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If this is being read, then I am no more. I have put my heart and soul into the family and clan; also it seems my life as well, which I have no regrets, be it an honor. I am a warrior, with a warrior's spirit. I lived my life by a code, a Bushidō , everyday, every second. I served Clan Mercea, and the Scythia Family, with unquestioned resolve. This you know; but inside, there are questions, doubts, fears that I mask to complete my duty. To be loyal, does not mean to be credulous. I have killed in the name of Clan Mercea, Scythia, myself, and others. I also question those actions everyday, why you may ask? Then in return, I put this question to you. What does it mean to take a life? The answer resolves both questions. It means that life is now yours, all that it was, all that it could have been. If you do not want it you should not take it. I have never once thought being an Echani Warrior, or the Force itself as black and white as most perceive, or assume. I have a duty to the Clan, but it does not mean that I do not hope for a better existence for the children that live on after we die. So, I do what I can with the tools that I have been given; A warrior. Our lives are just wind and rapid water, but our legacy is undying. Even as flesh becomes no more, and our last kin finish calling to Saara. The deeds of our life, the way we fought, are an aperture on the film of time. The light shines nay from glory sought, but service to all mundane and sublime. A Warrior is a shield against the cold gray night, the sword for a helpless child. When horizon shows no enemy's to slay, may the Warrior be not beguiled; For the Keepers are coming to cage the free, and the Warriors wield the people’s key. This is all I can be for my clan, family, and my comrades, it comes down to choice to fight for what you believe in. We choose only once, to be warriors or ordinary. I leave you with this, belief in the warrior's spirit being internal, and it fights with each and every one of you.

((This actual letter written in Echani is encased, and on display on the Trul's Rah, but it has been turned digital for several family and clansmen alike, and converted into basic for non that ask to read it. Rajanii quotes from it, and recites its words daily.))
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