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This message flows throughout the Clan Mercea frequencies, and simply from reading it one can tell the author is nearly in a rage.

"One of our own has been attacked by Mandalorian filth! My great-nephew, Éremón, has recently been brought to me in a kolto tank, unconcious and unresponsive! This came from a CARTEL package! The carrier also gave me a datapad with the video footage of the attack, and gathered reports of the Mandalorian involved!"

"My nephew is near-death, and even when given to our Clan's best doctors I cannot be assured he will survive! I give thanks to those involved in his defense and later attempts to heal him, but I want revenge!"

"The Hutt's secruity had managed to get a picture of the womans Clan crest on her armor, and she is of Clan Vordenn, Divine Mother damn them! If anyone has information on her, I want it, and I want it while my blood runs hot in my veins! You do not harm my Clan, you do not attack my Company unprovoked, and you most certainly do not hurt my family!"

"We will have our revenge!"

This is the result of a wonderful RP. Éremón Driiquar was hit by napalm on the left side of his body, and the characters involved could not stop it, so don't OOCly fret over that!
"Téigh trasna ort féin"
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