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- Freedom Wars takes place on Earth, in the year 10,2014 AD. The surface of the world lies in ruins and is no longer capable of supporting life. As such, humans live in underground cities called "Panopticons", where they struggle to research how to be able to live on the surface once more. A Panopticon functions as an artificial nation in the form of a city state that provides security for its inhabitants, in exchange for contributions each inhabitant is obligated to make towards the state. This system forms the overall societal structure of each separate Panopticon, which were created following the disintegration and demise of countries. Due to lack of resources, each Panopticon has developed conflicts with others, and large portions of the populace are forced into serving sentences in order for these cities to maintain effective control. All inhabitants of a Panopticon are constantly watched by the state to ensure they abide by the draconian laws put into place, essentially forming a collective of dystopian surveillance societies at war with one another.

Criminals serving sentences are forced into providing labor for the state, in the form of participation in war as "volunteers", in order to regain their freedom. Overpopulation has become such an issue that the Panopticons have implemented a drastic measure: anyone arrested for any crime is found guilty, regardless of whether or not they actually are. Based on the philosophy that newborns waste resources, the very existence of a person is a crime; more than 100 million people serve as criminals throughout the world. Criminals are forced to battle giant monsters called "Abductors" as punishment. Defeating the Abductors, which are known to capture civilians, reduces the Criminals' sentences, which start at 1,000,000 years. Criminals are placed under constant surveillance and have their rights stripped; personal rights can only be gradually regained through labor. Surveillance of criminals occurs in the form of dual-purpose androids known as Accessories, which watch over criminals whilst serving as partners to them during combat. -

More information about the setting can be collected from the following links...
Now then, you're probably wondering exactly what this is all about. Well with most of our group's stories on hold, I thought that maybe everybody here could use a creative outlet of sorts. I'm hesitant to call this an "RP" because I'm not going to be governing over it like I do with me other two three non-SWTOR related forum thingies. It's more like an opportunity to create a novella or series of novellas. (...) Before you go posting though, there are three rules that you must follow. They are:

1.) You absolutely must do your best to adhere to the rules established by the setting. Do not give your character(s) a break that they do not earn.

2.) Other user-created characters can appear in your story, but only in cameo appearances unless you gain permission from their creator to feature them in a more prominent role. As well, you absolutely cannot kill another user-created character unless you have been given the creator's blessing to do so beforehand.

3.) The events of Freedom Wars itself, which takes place in Japan as far as I'm concerned, cannot be meddled with in any way. If you wish to have your character(s) transferred from your home Panopticon to the one in Tokyo, that's fine, but you will need to refrain from directly interacting with the main characters of the game that inspired all of this.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send them to me in a PM.

This thread will now be locked.
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