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#8625394 Oct 25, 2013 at 05:30 PM
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If you would like to create an Aldun Family member, all I ask is that you send me a PM and post their name here. You can find me here or on the website as Kiive.

Izamura Aldun - The Pariah of the Alduns
#8708455 Nov 13, 2013 at 05:51 PM
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Name: Amarune Aldun
Age: 30
Race: Echani
Family: Aldun (Great great grandfather left Eshan during the exodus)
Clan: Mercea
Other skills: Scientist, Researcher, Archivist, Emberdancer
Possessions: Her double-bladed Echani warblade: Xukuth's Vlos (Heart's Blood). A specially made probe droid to act as chronicler and research assistant. The droid has remote access to holonet built in along with surveillance gear.

Amarune Aldun comes from a long heritage of the Aldun family. Being a part of the progenitor families following the exodus, much would be expected of her. Tested and found acceptable, she passed her trails for Emberdancer at age 15. She performed well with her martial arts but her love of all things science has seen her training take a back seat. Her inexhaustible lust for knowledge drives her to focus on whatever meets her fancy at the time. Leaving most other tasks undone or half finished much like her Emberdancer training. In her research, experiments and inventing, she found she could not keep everything in order, or even hope to remember all she had going on. Thus she invented her lab assistant. H3-7P-3R "HELPER" Droid mark 1. This little droid helps to keep her information straight and on task. Recently she has taken to venturing off the flotilla. Mainly because her current project has run into a dead end. With her theories proving sound on paper, she seeks to find the proper materials and help to make a working proto-type. The [REDACTED] weapon could change the martial might of the Clan forever..
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