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In Freedom Wars all Sinners are given whip-like objects called Thorns. There are three types of Thorns -- Binding, Healing and Shielding. To learn more about them all, I would ask that you check out this YouTube video from user Jamm3r.

Now then the reason I bring this up is because I propose a change to not only the way Thorns work but what they are. In my headcanon (I like that word so much better than fanon now for some reason) I imagine that the headphones that all Sinners are required to wear are actually a device called a Crown of Thorns. The Crown is responsible for three things:

1.) Augmenting the Sinners' physical attributes, allowing them to do things that normal people can't such as run faster, jump higher, survive against impossible odds, and so forth.

2.) Tapping into the normally dormant areas of the brain so that the Sinner may use Psychokinesis (or "Psycho Power" if you will) in their fight for freedom. Normally Sinners are only entitled to "spells" that mimic the abilities you would associate with the in-game Thorns, but it is possible for them to purchase entitlements that can enable them to become more mage-like as they increase in CODE Level. Be warned though that up to 1,500 years can be added onto your preexisting sentence if you aren't careful. The unauthorized use of a "spell" carries a penalty of 500 years, while attempting to develop your Psycho Power prior to meeting the necessary prerequisites 1,000.

3.) Controlling the Sinner. Of the three primary functions of the Crown of Thorns, this is the most notorious. Sinners who show shown signs of disobedience or going out of control will often be subjected to the agony that comes with their the nociceptors inside their body becoming over-stimulated. (Try to imagine what it feels like to have all of your muscles cramp up simultaneously, and stay that way until you either agree to follow instructions or you fall unconscious.)

That's everything.

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