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The Echani Mercenary Company is run by some of the members of Clan Mercea of various families. Unlike the Republic, Imperial, or many other military organizations the EMC is fairly relaxed in comparison. The leaders attempt to uphold the ideals of the Echani people, and share their intolerance of crimes, and their punishments for it. In a race of warriors, criminals do not last long, and are either exiled, or killed, and after experiencing the corruption and lax behavior of these military forces the 'Elders' of the EMC wanted to create a group that was a step above that in both skill and behavior.

While the Echani Mercenary Company is not an offically sanctioned organization of Clan Mercea, many of it's wanderers often use it as a stepping stone into learning more about the galaxy outside of the Mercea Fleet, and so the Echani influence on it grows, giving the verse' a peek into the life of a Mercea gypsy. And yet despite the influence the silver-eyed race has on the EMC, it is very accepting on non-Echani members into its' ranks, and it is possible to reach it's highest echalons without the thoughtless requirement of species. The Company is a place for people to make their fortune from conflict, and with the Second Great War at a head, mercenaries are in high demand.

Those who join the Company are often warriors, and will expected to be called upon to perform contracts hosted from Clan Mercea, and given by other organizations that seek services but which contracts they agree to are almost always up to personal choice, and will be posted in the Clan Mercea Trade section of the forums.
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