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Clan Mercea can be used as a trade hub, a bank service, or individual members can sell their personal services. Mercea reserves the right to blacklist those who have shown they have no honor, and will make said trustworthiness publicly known to all of Clan Mercea and those they work with, via this forum.

Please be responsible in your trade, Clan Mercea holds no loyalty to either the Empire or the Republic as a whole, and we will work with both willingly. If you wish to ask for a certain item, set of items, or a number of crafted items, please post your request for goods in this thread like so...


Name- Vilinde Driiquar
Guild- Theta Company
Faction- Republic

I wish to acquire the services of a handful of Echani to act as guards for a public function I will be attending, and with weapons taken at the entry way, having unarmed specialists on hand will serve to keep me safe.

Payment- (Negotiable) 40,000 credits to each individual sent, as well as a personal item as a bonus if kept unharmed.

Name, your guild, your faction, what services you wish done, or what items you wish to be acquired for you (And if crafted, what crew skill it is made from). Payment can be negotiated with whoever takes the contract, and who is offering it, but be warned, if it is non-negotiable your contract might not be taken, as it is on individual decisions regarding who takes a job.

If you wish to take a contract, state your name, faction, and a way to contact you ingame (Example, player Huntergriff goes by Gabriel Throne IC, you need to post your character name as well as an IC name.) If you take a contract you are bound to it, Clan Mercea is an honorable company and middleman, and if you ignore yours, you harm ours and will be delt with accordingly.

If a contractor has issues with how the job was preformed, send a PM to Vilinde Driiquar (Character name- Vilinde) either in-game, or on this website and she will get back to you as soon as possible.
"Téigh trasna ort féin"
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