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An inseparable pair of young men, brothers by birth. Partners serving their sentences in tandem with one another, and only undergoing missions that would allow them to be free at the same time, they truly care for one another.

The elder brother, Fenix, can be considered the "leader" of the pair. Thoughtful, intellectual, and cool-minded, he can develop strategies and give orders with relative ease. He is, however, "frail", with a low tolerance to pain. Acrobatic and fluid, he wields a small sword styled after the Rapier, and a sub machine gun when situations get too heavy for him to handle. Somewhat ruthless, he prioritizes resources over civilian lives, but concedes to his brother's judgement and focuses on those lives after gathering said resources.

The younger brother, Felix, is a bit more relaxed and comparably laid back. Open-minded, passionate, and easy going, he accepts his brother's lead (most of the time) and prefers action to planning. He makes up his brother's lack of strength with his own, wielding a big sword styled in that of the fictional Buster Sword, and a shotgun. He is the voice of reason between the pair of brothers, often bringing Fenix back down to earth and focusing on saving lives over resources (though the pair often compromise on such matters).
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