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The Scythia family has a history of tragedy, a family with an unnatural number of potent force users, dedicated to the art of Bushidō to enhance the tetrad (body, Force, Mind, and spirit). It is their belief that through the mastery of the force, mind, body, and spirit the tragedies of the past could be avoided, even if those techniques are dark in origin.

When the families of Clan Mercea struck out into a nomadic life, the Scythia family joined with them being close with the Driiquar family, taking their private sanctum of dojo's, reflection chambers, and knowledge with them in a massive ship known as Trul's Rah (Trul's Hand). There the members of the Scythia family make a yearly pilgrimage to conduct research, and further the Echani understanding of combat, the force, and how it could be applied to everything.

Every ten years during the time of pilgrimage the whole family gathers on the ship to give thanks to Trul and the divine mother Saara. Nine years ago Trul's Rah was secretly boarded when the families prominent members were on board. Security footage that survived as the assailants were thorough, showed a massive armored male figure on board sporting a bow-caster, along with approximately thirty armored similarly clad soldiers, assumed Mandolorian. Before the feasting Scythia Echani knew what was upon them they were at a great disadvantage. Not discouraged the Echani attacked for the breach of the sanctity of their home alone was enough to outrage them. After two long days of bloody fighting back and forth, the Echani breached the dug in Mandolorians enough to get a distress signal out to the rest of the Mercea fleet. The other ships from Mercea fleet sent help but, as they arrived they become stalled as the invaders set up traps to discourage that. Two more days, making it a total of four days the invaders got pushed into an impetuous situation. When it looked like the reaper was at hand for the invaders, they blow the wall which was the outer hull, simultaneously sucked into space, along with a few unfortunate Echani. A cloaked ship scooped up the four Mandolorians that survived, including the leader jumping into hyperspace before the fighters could scramble.

When the reformation process began the count of Echani killed was only fifteen, but unfortunately of those was the elder. The Mandolorians final count was thirty two. This skirmish was entitled L'Zhennu xet (The Schism) for the death of the family elder it left discord among the family. The family grieved the loss of their elder, brothers, and sisters. The Mandolorians were incinerated and left unnamed for the dishonor they set upon the family. Order was restored after two years when the title of elder was thrust upon Rajanii the current matriarch of the family. She has also elaborated the family knowledge by infiltrated both the Jedi and Sith to learn about each way they view the tetrad adding it to their massive database. Also opening the use of any weapon not just traditional. With her firm grasp of Bushidō she teaches the current generation of the family the virtues. Rajanii has never stopped investigating the L'Zhennu xet. Searching through an extensive amount of date from memory banks, and inquiries. She finds these Transmissions embedded into the communications array. Going as far back as eight weeks prior to the gathering, and skirmish. Making copies she attaches them into the fleet database under the altercation.

(( This history can be added upon for adjustment and RP. Feedback to improve or add to the history is welcome as well. Just send me a message!))
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