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Thanks largely to Izzy, I, the apparently awesome Thessia/Thyssen, am able to bring you my proposed TitanFall RP! I'm going to be approaching this sub-forum a bit diff'rently than the Fallout one, simply because there's a lot less to work with here. So let's get started then, shall we?

For starters, you all should know that I only intend to oversee this one story for you guys. It has a firmly established beginning, middle and an end, unlike the other game which allows for (and sometimes even encourages) players to participate in side quests. That doesn't mean I won't be calling it quits once this is over, however. If you all enjoy yourselves then I will more than likely proceed with another chapter. Hell, you guys are even welcome to host your own RPs for the rest of us! That being said, for my game I'm laying down a couple of... I guess you'd call them "ground rules." Y'see, much like I did with the Fallout game, I'm going to be diverging from the source material in what could be considered a big way. "What all has your mousy, obsessive compulsive brain conjured up this time?" This is probably what you're thinkin' about right now. And y'know what? That is an excellent question! Allow me to tell you!

You are an ace Titan pilot working for the Association of Interstellar Mercenaries. Think of the AIM like the Bounty Hunters' Guild of Star Wars legend, in that it's more of a coalition of professionals than a proper organization. More information regarding this particular subject will be is present in the obligatory character application thread.

Your Kit & Ordinance
You have access to a somewhat unique piece of tech designed to mimic not just TitanFall's regenerative health system but a Pilot's tactical ability to cloak as well. Since the principals behind shielding a person from projectiles and rendering them almost invisible to the naked eye both have to deal with bending light in a certain way, whose to say that you can't have a device capable recreating both effects? There is, however, a catch. Because of the way the system works, it will be quite literally impossible for any of you wearing this device to be cloaked and shielded at the same time. You're either one or the other.

So is that all that you get? No, of course not! Your weapon load-out aside, all of you will begin with the following:

  1. x1 "Icepick"
  2. x2 Frag Grenade
  3. x2 Arc Grenade
  4. x1 Enhanced Parkour Kit
Now it's worth noting that the Quick Reload and Run N Gun kits are no longer pieces of equipment, but abilities gleamed from years of battlefield experience. You can, however, requisition a Stealth Kit if you feel that it'll help you out. It and the aforementioned personal cloaking device compliment one another quite well, as you'd imagine!

Enemy Minions
In my take on the TitanFall setting, the Spectres that you see working for the Militia are ones that have been "liberated" from IMC control. Unlike their canonical counterparts, however, these are not the only model of weaponized MARVN Automated Assistants that the IMC employs (or rather deploys). Oh, no. For this story, you all will have to be mindful of other synthetic models; specifically ones based on designs created by professional concept artists Aaron Beck and Ben Mauro for the movies Elysium & CHAPPiE!

Allied and Enemy Titan Pilots
Unlike their canonical counterpart(s), IMC and Militia Pilots only come in one "flavor." That is to say that your average Titan pilot will only wear the "CQB-variant" armor, which you can see here, here, here and here. Also, it should be noted that your average Titan pilot will no longer be portrayed as "... extremely versatile foot soldiers." In my take on the setting, unless you've received a special training in the usage of jump gear, you won't be able to execute the awe inspiring parkour maneuvers that you often see TitanFall players performing. Your average Titan pilot will only use their jump gear to prevent damage sustained from long falls or to ascend into their Titan or onto another Titan, be it an ally's or enemy's.

Titans, Allied and Yours
In conjunction with the former paragraph, I would like to mention that a majority of the Titans in the service of the Militia and its allies have been rested from IMC control. I say this because lore states that Hammond Robotics -- the developers of Titans and MARVN Automated Assistants -- does not sell their products to any organization or faction other than the IMC. Now it is possible that there was, at one point, a period wherein a Titan production facility fell into the hands of the Frontier Militia, thus allowing them to produce their own Titans for a time. But that's in the past. These days, it's up to members of the Militia's Marauder Corps to do whatever they can to secure more Titans for the cause.

As well it should be noted that, unlike the IMC and Frontier Militia titans, AIM Titans do not rely on a conformist color scheme. From their paint scheme to their interior decor, each AIM Titan represents their pilot to the fullest possible extent. The only constant is that the symbol of one's company (which in your particular case looks like this) is located somewhere clearly visible on an AIM Titan's chassis.

Titan Shield System(s)
In TitanFall every Titan is protected by energy shielding a la Halo. This protection can be augmented through the use of Vortex Shields and Particle Walls. In my story all of these things are fundamentally different. In fact, Titans won't inherently have energy shielding at all! But let's talk about what they can have...

Shield Cores! Canonically only Ogres have Shield Cores, for it is their so-called "Core Ability." When activated, the Ogre's maximum shield capacity is doubled (from 2250 to 4500) and is instantly replenished, no matter what the shield's remaining energy was before activation. In my story Shield Cores are highly coveted pieces of equipment that can be installed on any Titan chassis, and are responsible for creating the aforementioned Halo-like energy shielding that all Titans canonically come with.

Vortex Shields! Canonical Vortex Shields are portrayed as Tactical and Defensive Abilities that allows Titans to stop enemy fire such as rockets and bullets in their tracks, and is able to send the projectiles right back to the enemy. In my story they will act exactly like the gyroscopic electromagnetic device that is the focus of the Warner Brothers animated short film "Field Test."

Particle Walls! Canonical Particle Walls are also portrayed as a Titan Tactical Ability, and as such would normally replace the aforementioned Vortex Shield. The ability is described as "a stationary force-field that blocks any fire from one side, allowing damage to be taken from the other side." In my story they not only function exactly like, but are portrayed as over-sized versions of the Infantry Protection Shield from Battlefield 2142!

Titan Core Abilities
In TitanFall each of the three Titans (the Atlas, Ogre and Stryder) have what is called a "Core Ability." In the case of the Atlas, the pilot can activate a "Damage Core" which substantially increases the damage caused by the Atlas and its weapons. In the Ogre's case it can a "Shield Core" that can't only increase the strength of its shields but also their size, thereby granting nearby infantry added protection. And lastly, in the case of the Stryder, a "Dash Core" allows for it to dash around the battlefield for a limited time without suffering from dash drain.

All of those things are nice, but I only see the need to keep the Shield Core. Why? Because with the way things're setup, the Shield Core can be installed into any Titan equipped with a Vortex Shield. The other two Cores, on the other hand, can have their benefits explained in more mundane fashions. The effects of a Damage Core, for instance, can be attributed to tinkering done to a Titan or its weapon(s). The effects of Dash Core, on the other hand, could be something that is a natural part of any Titan. (Translation: This user thinks that all Titans should be able to dash indefinitely, much like how Gears of Heavy Gear fame can.)

Titan Kits & Tactical Abilities
It is very important that my players know that all of their Titans automatically come equipped with a Dome Shield Battery, a Warpfall Transmitter and a Guardian Chip, as well the option to engage in a Nuclear Ejection. Universally, all Titans are going to be able to toggle what's called Echo Vision, which you can see in action here. In-game this is usually called Active Radar Pulse, and it's used by Pilots for intermittent periods. Not so here. Here, this enhanced vision mode is exclusive to Titans only. As well, when coupled with your HUDs (should you be wearing any gear that provides you with one), you will gain access to the Minion Detector and the ability to auto-target any hostile within your Titan's field of vision!

Long-Distance Titan Weapons
If there's one thing that TitanFall lacks it's a dedicated weapon for sniping. Sure, you could count the Plasma Railgun. But the problem with that weapon is that in order for it to be truly effective (at least in-game), you have to wait for the charge meter to turn red. Then, and only then, will any real damage be done to the Titan that you've chosen as a target.

This particularly bothers me because Pilots are given access to not one but three dedicated long-range rifles! So what's a Titan to do? Well my original thought was that we balance things out by including two more long-distance Titan weapons into the mix based on creations I found on CGHUB designed by artist tipa_graphic. Unfortunately I can't link you to the images in question now that CGHUB is gone, so instead what you're going to get are up-scaled versions of the EM1, EPM3, Sheiva SSW, DBSR-50, XM-53, BlackCell and L4 Siege* weapons from the Call of Duty franchise, along with a new piece of Ordnance called the "Anti-Materiel Slug," which looks a lot like this.

(*This weapon has replaced the Triple Threat "launcher" weapon, since I personally found the Triple Threat to be not only ineffective but something that looks like it ought to be wielded by an infantryman, not a giant robot.)

Smart Pistols
If you know what TitanFall is then you know what Smart Pistols are. Well I'm sorry to disappoint you all, but none of you are going to be starting off with one! Why? Because there's really no way of balancing a weapon capable of doing this. But I'm not going to simply remove the weapon from play either. After all, it is one of the staples of TitanFall. So if you really want one? Well then you're just going to have to defeat the elite IMC asset(s) that I've personally designed to murder the f*ck out of you and claim it for yourself!
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This next segment was originally going to be dedicated to TitanFall 2 and everything that it has to offer. But seeing as how that game is still a few months off, there's not much for me to work at. However, as you might've already guessed, I'm making this post because I feel that there are already some things that need to be addressed. In TitanFall 2 the three original Titan models, as well as Titan customization, have been replaced with a class-based system. That's right, folks, you're no longer going to be able to mix-and-match your favorite Titan with your favorite weapon(s) in TitanFall 2. Pretty lame, huh?

Well you can all rest easy, because that's not going to be the case in this interactive story experience. In my game, not only will you have access to the Scorch, Legion, Ion, Tone, Ronin and Northstar models on top of the Ogre, Atlas and Stryder, but you'll be able to equip them with whatever the hell you want! But do take note that these six new Titans will be susceptible to the same retcons that I pitched above. Not only that, but the six new models will have different names in this AU that're designed to bring them in line with the original three models! So, henceforth, Scorches are going to be referred to as Trolls, Legions are going to be referred to as Jotunns, Ions are going to be referred to as Goliaths, Tones are going to be referred to as Samsons, Ronins are going to be referred to as Zugigs, and Northstars are going to be referred to as Hitzigs!

Now before I talk about anything else, I ask that you allow me to take a moment to explain the reasoning behind that those last couple of names. See, I never understood why the Stryders were called 'Stryders.' The unique spelling of the word 'strider' has no significant bearing anywhere outside of it being an uncommon European surname. But there are three words in the German language that can be used interchangeably to describe someone who is fast, speedy, smooth, brisk, quick, etc. Zugig is one of these words. The other two are Hitzig and Baldig. So, what I guess I'm trying to say is that, on top of everything else, Stryders are going to be referred to as Baldigs in this AU!

"Go figure."

Another thing that many of you have by now undoubtedly noticed is that each of the six new Titans come with a unique Core Ability that is best described as "gimmicky." For instance, the Scorch's Core Ability allows it to create tidal waves of fire simply by smashing both of its fists into the ground. The Ion and the Ronin have equally unbelievable abilities, with the former being able to project a massive laser beam from it's "head" a la Cyclops, and the latter being able to temporarily blink out of existence and appear behind its enemies by literally shifting between dimensions. You will not see this kind of bull in my game. What you read before about the Titan Core Abilities? That applies to all Titans, past, present and future!
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