there is going to be an event held on the Begeren Colony forums' chat room. More detailed information can be found here, but basically it's going to be a race against time to stop the Star Fortress that's above Nar Shaddaa from destroying the Dancer's Palace and surrounding area. If you plan on participating, please comment so that we have a head count available for the event's organizers.
Punished Gabe / May 02, 2016
Personally I think it would be cool to go to, since this was the whole reason why we went dark after the Eternal Empire showed up. Not only that, but attending these things will help us interact with the rest of the RP community on BC better.

Here's a strawpoll regarding the event:

Information about the event is below.

Punished Gabe / Apr 10, 2016
Since it seems that the meeting with Vilinde isn't going to take place, I've decided to start Phase I of the guild's revitalization, which involves us changing some things up. However this does not mean we're moving away from the mercenary theme. That will stay. We're just changing some things around, nothing really too drastic.

I would like to thank Syn for helping me out with this and without further ado, here's a list of changes that we have:

-The ranks will be changed for the most part into something more understandable, however the Zhuantur and Zhuantur's blada ranks will stay the same.

-The addition of combat (tactical and assault), engineering, logistics, supply and medical departments that will be led by myself, Qunai, Thess, Izzy, and Syn respectively. There will be more departments, but for now these are what we'll be focusing on.

-More squads like Andy's will be added for each department, and will be added as we, god-willing, gain more members. The leaders of these squads will be hand picked by those within their departments.

-Recruitment will be handled by someone from the engineering department and myself and it will most likely stay in the same interview format as it was before.

Hopefully, this will go well, I plan to instate it soon, and if it goes well, then we can move on to Phase II of the revitalization, which will be the planning of events, in game and on the site, and other miscellaneous stuff.
Punished Gabe / Jan 27, 2016
I found simple way to earn the frameworks for our recently acquired Guild Ship. Basically we need to set up an ops group, go to a neutral planet like Tatooine or Hoth, stroll into the opposing faction's bases, and kill the unnamed commander NPCs located there. Each person participating in the op should receive an Encryption each time one of these NPCs is taken out. Those people can then donate the Encryption to the Guild Bank. Once we have enough, we can sell them and use the money to buy the frameworks! Doing this seems to be a lot cheaper and far less time consuming than grinding for Dark Project MK-1s. For those interested, here's a map showing where the NPCs are.