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(( This was drafted by Rajanii in Echani after she was thrusted into the role of Matriarch of the the Scythia Family. It can again be found written on the wall in the Sargtlinen l'forn chamber aboard the Trul's Rah. Again a digital version converted to basic can be found floating around the Clan network and has even been see on the Holonet. Rajanii hopes that the person responsible finds it.))

This is written to those involved in L'Zhennu xet (the Shizm) among the Mercea Fleet. You know who you are....

I wish you were my equal.
I wish you were my better.

I wish you had incredible strength
so I could forge my body to unbending steel,
and meet you on an ancient battlefield,
So their memory would never know danger.

I wish you had great courage,
So I could test the limits of my soul,
And face the terrifying unknown,
So their memory would never know fear.

I wish you had a dazzling wit,
So I could fill my mind with poetry,
Trifles, and delightful pedantry,
To keep their memory eternally charmed.

I wish you had wealth and riches,
So I could tirelessly conquer
The world of the Galactic Trade network,
Until their memory could live in splendor.

I wish you knew of compassion,
So I could lay bare my heart,
And give my every breath,
So their memory could feel true love.

But of these things you know nothing.
Your world is cruelty, antagonism, violence.
Your soul is poisoned and empty.
But yet you cling their souls to your hollow shell.
Unrelinquishing. The abuse, the pain–
Your behavior that defiles their memory,
Your confabs that shame their memory,
Your provocation that mars their memory.

Each one a violation.

Each one a Rape.

How do I defeat you? On what grounds can we fight?
You are my truest enemy, and yet you are nothing.
Not beings. Not a warrior. Without Honor.
Just a piece of shit with a heartbeat.
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