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«Before we begin there are three things that the casual readers need to know...

1.) Like most
Call of Duty games, this story focuses on the missions of one or more playable characters. This means that, unlike all of the other RPs that have appeared on this site so far, each thread is going to be a dedicated one-on-one story between the GM and a participant whose character(s) may or may not be destined to see things through to the end.

2.) It should be noted that, when writing this, the GM envisions everything as "running" on the Frostbite 3 engine, just like a certain 2017 video game does. That includes cinematic sequences like the one that you are about to read, where the GM takes complete control over everything in order to advance the plot.

2.) If you are interested in participating in this experiment in storytelling, then you will need to send the GM a character application via PM. I must warn you though that this project is very near and dear to me, so please don't take it personally if you find your application rejected!»

"I can say without a doubt that there are an infinite number of universes. Some are just like our own... but for one or two significant events, exactly the same."

- Alexander Joseph Luthor

Our "game" begins in darkness, with the sounds of a battle raging distantly in the skies above. Before long, the darkness ebbs and is replaced with scenery nearly identical to this. This particular shot is held for nearly a full half-minute, during which we are introduced to a squad-sized Imperial military detachment consisting of eight Stormtroopers, four Scout Troopers, and a lone Saber-class assault tank with this particular piece of art painted on the door to the pilot's cabin. Each individual unit of this detachment has had their armor camouflaged like so, including the Saber.

«Note: For the sake of keeping the remainder of this post flowing as smoothly as possible, the GM is going to preemptively identify the two officers leading this column as CDR Kayn Somos and CPT Mac Ewevs. Keeping in line with canon, both of them wear suits of officer's armor. In order to ensure that their ranks remain properly conveyed through their pauldrons, darker tones of their ranks' telling colors have been surreptitiously mixed in with the forest camo. In Somos' case, his pauldron contains streaks of dark orange, like leaves in Fall. In Ewevs' case, these same streaks are an unobtrusive shade of blue.»

A huge (but somewhat muffled) explosion causes the column to pause and direct their attention skyward. This prompts the camera to tilt upward also, revealing an overcast sky brimming with multiple dogfights between Imperial craft and what appear to be mercenary ships of some kind. Another large explosion briefly illuminates the silhouette of a Dagger-class Heavy Corvette.

Knowing that the situation above is currently out of their control, Somos, who stands at the front of the column just a few yards ahead of Ewevs, indicates to those behind him through a simple hand gesture that it was time to "Move up." And so they do; forcing the scene to transition via a dissolve to this location in the process. Two more identical transitions occur after this, each taking up about a minute's time in total. They take the audience first to this location and then to this one. With each transition, the sounds of the aerial battle grow more and more distant.

Finally, there comes a point where the Imperials are forced to cease all forward progress as they reach a cliff's edge identical to this one. They all stand there for a few seconds, then as one turn their attention to their left. At once - almost as though it had been prophesied - the mist clears, revealing a landscape similar to this one in the distance. However, in place of the ancient windmill in the picture is an old communications relay similar to the one from this picture. Even though the Imperials are still a good 5 - 10 minutes out, it's easy to tell that the place is not only occupied but being put to use. The lights around the rim of the dish - which appear brighter thanks to the mist that still mostly blankets the scene - blink rhythmically, giving the vague impression of a heart beating.

The two officers look at one another, nod, and turn to survey their fellow Imperials. They then walk through the ranks, with Ewevs making the "rally point" hand signal, indicating that the others were to follow after him. A wipe then takes us several minutes into the future, to the edge of the forest. The natural bridge leading to the communications relay is roughly 500 yards ahead. Somos, who has continued to maintain a position at the forefront of the column this entire time, holds up a closed fist, indicating that the column should halt. He immediately follows this gesture by pointing a thumb down over his shoulder, indicating that one or more enemies are in sight. Ewevs looks back at the column and gestures for his fellow soldiers to either crouch or go prone, which they do. The tank pulling up the rear compensates by retreating further back into the forest, out of the enemy's potential field of view.

A macrobinocular scan conducted by Somos reveals dozens of heat signatures patrolling the area around the relay. At least one of those groups of 12 is assigned to the bridge alone. Somos nods to Ewevs, who in turn summons the column's quartet of Scout Troopers up to their position via a combination of "you" and "move up" hand signals. Once they're where they need to be, the Scouts are instructed -- again through the use of hand signals -- to spread out out, occupy the treeline, and provide long-range support through the use of their high-powered rifles. Immediately they sprint into the canopy as fast as their legs can carry them, and begin setting up in locations prime for soldiers in their particular profession.

Once the quartet's in position, Ewevs half-turns and signals to the tank with his hands, telling it "you, get ready." At this point we transition into the interior of the Saber for the very first time. It looks nearly identical to the interior of the tank from this video, and plays home to a trio of Stormtroopers whose armor is distinctly different from those worn by their comrades outside. "We're up," says the trooper in the exterior gunner's position. A few seconds later, Ewevs is indicating to four other Stormtroopers to mount up on the Saber's "wings." As they do so, the rest of the troopers on the ground scatter to opposite sides of the makeshift pathway, leaving the tank with an open shot at their target.

With the path ahead of them laid bare, the gunner says to his colleagues, "Shields double-front." Immediately, the tank's designated co-pilot flicks a few switches, prompting a distortion in the air in front of the vehicle to briefly appear. A few beats would pass in tense silence before Ewevs gestures for the tank to advance. It's easy to imagine the man in the gunner's chair smiling grimly behind his helmet as he shouts the words "Let's go!"


The Saber surges out of the forest at blinding speed! The enemy soldiers on the bridge, stunned at its sudden appearance, don't all react in time. A majority of them open fire for sure, but the tank's guns, combined with the concentrated fire from the E-11s wielded by the Stormtroopers on the outside, make short work of them. When they're about halfway over the bridge, there's a rather abrupt transition from third-person narrative to first-person, as the player of this segment takes control of the man in the gunner's seat.

"Baptism By Fire"
04/22 - 14:15:47
Crew of the Idiot's Array (as played by Ardenith)

Your objective is simple: Assuming control of the three-person crew of the Idiot's Array -- SGM Finn Railey, SGT Albor "Laharn" L'hnnar and SSG Elly "Storm" Falstrom -- and the Stormtroopers SFC Nero Treyarch (AR), CPL Charles Nash (R), CPL Jaing Savoh (GR) and SPC Dell Canron (CM), you are to clear the way for your allies to advance and then help them rest control of the relay away from the Rebels inside!

«It should be noted that the aforementioned characters have the following big-name actors assigned to them...

- SGM Finn Railey is played by actor Karl Urban.

- SGT Albor "Laharn" L'hnnar is played by actor Daniel Kaluuya.

- SSG Elly "Storm" Falstrom is played by actress Charlize Theron.

- SFC Nero Treyarch is played by actor Sebastian Spence.

- CPL Charles Nash is played by actor Scott Eastwood.

- CPL Jaing Savoh is played by professional boxer and actor Victor Ortiz.

- SPC Dell Canron is played by actor Nick Blood.

If there's anything else you - the player - would like to know before proceeding further, please feel free to contact the GM either by text, Steam or PM! Otherwise, have fun!»
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The Idiot's Array roars across the bridge, crossing it with all haste before their targets can bring arms heavier than what they current have to bear. Rather than open fire, the tank plows through the enemy's ranks, relying on it's shields to whether the incoming fire, and expecting the friendlies on the ridge to take care of anyone fast enough to move out of the way of the hulking metal box.

"Storm, get ready to tap a beat! Laharn, skid us in!" the Tank Commander barks over the vehicle's internal intercom.

Storm sets her foot up on a pedal, lining herself up in her chair with a large targeting apparatus in front of her. She taps a few keys in front of her, and grips the turret controls. Laharn changes nothing, his demeanor is calm and cold. Who better than to serve as the proverbial eye of the storm? (#lol)

The first of their opponents begin to flood out of the woodwork just as the tank finishes the crossing the bridge, and open fire. No damage is inflicted as it's deflector shields protect both tank and it's passengers. And suddenly the tank drops, barely an inch off the ground before the repulsors kick back on, and send the tank sailing over the last few feet of the bridge and directly into the camp. One of the four Stormtroopers who had volunteered to ride along screams "Are they crazy?!" The fellow behind them laughs "Never 'surfed' on a repulsor craft before, have you?!"

But soon their chatter is cut short as the enemy combatants start filtering out of their cover in order to lay some smack down...

That is until the Tank Commander bellows "Slag 'em!"

"It'd be my pleasure!" Storm shouts, and slams her foot down on the pedal. The barrel on the tank's single medium laser cannon turret recoils, with the tank itself barely flinching an inch back thanks only to it's compensating repulsors. A distinctive 'WUMP!' fills the air only a hair before the large red bolt of light impacts it's target, obliterating the doorway of a building and the hostiles streaming out of it. The cannon is quickly followed by a stuttering stream of blaster bolts from the pintle-mounted Z-6 that Railey personally mans, forcing whoever is lucky enough to avoid the former's wrath to dart into cover. Another 'WUMP!' sends more enemy combatants scurrying into relative safety. Soon it becomes a deadlock, with the Array gently drifting side-to-side to keep itself from being a static target.

Suddenly there comes the cry of "RPG!" from one of the tank's four passengers; something that the Array's early warning system begins to repeatedly echo in earnest. Railey's order to his allies to dismount is heeded with only moments to spare. The ordnance explodes against the armor of the tank, shaking the interior, and forcing its repulsors to strain. In an attempt at a violent reprisal, Railey and the Stormtrooper quartet open fire in unison upon the target. But this particular enemy combatant is slippery; managing to run just ahead of the Imperials' cone of fire before diving behind an outcropping of boulders.

"Storm, waste that piece of wampa sh--!"

But Array's gunner was already on it. The giant 'WUMP!' cuts off the commander's expletive, and the targeted area - along with the target themselves - explode from the impact.

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