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The History

Roughly four years ago, a young half-miraluka woman by the name of Cirsei Altaros stood on top of a power base from a time long-gone, from a time when she served the Republic and commanded dozens of freelancers in the fight against the Empire even before the proxy conflicts between the two political bodies erupted. From the remnants of her units -- at least those of them who wished to stay -- she began the long, arduous and secretive process of building a crime syndicate.

Even with the pilots and ships at hand, it was a long way before they could officially call themselves a force in the criminal underworld. They needed something more; a jump-start to get the ball rolling, if you will. With all the money gained from those conflicts that they all fought in, Cirsei bought the services of the Four Moons mercenaries. Of course, back then, they were simply known as the Echani Mercenary Company. Under the wing of their protection, Cirsei slowly gained influence, personnel, and clients without fear of repercussion from rival crime lords.

In a few short years, the half-miraluka had forged from the remnants of a hired army the syndicate now known as the Krayt's Jaw. Under the Hutts' noses, they now run illegal arms shipments, drug marketing and all sorts of seedy things, and to this day continue their contract with the Four Moons.
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