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Kalak'tanna-Class Star Cruiser 'Ardulavin' (Blessed Guardian)
Modified Heavy Frigate

Length: 917 Meters Max Speed: 536 KPH Class 1.15 HD

Type-3876 Shield Generator (x6)

Double Turbolasers (x10), Quad Turbolasers (x10), Ion Cannons (x6), Tractor Beam (x3)

Hanger Bay
Echa'olm Squadron (x3), Shuttes (x0) with space for x8)
Defended by (3) Moondancers of three families (Aldun, Driiquar, and Scythia, the three founding families.), and (20) flamedancers of various families, as well as (4) squads of Mercea Special Forces.

Crew: 5462 required. Ardulavin can hold 7,000 passangers (Lower decks used to house non-combatants.) At least 200 Echani security members can reach the main hanger within minutes in emergencies.

: (2) of the original engines were scrapped, reducing the Ardulavin's speed and maneuverability, which was replaced with a larger and more advanced hyperdrive. Some of the standard Kalak'tanna cruiser designs weapons were removed to allow more hanger and passanger space. Added (2) shield generators to the original design, all six of the total are some of the best the Echani Confederation could offer.

Given to Clan Mercea as both a gift, and partial payment for services rendered after an outside threat presented itself to the Echani Confederation. The Ardulavin was constructed by Confederation mechanics with the supervision of Kojhal overseers, who had been informed by the Mercea Council what they desired in a custom Flagship. Despite its size, the Ardulavin is one of the fastest ships in the Mercea Fleet, and is one of the most up-do-date and least patchwork ships they posses and have ever obtained. The Ardulavin serves as the meeting place for the Clan Mercea Council, and yet also serves as a home for a good number of influential Echani and guests as well, its deep bowels home to many. Its hanger also holds most of the Echa'olm fighters of Clan Mercea, and to earn a position as one of the pilots housed in the Ardulavin is a source of pride for the pilots themselves, and their families, as well of those of the Flamedancers and any marines selected in its defense. It has been the naval pride of the Clan since its construction, and serves as a beacon of hope whenever it is sighted by a Clanner.
"Téigh trasna ort féin"
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