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"I assume that's where the Argo's gone."

"It is, what do you think you're going to do about it?"

And not 5 meters away is the pair of unknown guards from the Stronghold, the child they stole decidedly absent from their presence. The pair simply stand there, wearing plain black jumpsuits and light tactical gear.

"Come on, now. There's a rabbit hole for each of you to tumble down," the bald man spoke, and adjusted his stance. Both of them look ready to run.


Those fighting in and around the hangar recognize that they've held out thus far for two reasons: either 1) the enemy doesn't actually want to push into the hangar, or 2) the enemy can't actually push into the hangar; Whichever is the case, there's no telling just how long this fight will last. With some reinforcements showing up, there's relief for the defenders, but not a lot. The Argos has been disabled, and as such, has gone dark and silent. The status of any further reinforcements in unknown and unlikely.

Now it's a waiting game. Hold out and see who can last longer, or do something about the predicament you're in and push out.

"Keep the enemy from getting in, and you can't get out" as the saying goes...


Cirsei and her Dragon Guard roll around the corner of one hallway, and right into a main waiting area: a large, open atrium, that has had tables and chairs flipped, and barricades set up to be used as a ramshackle Command & Control Centre. A large number of the mercs and mooks assaulting the base are here... In addition to the Purebloods that assaulted Thyssen and his posse earlier, and the pair of rifle-wielders.

Cirsei and her Dragon Guard haven't been spotted due to the out-of-the-way nature of the hallway leading to it, and the structural supports lining the hallway that ultimately support the open ceiling of the next room.

In the center of the room is a large pylon-like structure... No doubt the signal jammer, and the reason outside communications haven't been received. Not far from that is a console, at which sits the man behind is all... Short, cropped, black hair, a jumpsuit moderately resembling an imperial uniform (though without any Rank pips or badges), and rather plain-faced, an Imperial Cipher's vibroknife within arms reach. Not someone you'd call remarkable... But the assault on the base is all the evidence one requires to confirm his effectiveness.

Not far from him is Ardenith... If one can stomach the sight of him long enough to recognize that fact. His face is lumped, and bleeding. Blackened marks line his face in a strange pattern, and the cybernetics that normally sit in front of his eyes are gone, with loose wires dangling from their port. Most importantly, however, is that at his feet sits the shattered pieces of a rifle, it's receiver sliced right in half, and the wood of the grip and stock smashed to pieces.

Ardenith's eyes never leave the rifle at his feet, and it would appear that no physical injury hurt him as bad as the broken object at his feet. A sad sight...

"A sad sight indeed, Dagger. You and your mother were once the greatest assets I had at my disposal. Even now you've proven how resourceful you still are."

He picks the vibroknife up, giving it's plain-wrapped grip a rather affectionate look.

"So I offer you a choice here, Dagger, being the merciful being I can sometimes be."

Ardenith says nothing, unable to raise his head from the rifle to look at his former Handler.

"Surrender the code, and I'll leave this base. Leave this miserable planet. Save your friends, Dagger, if they mean so much to you. Really, you'd be doing all of them a favor."

Handler stands up, and begins moving towards Ardenith, the vibroknife in hand.
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Qunai had gone stock still, every muscle in his body ceasing to operate. With an exhale, he turned away from his female associates, eying the child-stealing pair. And then, slowly, he curled his lips back and let out a small snarl. An animalistic one, teeth bared as if he was ready to attack. His lightsaber slipped into his grip, thumb hovering right above the power.

"Thess, Ally, move back," he ordered, hard green eyes staring at the pair intensely, "Synda, quake."

He knew they were hostile. They had something planned, legs tensed and ready to go on a chase, it seems. Better to knock the wind out of their sails first before pummeling them into submission, then getting some answers.

Well, the Duvallin hoped. Nothing really ever went as planned in situations like this.
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Even though she wasn't Force Sensitive (or at least to her knowledge she wasn't), Thessia could feel the overflow of negative emotions seeping out of Ally's every pore as she took in the sight of the two kidnappers. "Ally? Ally, no! You can't! Not here! There're too many innocent people -- Ally come on!" She would grab the Echani's wrist and try to steer her toward Synda's air speeder. "Qu and Synda have this! We need to get you out of here! Please, Ally!"

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Elsewhere, in the Krayt's base.

Impatience overtook the woman. A mere several hours ago, she had been having lunch with two friends while their children played together. All it had taken was a single alert on her datapad. "Feed-disrupted," it had read. Under normal circumstances, it would have been a minor invonvenience. So some stray animal had scratched at the wrong spot, or one of Cirsei's grunts found something they weren't supposed to. No big deal. Or it wouldn't be, if nearly every device she'd hidden hadn't fallen off the grid at the same time. A hurried goodbye and a spluttered out "Please take care of Syleena until I get back" couldn't be said quick enough. It was alright, though. A former sith and a smuggler with a heart of gold could handled one extra child for a little bit. It helped there was a childish auntie who was more than willing to help out.

Xyrna's message had only just been received, fed through the readout on the HUD in her helm, when her comms had quit. Her speeder had been discreetly stowed away as she bypassed the main entrance completely, instead opting for one of the hidden ones - Jay knew the base inside and out, by now. It was something of a favored pastime, evading the men Cirsei had sent to guard her wife. Stealth came as simple as breathing - She was an ex-cipher, after all - though she'd made it into a game. Perhaps it still was, now, save for much, MUCH deadlier rules. Someone had stormed the base. Threatened Cirsei. That was a mistake that would prove fatal.

Still, she'd managed to get in without incident, probably because Jay had neglected to mention the weakness in security that could be exploited at that particular exit. Then again, it had an indirect connection to the sewage lines. If you were careful, you could avoid smelling like Rancor droppings, and even though it wasn't exactly the most desirable exit, if you had a self-contained suit it was more than manageable...if you didn't think about what those pipes were pumping, that was.

It brought her out on the tail end of the barracks. A terrible design choice, in Jay's opinion, but apparently the end-bunks were for the lowest grunts on the rung. Or they would be, if a good number of the lower-ranked members were strewn about, having been massacred by the almost surgical mercenaries.

Checking her weapons and armor, she engaged her stealth field, continuing on as slow as possible. That there were no guards or patrols yet was a relief. Still, woe be to any who happened across her. Jay was not happy. Not at all, and she was ready to jump at the chance to spill blood. Still, it was better to wait until she was closer to the where Cirsei was likely to be - the throne room. Barely out of the barracks, that soon became a pipe dream. Patrols were heavy and numerous. Still, her Stealth field afforded her a decent amount of leeway. All she had to do was play the corners. Their came a point, unfortunately, where a certain degree of stealth just wouldn't cut it. Jay couldn't confirm whether or not they were constantly switching viewmodes, and that gave her pause.

It was at a cross-juncture that she decided sneaking could only get so far. As a patrol rounded the corner, Jay struck. A drawn blade through the neck ended one, and the ex-cipher fluidly stepped forward, two blades blossoming from her forearms as she thrust them into two others. Before the first could hit the floor, she had sheathed her forearm-blades to wrench her blade from the first's neck in order to impale the last through a gap in her armor. The enemy could be watching, though Jay didn't care. She was angry. She wanted them to know she was here. Let them chase her into the halls she chose. If it meant getting their attention on the one they should be afraid of, then so be it.
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In the depths of space...

Dozens of gunships, corvettes and starfighters of various make and model, each painted in the colors of the KJC, were making haste toward the large mote of dust that was Tatooine. The men and women that made up the crews and pilots of these ships were the bravest; the best. Officially, they were called the Krayt's Jaw Fighter Squadrons. Around KJC territories and elsewhere, though, they were the Chain-Breakers -- the dragon's wings, if you will, that provide a new life to those who would otherwise be slaves.

Approaching the mass of ships from behind was this vessel, which carried nearly the whole of the KJC's manpower from Ord Mantell. They had planned to pull out of the planet at some point, but now it was a necessity to bring down the whole of Cirsei's fist on the invaders.

"This is Freedom Zero of the Recollection. Transmitting IFF code now," spoke the voice of the commander of the approaching ship, equipped with the same black-and-yellow armor as the grunts around him.

"You're cleared to join our formation, Recollection. Let's go rescue the Queen."


Cirsei was tense. Every muscle in her body screamed with the adrenaline, and as the rhythm of battle coursed back into her after so many years, it was clear a new youth had come into her; along with a certain rage that not most beings in the galaxy could match.

'Time...all we need is time...'

The Guard looked to Cirsei with uncertainty, along with the troops that they had picked up along the way. The knowing stare in Addelyn Bosk's eyes asked the unofficial Queen one question; do we open fire, or try to settle this peacefully?

Cirsei held in her hand one of the recently invented cover generators; when activated, they would bring up a small shield of cover, and when networked would create a full line of barricades. The Guard knew what to do; they had done it before.

Rounding the corner, Cirsei and Bosk slide the cover generators into the room, both lobbing thermal grenades while rolling behind their respective shields. Immediately following, the rest of the troops including the Guard -- minus Grom'gar -- provide covering fire, and said cathar quickly distributes the rest of the generators along the floor. Networked, the cover becomes increasingly effective and complex in tandem with the cover already prevalent in the atrium: knocked down tables, benches, the like.

"Keep firing!" Cirsei roared to her soldiers. "Tino, focus on that jammer! Henji, get close to Ardenith, and the rest of the Guard will try to divert their attention!"

"Yeah, Captain, I got it." Henji rolls out of cover and darts for the man by Dagger, while all but Tino would fire at anyone trying to take him out. The herglic himself pounded the jammer with his ion cannon, merely hoping to make a dent; though, with his hardware, and the regular troops firing at the various mooks and mercs that might defend it, he might make a bigger hole than that.

"And where the hell is Gand?!"
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Chef and the small contingent of Four Moons mercenaries found themselves constantly under fire once inside the base. After a number of small firefights throughout the hallways, only 3 members of the Four Moons remained. Ducking behind some crates for cover, Chef heard a loud bang followed by the screams of his two remaining companions. Peeking out from behind his cover, he fired a burst towards his attackers, moving to the side of his injured comrades. The two had been within the blast radius of a thermal detonator and were now gravely injured. With a shake of his head, he sighed. Knowing he could do nothing for them, he took off down a hallway, firing his rifle as he ran. Suddenly, he felt a pang in his left thigh. Looking down, he realized he had been hit by one of his attackers. He unloaded the rest of his clip down the hallway in anger, stumbling off farther into the base after.
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Kenngri had turned off his cloak long enough for Gabe to know he was there. Once their conversation started he seemed to start blending in once again. "No, no, and no. I'm one of Ally's friends, she... asked me to come more or less."

The ex-agent looked around, slowly scanning the area. "We going to get moving?"


Ally had already shot to her feet, giving the two individuals a death stare. The aura around her had slowly begun to turn dark, her eyes glazing over to a slightly more tinted color then it's previous whiteness.

A beam of red light suddenly shot out from the top of the black metal tube that now she held in her hands. Thess' choice to remain quiet about the Jedi and Sith from earlier may have lead Qu and Syn thinking they wouldn't have to check Ally. She was already dashing at the two agents that had torn her daughter from her grip, ready to slash at the closest one.
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Gabriel looks in the direction of the man and then shrugs. He then reloads his rifle and pulls out his datapad. He pulls up a thermal reading of the base and looks it over. "We need to make our way to the hangar on the other side of the base, it seems to be the hardest hit location here and it might be where Cirsei is." He puts away his datapad and starts to walk off in the direction of the hangar. "So, you got a name?"
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Synda knew exactly what her brother wanted, even before the command left his lips, but she also felt Ally's rage growing. She hesitated for a moment, choosing the reaction with the least amount of collateral damage - she turned with a snarl toward Ally.

Fist in the air, she picks up the girl with a force choke."We don't have time for your shit. I will break every limb on your body if you move another muscle." With her other hand ready on the hilt of her light saber, she stomps her foot to send a shock-wave toward the men, hoping it will do enough to send the men off their feet.


Meanwhile, Andy is watching the fight from a well camouflaged position in the base. Wincing at every strike and blow against her team, she doesn't leave her spot until the coast is clear. Not that she'd stand a chance on her own in a fight, but she won't be -any- good if she's dead or injured with the lot of them.

Once the coast is clear and the assailants move on, she sneaks her way to Chef. "Shhhhh..." she puts her hand to her lips to quiet any protest he might give her before it starts. She tears a strip of cloth from her midriff and ties at above the wound on his leg, looking to stop the bleeding. "I have no idea what we've gotten into, here, but we need to figure a way out. What's the plan, boss?"
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**doing this from my phone so I'll color in the dialogue tomorrow when I'm on the computer**

Chef looked up at Andy, a confused look on his face. He grimaced as she ties off the rag, "Damn glad to see you. Figured I was a goner for sure." He looked around, sighing, "We gotta meet up with Gabe. I think that's the only way we stand a chance." He got up, using his rifle to prop himself up as he stands. Looking left he saw the hall from which he just came. Then, shaking his head, started down the hallway to his right. "We outta head to the hangar, might be able to find him there." He stops, turning back, "And thank you, I owe you one." He gave her an appreciative smile, then, with a motion of his head, "C'mon, let's get moving before more of those bastards show up."
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It seems both Synda and Qunai were in sync. As Synda stomped her foot like an angry child, her little brother arced his arm back and launched his lightsaber straight towards them. He wasted little time, sprinting after it. Had to keep the pressure on!


"Dunno 'bout you lot!" Marricks shouts over the blaster fire. "But I'm having a good time! We should be assaulted more often! Need a new rifle to add notches to!"

The Large Mirialan could only laugh as he loaded in a new clip and brought his sight back to his eye. More heads to pop, so...much time. He guessed, and shrugged.
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Synda and Qunai's efforts to halt the pair before the battle is started are valiant indeed. But it's only after the quake that something unusual is revealed. The pair of them leap into the air, avoiding the quake as the grab onto the neon signs above them. When Qunai tosses his saber, the man leaps in front of it, pulling a vibroknife and knocking it aside.... And then the chase starts.

After Qunai's saber is sent away, the pair hit the ground running, and it's now clear to the pair of Jedi that these are Force Users, if not outright Sith. They demeanour would suggest as such, but don't seem to carry lightsabers, or carry the normal haughtiness that most Sith have.

In either case, these two are clearly hiding whatever they are from the Jedi, and are making dust as they leave... If you want to chase them, the window is narrowing.


The atrium explodes into chaos.

As the pair of thermal detonators goes off, the reaction is immediate. The human pair known as Mountain & Sky immediately converge on Ardenith. Mountain flips the cyborg over her shoulder, with Sky moving to cover her as she does so. The Pureblood twins Pen & Sword immediately take up flanking positions beside Handler 2 and begin making their way in the same direction as Mountain & Sky. Any shots that come their way are deflected by the personal shield generators they carry, or just plain miss.

""Forge, Anvil. We're under attack. Secure transportation."

The mercenaries in the room were entirely unprepared for the attack, however, there's enough of them in the room that it almost doesn't matter... Almost.

In the blink of an eye, squads of soldiers go down to the fire from the Dragon Guard. The rest are unable to react fast enough to save themselves, let alone anything else. The herglic's ion cannon blasts the jammer, frying the entire system and causing several small explosions as electric feedback overcharges the capacitors, including the computer used to interface with the jammer.

...And with an intense burst of static, suddenly all signals and transmissions are being received by all parties in the Tatooine system.

Those in the hangar are capable of reaching Cirsei and her Dragon Guard, though the Argos remains silent.

And then the enemy comms cut through: "Single hostile in the hallways!" "Large force in the hangar, holding transportation!" "Need assistance!" "We have hostile's in the corridor to the engine room! Requesting permission to bug out!"

And then Handler 2's voice cuts in over all of it, "Mission Abort. Scorched Earth protocol. Every man for themselves."
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Back on Nar Shaddaa...

"Stop this, the both of you!" Thessia screams to the pair of Synda and Allynier. "We don't have time for this nerfscat! Ally! Ally! They've got this! Losing your head now will only delay them, and think about what that could cost you! Ally, please, just come with me and let's get the frak out of here!" Braving the winds generated by the conflicting forces of Light and Dark, the Krupp sister takes a step forward and holds out her hands to the Echani; asking for her cooperation as well as the lightsaber that she had snitched on the sly.
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Ally kicked and squirmed, her evil glare staring straight at Syn. Thess' voice seemed to come every so often, as if the little voice in her head was trying to tell her the right thing to do.

Ally tried to ignore the voice but it slowly seemed to get louder and start echoing in her mind. Slowly, the saber fell from her hand for it to drop into the other woman's hand. Ally's hand flicked slightly, enough to push her focus off to drop her but not to fall over.

As Ally flopped onto the ground, she seemed to almost crawl her way over to Thess. She then hugged the other woman who had probably bent down slightly to take her. She then begun to cry into the engineer's arms helplessly.


Tasha was panting a little as she cut more droids back. "Why don't you come down and say that again?" she grunted disparagingly. The droids cut quickly under her blade and whip as her and her group held their ground.

As the coms came back, her ear was flooded with the voices of her friends. She gave a soft sigh of relief, causing her to actually fight a bit harder to push the enemy back and try to force them at least from the hanger.


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Back inside the Smuggler's Ear...

"Ngh," was the sound that came out of Xyrna's mouth to express what she felt at that moment. Not only were they not on Tatooine trying to defend her sister, but Thyssen was now chatting it up with old friends. From her perspective, this was a waste of time, and she needed to get out of here.

Lady Red rose from her seat at the counter, and made her way toward Thyssen. Whether she was going to drag him away or call out his friends, she didn't know, but it didn't matter.

A male Zabrak let out a long whistle, and Xyrna heard the alien's voice from behind say "Y'don't see those kinds o' hips in the Ear every day." Xyrna was merely going to pass them by, giving him a passing look when another patron, human, gets up from his seat right next to her and grabs her wrist.

"Hey, girlie. Lookin' for a good time?" He pointedly tightened his grip on the woman. "I love me some red hair."

At this point, Thyssen turns his head and practically shoots beams through the man. He remains silent, though, when he sees the brooding blankness on his beau's face; her pupils tightening, her golden eyes going from warm and attractive to predatory.

With pure strength, Xyrna uses the man's own grip on her to pull him towards her, grab the collar of his shirt, lift him up, and quickly thrust him onto his back on the floor of the cantina. She plants her foot on the human's wrist, twisting her heel and barring her teeth as ten-and-some-odd thugs rise from their tables to shout at the woman. "'Ey, let 'im go!" "Frakin' schutta!" "Should teach you a lesson!"

When she didn't stop, the Zabrak from before charged her, arms swung wide to try and detain her, with the rest of the patrons of the bar following suit. It had officially begun.

Xyrna ducks, immediately sweeping the Zabrak off his feet and, before he even reaches the ground, standing and stomping his groin. A fist attempts to land itself into Xyrna's cheek when she hastily grabs the man's wrist, turns him into a standing arm bar, elbows him in the side of the head, and throws him into another brawler, which sends them both flying over the counter. With the momentum of that throw, she performs her signature flying spin kick on one, two, then three fighters trying to take her down in rapid succession.

The melee reaches a lull for just a moment, where the remaining half of Xyrna's opponents look on in fear as those deadly yellow eyes step closer and closer to them, ever so slowly, and it all fades to black...


"Gabe! Get the Moons in the atrium!" Cirsei shouts into her now-working comm from behind her generated cover.

"Cirsei," a familiar voice speaks through the channel. "This is Freedom Zero. Permission to 'drop'?"

"Granted," she replied with a sigh of relief. "Wishbone Protocol. They have Ardenith."

"Acknowledged. Commencing drop. Zero out."


In low orbit above the Dragon's Den...

Caution lights blared in the hangar, yellow and red flashing as engineers and soldiers alike ran around, readying whatever was about to be unleashed onto Cirsei's adversaries. At the center of the hangar rested a pod the size of a large house, immense and brooding.

"Intelligence transfer complete," spoke an automated voice. "Commencing orbital drop."

Silence. The vacuum of space was revealed to the crew on the observation decks, and the pod began its slow descent toward the planet. As the hulk of metal began blazing from atmospheric entry, the pod began to slowly shed some of its parts, becoming narrower and narrower.

To anyone on the ground, it would seem that a ship was being torn up by entry, but the reality was more amazing. In just seconds, geysers of sand are kicked up as the contents of the orbital drop pod -- The Liberator -- hit the ground mere yards away from the KJC base, and rose with a metallic creeaaak.

The voice that ZR-01's secondary body spoke with was loud, booming, and able to be heard by anybody in the base, but especially by those in the atrium:

"This is a warning. More than a dozen high-speed gunships wait in the skies above this base. Chance for escape is minimal. Unless a full retreat is given, we will give chase, and Krayt's Jaw air forces are more than sufficiently skilled to decimate your forces. On-mission forces have returned in full, and the entire planetary force of Ord Mantell has arrived as well. If Ardenith is released, we will cease fire and allow your escape, provided you remove all your forces from this base and the surrounding area. You have one minute to respond. I repeat: release Ardenith, remove your forces, and we will allow your retreat. Fifty-five seconds."
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There wasn't a second of doubt in Qunai's mind that a chase was necessary. His hand held up, saber hilt flying back into it's owner's palm, he reactivated it and kept running. His weapon primed, mind set, the young father sprinted after them (with a bit of force-enhanced speed, mind you).

He was sure Synda would follow.


Marricks hesitated in his head-popping, listening intently as what seemed like dead silence finally gave way to speech, however garbled and frantic it was. That was good, it meant someone took down whatever was stopping comm traffic. Bad news was, it just gave him sight into whatever the hell they were dealing with. And he frowned.

Slinging his sniper onto his back and drawing a pair of sidearms, the Mirialan leapt from his perch and jogged towards the fighting. They needed a push.

"Everyone out of the way and follow me!" He roared, firearms aimed up, triggers squeezed, legs pumping him to and through the hangar entrance. A suicidal charge was fitting, no?


"As much as I'd like to see this guy get the shit beat outta him!" Gareon's voice rang through the building, his arm flashing between Xyrna and the Zabrak. "Sad to say if you go through with that I'll have to have your ass locked up behind some bars!"

With the click of his tongue and a thumb over his shoulder, he gestured the Zabrak to leave. Breathing out and running his hand over his hair, he angled his gaze from the redhead to the salmon man back in his booth. Truly, Gareon just dashed from one side of the bar to the other.

"You got a hell of a woman, Thyss. Just...keep her on the leash, man. Less incidents, the better."

With a wave of his hand, the youngest Ambrosya spun on his heel and strutted out of the cantina.
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"I believe that is mine."

Thessia had no idea if Allynier had sensed sensed the man's approach, but if she did she made no indication of it. In the instant that it took for both women to tear their eyes away from the pursuit in progress, he had simply appeared next to Synda's air speeder. He didn't look angry or even annoyed, but he did have his hand outstretched expectantly, waiting for the return of the lightsaber that Ally somehow managed to steal from him.

Once his tool-slash-weapon was returned to him, the man inclined his head toward and subsequently addressed Allynier. "I am almost sorry that you did not get to use this." He said in a flat monotone. "The amount of anger that I feel in roiling inside of you right now tells me that it would have been a truly spectacular fight to behold." And then, apparently having no more to say, the Sith effortlessly vanished into the nearby crowd of gathered rubberneckers.

"C'mon, Ally." Thessia said. "Let's get you..."

- - -

"...out of here." Thyssen finished telling Xyrna. His beau would be able to feel his frustration but knew from experience that it was no fault of hers. Not this time. After all, she was only defending herself. Khim soon joined them, wearing one of the biggest grins that the husband and wife had seen on her in quite some time. "So what's the plan, sugars?" She asked them. Thyssen calmly stood up, extracted a billfold from an interior pocket in his jacket, and counted out a stack of paper currency that he was sure would cover the cost of damages as well as their drinks. "The plan," he said, "remains unchanged. We keep on keepin' on, until we can't any longer." "And then what?" As Thyssen picked up and made to pocket the thumb drive that Gareon had left for him, he said, "I'm still workin' on that part."
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After shooting an enemy in the head and receiving his orders from Cirsei, Gabriel switches his comm channel to the FM's channel. "Chef, get everyone to the atrium! I repeat, get everyone to the atrium!" He then reloads his rifle, slings it over his back, and books it to the atrium.
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What else was there to do? With only a moment of hesitation on leaving Ally and Thess, Synda follows her brother after the men, quickly catching up to him in their pursuit.

Andy grins as the order from Gabe comes through the com. "Guess that's what." She gets up and follows.
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The chase was on! Through the streets of Nar Shaddaa did they run. The pair of force users seem unopposed by any of the obstacles in their way. Using their strength, agility, and apparent mild force affinity to keep their neck-breaking pace across the urban jungle. In fact, it seems that for these two, this the only way they can express their connection to the force, and they do it well.

They move through the city with a grace, and elegance, as if they've done this a thousand times before, each step planned, calculated, and choreographed. A dance through the ferroconcrete. The chase might actually be entrancing and enjoyable... Were a child's life not dependent on it's outcome...


With the mercenaries dead or surrendered, and reinforcements flooding in, All that remains is Handler 2 and his Thorns. The four -- suddenly a hole blows open through one of the walls, and Forge and Anvil step through-- make that six operatives all stand present, encircling Handler 2, who has Ardenith sitting in front of him. Pot shots are impossible due to the personal shield generators, and sustained fire is dangerous because of the risk of hitting Ardenith.

"Ahhh. Been a long time since I've had this much fun," Handler 2's perpetual smile is removed with a single wipe of his face, in it's place is a stern and focused gaze.

"Secrets upon secrets, Cartel Master. Do you realize what this man is? What he REALLY is?"

All the operatives remain surrounding Handler 2 and Ardenith, Handler 2 keeping a hand on on his wayward Agent. He doesn't wait for a reply.

"A cyborg? A human? All lies, deception, exactly as he was taught. You wish to save his life, then let me show you WHAT YOU'RE REALLY SAVING!!"

At these words, Ardenith fights with renewed vigor, but Handler 2 already has a firm hand on the implants embedded into the man's skull. Before the onlookers can even react, the circuitry rips away, leaving empty space behind in the man's head... but no blood... And suddenly, the thing known as Ardenith appears to melt.

That which marked him as human begins to disappear. His hair sinks into the featureless blob that has become his head, his hands and feet loosing their individual digits in favor of fleshy tentacle-like appendages. Then, finally, his face sinking into itself entirely, it's mouth becoming a wide split in it's face, and it's eyes, unsymmetrical slits, with pupil-less eyes staring from behind. ('ido?file=Shiido.PNG)

For those who were there to witness Cloak's transformation, this change would appear eerily similar, and one can't help but wonder...

"There. You see now? You are saving a lie, Cartel Master. I will ask a final time. Let me leave. No more harm will come to you and yours, and you will never again see or hear of me."

Handler 2 has crossed his arms behind his back, and his Operatives all have their weapons lifted, expecting the reply.
Homo Homini Lupus
For More Often Than Not, We Forget to Act Human to Others
But Still, Despite Our Forgetful Nature, There is Always the Next Day