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What's your experience with tabletop rpgs? (example: dungeons and dragons, pathfinder, shadowrun, world of darkness, call of cthulu, etc)

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#10860973 Mar 29, 2015 at 12:12 AM · Edited over 4 years ago
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Ladies and gentlemen, for decades, Roleplaying Games have littered our existence. They provide us with distraction, escapism, and (usual) good memories. They herald a good time spent with good friends. You're laughing, because your friend decided that he needed to get hammered and is now flirting it up with a lady who could crush his head between her... hands. Your friends have a great guffaw at your expense when you trip over that pebble that jumped under your foot at the last minute. These are all the times you remember with a drink in one hand and a smile on your face.

But then there's the combat. If you're like me, you dread the moment combat breaks out. The lull as everyone attempts to recalculate their latest stats and numbers. The bored sensation as you swing your axe yet again at yet another orc, with only the narration of the Storyteller to give that swing any meaning.

I mean to change this.

Introducing... the Arena system:

This system is entirely based around combat scenarios, and is intended to streamline and simplify many of the problems inherit in other RPGs. It is my experience that an RPG system should only be used as a medium for confrontations, without overcomplicating it, or overstepping into other situations.

Low numbers, simple math, and easy-to-execute choice methods, intend to create a smooth experience, making every action feel significant, and meaningful. The numbers themselves tell the story of the combat playing out before the group, as much as the Storyteller.

Thoughts, questions, comments?
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#10861119 Mar 29, 2015 at 01:49 AM
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What an awesome way to introduce the real you to this site! Kudos to you for that alone, Ardy! Sadly I don't really have any more thoughts and comments beyond those that I already passed along to you the other night. I can tell you though that as someone who's been dying to participate in an actual tabletop adventure of some sort for the last few years that this - what you have here - is a Godsend. I'd love to give this system a spin, should we ever find ourselves (and I don't mean just you and I) in a position to play this over a medium like, say, RollD20!
#11420040 Aug 17, 2015 at 06:26 PM
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Even though this system isn't compatible with anything that we do here on the forums, I have decided to Pin this thread for the sake of easy access to all aspiring GMs here.
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