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Gabriel activates his ship's automatic turrets and then his ship's sensor jammer as he closes in on Tatooine. "You had better not let me down, Chef..." He says as he makes for high orbit while tapping the flight console out of anxiety with his prosthetic hand.
"The smew honks at noon."
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(( I feel like this is the perfect time for this: ))

*Meanwhile, back on the Argos*

Chef is shaken awake by one of the members of the Four Moons. "Hey, Chef. We're about an hour out, might want to get suited up."

Chef nodded as he rose out of his chair, walking up to his locker, grabbing his weapons and armor, suiting up as others around him checked their weapons, ensuring they have all the supplies they need. He looked around then wordlessly shuffled off to the landing craft. He sat down and leaned forward in his chair, tapping his helmet. He wasn't sure why, but he had an uneasy feeling. This unusual quiet might come to the attention of his comrades were they not busying themselves with equipment preparations of their own.

Chef leaned back in his chair, sliding his helmet on and drifting off into a fitful sleep. The normally calm, jovial character would fidget for the rest of the ride, an awful image replaying in his head.
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"Don't think the door's goin' to hold 'em for long, people."

With the doors to one of the last neutral hangars in the KJC base slowly shutting, Marricks Valaryan let out a snort as he popped out his spent sniper clip. The large Mirialan backed up into the rest of the black and orange-clad group, finding himself beside a certain leather-clad whip-wielding Echani.

"I dunno 'bout ya'll, but I'm not one for the thought of dying. So might as well make a stand here, yeah? Fingers crossed for reinforcements." Mar popped his neck, slinging his rifle onto his back as he eyed around the hangar. Catching sight of a pile of crates, he callously swatted the Echani's arm. "Leadership of these grunts are all yours."

Without waiting for a response, the Sniper broke into a jog, clambering up high above his KJC compatriots for that perfect marksman spot.
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The only thing the sniper could hear as he ran off was an exasperated sigh from the Echani. She wasn't the greatest at leading, but I guess she had to try. She stepped forward, looking along all the battle-worn black and orange group. "Well?! They'll be here in no time, boys! Find cover and get ready. You really going to let them take our home?!"

With a resounding shout from the group that were able to talk, they ran for cover and ambush positions. The Echani stared at the door and took a deep breath, placing her whip hand over her stomach and giving it a small rub. She glanced around to make sure everyone was ready before glancing at the sniper.

She placed her hand onto her neck, speaking to only him. "You know we need to get that signal jammer out of commission too, right?" She then began to walk off to cover closer to the door, drawing her blade as she moved.
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Cirsei's fists clenched. Her eyes twitched. Her Guard watched the silent, slow, almost unnoticeable change from regular anger to Altaros anger. A literal growl escapes her throat, octaves below what you might expect from a woman of her stature.

"That was a funny joke," Cirsei said, the sting in her voice tangible. "Not only did you just ask me to not kick your ass, but also to take away Ardenith; which means I won't get to kick his ass either! HELL NO!"


If this were a movie, the camera would be outside the large doors to Cirsei's throne room. At 0:42, Cirsei becomes visible as she thrusts her foot into the door, and the Guard rushes through.

A wide hallway was before them. At the end, KJC soldiers clad in yellow and black appeared to be pinned down by the opposition: a medley of droids and gunmen making a seemingly unstoppable push into the throne room.

But not today.

As the music goes for an indefinite amount of time, Cirsei and her Guard rush down the hallway in a V-formation. Bosk chucks a smoke grenade and yells "Get down!" at the soldiers that had managed to survive the onslaught, who did without hesitation. Through the smoke immediately came Cirsei and Rul'kaar, who in perfect tandem dispatched that pocket of enemies with a mixture of snapshots, quickdraws, and stereotypical Wookiee CQC that can be left to the reader's imagination.

Around the corner, then, came nearly a dozen droids, who were literally all left smoldering by Tino's ion cannon in a matter of seconds; one huge, monstrous blast of purple-blue energy.

Quick-cut to a pair of heavies standing on either end of the hallway's entrance. Afraid -- and rightfully so -- of the group that just eliminated that many units in one go, it seemed they were ready to run.

And then they noticed the thermal detonator laying between them. (Music should now be at 1:20.)

Boom! Through the smoke, the Guard runs around the corner, greeted with a large atrium containing what could be quite possibly the worst of this invasion -- dozens on dozens of soldiers and droids on each side.


Seemingly, without having broken a sweat, Cirsei and her guard wiped the soot and blood off of themselves and walked their way toward what would inevitably be Handler 2 and the Lion's Thorn.


Meanwhile, Xyrna sent a message. The red-haired assassin sat in an old cantina, surrounded by ruffians, mercenaries, the like. And in the middle of the Spectre crew's mission on the Smuggler's Ear, one simple text would reach her sister-in-law, Jaronn Elandril:

Cirsei is in trouble.
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((Note: This is what the cantina more or less looks like, and should be playing in the background, over a low quality speaker system.))

"Red, take a look at this." The blue bombshell slid her datapad across the table that the two were sharing. On it was a message similar to this one. "I've gotten this every time I've tried to raise someone at the Four Moons' stronghold on Narshda. It's not that nobody's pickin' up, it's that I can't get through; no matter what frequency I try."

The thoughtful frown that Xyrna had been wearing as she sent her simple message to her sister's wife deepened considerably. "Have you tried hailing the Argo?" She asked. Khim shook her head. "That was next on the list." The Chiss said with an exasperated sigh. She made a 'gimme' gesture with her hand, indicating to Xyrna that she would like her computer back.

Once it had been returned to her, she cleared the error message and pending requests and then proceeded to go through the motions of trying to get permission to access to the Smuggler's Ear's string of communications relays for the umpteenth time, except this time she would be trying to establish a link with the old Hammerhead that their friends in the FMMC made use of. As she waited for her request to be processed, she glanced over to the other couple across the way...


"What the hell is this, Gareon?" Thyssen all but snarled. He wanted the man sitting across from him to know that he wasn't screwing around, and so had made a show of slamming a fist onto the table as soon as they had both been seated and served their complimentary platter of nuts. Also, much like another scoundrel who had yet to be born, he was prepared to strike at the first sign of trouble. The man may have been a friend, but he was also supposed to be dead going on 10 - 15 years.
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"Sheesh, you do not look happy to see me, ol' buddy ol' pal. Didn't even get to say my customary 'greetings from the dead' line." The man merely grinned cheekily at the Krupp brother, resting a leg casually across a knee cap. The discerning individual covers his mouth as he yawns, leaning back without a care in the world, his free hand tossing in some nuts. "To be frank, the rest of us thought you died too, so I should be the one saying 'what the hell is this' to you instead. But since you and I are old friends, I'll be a bit more polite about it"

The cheerful demeanor dropped in an instant, and the mercenary sat forward, arms folded on the table. His eyes bored into Thyssen's, and it was simple to see that the Krupp's frustration was mutually shared.

"Why are you here?"


"I'm aware o' that, Echy." Marricks grunts in response over his comm, adjusting his sniper's bi-pod and checking the scope, "but I'd rather focus on the situation and incomin' firefight than a jammer we can't get to."


"Keep it locked up." Qunai said, now clad in his battle gear, Iyo'tress's lightsaber dangling from his hip. He slipped a credit chit to the hangar head Rodian, who eagerly nodded. The Knight stepped away from him, glancing back at his ship as he strode on out. He let out a breath and looked ahead again. He had to put his concerns aside. Ship was locked and the Hangar would be secured until he returned.

As he broke into a jog, Four Moons HQ as his destination, he fished out his personal holocommunicator and dialed Thessia's number once more. He had to be sure she was okay.
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Now it was Thyssen's turn to lean back a bit, away from potential danger. His silver eyes drilled into Gareon's brown ones. "At the risk of offending you, 'old friend,' it's purely by accident that my crew and I are here." There was a short silence as Thyssen considered telling him everything... and he did. Well, almost. He would tell him that the people he worked for were currently in a spot of trouble and that the only chance of him, his crew, and an SOS getting out all rested on a "half-blind" jump. "That's my story. What's yours?"


Back on Nar Shaddaa...

Thessia was watching from the back of an EMT vehicle as the sobbing figure of Allynier was questioned about the day's events. Tracking Ally's speeder down had been fairly easy, but not just for her. By the time Thessia had found her she had been subdued by several hooded figures wielding lightsabers. There had been seven in all, but Thess had been quick to note that only two of them had been black in color.

Surrounding them were dozens of security officers working for different Hutts, all undoubtedly afraid of what the presence of so many Force Adepts in their territory could mean. When Thessia had attempted to bypass them and reach Ally she had been unceremoniously detained and remanded over to a crime scene detective whose first order of business was to get Thessia checked out for smoke inhalation. She couldn't tell if he was doing so out of the kindness of his heart or if his job demanded that he be courteous to the people he decided to interview. Either way, the grilling had been long and intense and by the time he was done Thessia was glad of the oxygen because she had begun to hyperventilate once the shock had worn off and reality set in.


Thessia looked up as a hand fell lightly upon her shoulder. She had been so consumed in the dark thoughts that often accompanied loss that she had failed to register the Miraluka's approach. Behind him were his fellow Jedi and, she noted with some surprise, a significantly calmer Allynier. The two Sith were nowhere to be found -- at least not with the naked eye.

"Y-Yes?" Thessia coughed. The Jedi popped a squat in front of her and studied her with either blind or non-existent eyes. "Are you going to be alright?" Thessia blinked, surprised by the question. It wasn't the traditional "are you okay?" But of course being a Jedi - not to mention a Miraluka - he of all people would know that she was far from alright. "Only time will tell me the answer to that question, eh?" Thessia said, doing her best to mimic (but not mock) the uniquely elegant way most Jedi spoke. The Miraluka smiled. "Truer words are seldom spoken."

"What're you going to do with her?" Thessia nodded to Ally. The Miraluka didn't turn, but the Krupp sister had a sneaking suspicion that he briefly turned his focus on the Echani just the same. "After careful deliberation we have decided to turn her back over to you." Not only Thessia but Ally expressed surprise. "I... I can stay here?" The Miraluka nodded again, but this time stood and turned to directly face the woman. "We sense much confusion, anger and sadness in you; a turmoil that our guidance would not be able to calm. Should we attempt to relocate you to one of our Temples, we expect the turmoil would only hasten your journey down the path to the Dark Side. Therefore the most logical course of action would be to let you stay with those who're most familiar to you; who you're most comfortable being around."

"What about my daughter?" Ally asked. The Jedi shook his head. "While it is a Jedi's duty to protect the innocent, we also feel that this particular matter is something best taken care of... 'in-house' as you might put it. I am sorry."

They left shortly after that, vanishing into the crowd like ghosts, leaving Ally sitting there on the bumper of the ambulance next to Thessia. It was something of an awkward moment, because the last time Thessia was this close to the girl when she was outside of her cell was during one of her birthday parties. It was hard to believe that the girl who had been laughing so carefree then could have turned into the white-haired demon that nearly succeeded in slaughtering her and the friends they shared.



"Will I ever get to see her again?"

Thessia's answer came to her scarred lips almost immediately, for deep down she knew the truth of the matter. "Does my brother wear a coat the color of fish scales?"
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"Quite simple," Gareon leaned back again, face still made of stone as he spoke, "I scraped myself off the ground, saw all the smoke and dead, and ran." He made a idle gesture towards his person with both hands. "Which brings us to the here and now. But listen, Thyss..." Gareon sighed and seemed to mutter a curse under his breath, before he propped his arms up on the table between himself and his former partner-in-legitimized-crime. "Things aren't really the same here as they were all that time ago. In fact it might be best if you leave, and soon. The others aren't likely going to be happy to see you."

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Gabriel lands his ship out near the KJC HQ once he's confident enough to do so. He then gets to work on trekking towards the KJC HQ. Once he's within a couple hundred feet of the KJC HQ, he activates his prototype stealth generator and makes his way toward a small side entrance that's being guarded by two of Handler 2's mooks. He pulls out a flashbang grenade and tosses it at their feet. Once the flashbang goes off, he unslings his suppressed rifle and kills both men. "Cirs, If you can hear me, I'm making my way towards your position. And don't worry, I've got the rest of the Four Moons on its way."
"The smew honks at noon."
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Chef was shaken awake by the dropship's landing. He shook his head to wake himself up, then grabbed his rifle, moving towards the exit. His boots hit the sand with a thud, the bright sun beating down on the group of soldiers. Really wish the KJC's headquarters wasn't on such a freaking hot planet, he thought to himself. They had landed about half a mile from the base, so after a short trudge, the found themselves toe-to-toe with the attackers.

"Light 'em up!" he yelled.

Blaster bolts whizzed by his head as the soldiers traded fire. As Chef ducked down behind some cover to reload, he watched a number of enemy combatants fall to blaster fire. In that moment, Chef forgot his fears, and a smile flooded his face as he poked up from behind his cover, firing off a handful of rounds as three more enemy combatants fell to the ground. After about 20 minutes, the firefight subsided and Chef looked around. By his count, 15 enemies lay dead while only 2 members of the Four Moons had been killed. Chef motioned to the others, leading the remaining 12 Four Moons mercenaries into the base as the sounds of blaster fire emanated from some hallway deeper inside of it.
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Ally's eyes started to well with tears again as she hugged Thess' arm. She tried to be gentle, but she couldn't fully contain herself. She sobbed heavily into the engineer's shoulder, starting to soak into it.


Kenngri's ship touched down next to Gabe's, mere moments after his did. He had walked off the ship with a sigh at the planet as he started after Gabe. His rifle was in hand, as well as a strap strung across his right shoulder, chest, and going around his left hip. He moved quite fast for his armor, which was a surprise.

He melded with the sand rather quickly, following after Gabe and talking straight through his helmet com to him. "I'm coming up behind you, don't shoot but watch your back."


It didn't take long, but everyone was in cover before the door was blasted into pieces. Next, came the blaster bolts and droids, sliding in seeming without the need for cover. Some of the droids were gunned down instantly, but unfortunately each side took some hits.

The man next to Tasha was shot straight in the head as he peeked out from his cover. Tasha had pulled the body back and checked for a pulse, but of course there was nothing. She readied her weapons, waiting for some droids to walk by her. she continued to wait for a few more seconds before finally jumping out, slashing and ripping her way to cover farther from the door.
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"They have arrived."

"How many?"

"As many as were expected, give or take two or three shuttle's worth."

"And the ship?"

"In a stationary, geosynchronous orbit directly above the Dragon's Den."

"Excellent. Are the Sand Vipers in place?"


"Give the signal."


For those already on the ground it would seem like the tide had finally turned in their favor. Coming in hot on the tail of Chef's dropship was the remainder of the Four Moons' reinforcements, all grouped together within a squadron's worth of shuttles and player-controlled starships of the personal nature. With every landing comes boots on the ground and the promise of an additional able-bodied individual just raring for a fight. But you know what some people say about promises, right? They're meant to be broken.




Like zombies, the so-called "Sand Vipers" all erupt from beneath the dunes around our heroes and their "nameless" allies. (...) Any attempts to draw a bead on the menacing group would be cut short from afar by a lone sniper wielding a cycler rifle. (...)

The heat from the concentrated fields of fire generated by the Vipers' surprise attack would eventually force the survivors of the ambush to retreat into the Dragon's Den, where of course they'd be caught in a crossfire from the forces of Handler 2 already inside. Thankfully the team of hired guns don't seem to have any intention of truly routing anyone though. No, instead their focus is upon that of one of the stock shuttles that had been deployed from the Argosy.


"Commencing with phase two."


Back in orbit, acting captain Lebbeus Cole was frowning. The sight of the lone shuttle already on its way back was, to him, a foreboding sign, but he couldn't exactly explain why. It's not like they had any more reinforcements to provide. Could it be that they got pasted so badly that their only option was to immediately retreat? It was with that thought in mind that he told his helmsman that it was okay to grant it permission to dock.

Big mistake.


The assembled medical and security teams that had been waiting to receive the causalities were the first to become casualties themselves as the Sand Vipers stormed out of the shuttle's belly. Within minutes the small strike force was spreading throughout the decks of the ship like an aggressive cancer, leaving none alive in their wake. What little forewarning there was did, however, give the forces operating under Lebbus and Cabotta Thorn just enough time to secure several areas of the ship, including the bridge. But the bridge was not the mercenaries' intended target. If it had been, then maybe there would have been a chance of salvaging the grave situation.

"It's done." The designated engineer said, standing up and stepping away from but one of his many self-proclaimed masterpieces. The EMP bomb was definitely a sight to behold, having been rigged together through the ship's own engine core. "Tech off." The group's designated leader said, powering down his weapons and other equipment. His fellows were immediate to comply. Those who carried them promptly switched over to slug throwers. "Burn it." Click. Beeeee-uuuuuum~ And thus the Argosy appeared to die, not with a bang but a whimper...

"I'll leave as soon as my business here is concluded, Gareon, and not a second sooner." Thyssen was saying to his former colleague. (...) "Twelve hours. Give us just twelve hours to get the word out and collect any 'resources' that we might require, and then we'll be on our merry way. You have my word."
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"Twelve hours may be stretchin' it, man. Ma can be a bit of a stickler when it comes to 'discernible customers' strutting around the Ear."

Gareon leeeeaned back, rubbing a thumb over his chin as he sat in thought. Thyssen would recall it as his old friend's "thinking face", something that occurred in the rare instances he ever got seriously. With a hum, he sat back forward.

"I'll give you a list of people I'd recommend to use, so you can skedaddle sooner."



Qunai practically leaped out of the taxi as it came to a stop. Shortly after his arrival, word had spread of the fireball in the sky that had been the Four Moons headquarters. Filled with concern and worry, the Knight rushed off to where reports of survivors were. And to say he had been overwhelmed with relief when he saw his engineer friend would be an understatement.

Thessia would find herself out of Allynier's grip, torso wrapped firmly yet gently in Qunai's own embrace. He was shaking, and he slowly exhaled.

"You're safe...when I heard about what happened, I got here as fast as I could..." He slowly let go, hands hovering just above her shoulders. "What happened?"
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((I would really like to give Cirsei a chance to play Xyrna for herself at this point, so I'm going to skip out on playing Thyssen for a turn.))


"I... don't know." Thessia said once she was released from Qunai's rib-cracking hug. "I remember... you and I talking and then... I noticed a couple of unfamiliar faces taking -- " Thessia paused for a moment. "-- the child of one of Ally's visitors. Next thing I know I'm coming to and the stronghold's on its last legs." And then something in the woman's face changes, and her tone is hollow. "They killed everyone, Qunai. Whoever was left behind were just... gunned down. I think the only reason Ally and I are alive is because they already thought I was dead and she was doomed to perish when the place fell."

By now the ambulance that was serving as their bench was long gone, leaving Thessia and Allynier simply sitting on the ground relatively by themselves, watching firefighting craft continuing their efforts to put out the fire and rescue crews searching for people who'd been occupying the literal block of apartments beneath. So far neither group seemed to be having any real luck.

For a moment Thessia considered telling her friend about the group responsible for stopping another one of Ally's rampages before it had even begun, but ultimately decided it wasn't all that important. In the grand scheme of things it was one of those things that could simply wait for another day, she was sure of it.

"What do we do now, Qu? It's gone. All of it. Just... Just gone. Poof." Thessia trailed off. She had long since exhausted herself of her tears. Now all she was able to do was stare blankly into space with eyes that lacked the warmth and depth that her friend was accustomed to.
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Synda, in fact, was not at the stronghold when all this went down, but instead, she was safely in her home with Gare and Cara. She arrived at the base as it was descending, her senses and comms telling her there was an emergency. Watching the two speeders off, she made spent a few moments watching the falling palace, hoping to sense for survivors. She left only at the guarantee that there were none, following the trail of the two speeders she saw leave the base.

Synda arrived just as Thess and Qunai were breaking their embrace. "We make sure these two are safe and secure," she points to the pregnant Ally and the injured Thess, "and we" she gestures to herself and to her brother, "go find out who did this and end them." With a frown, she reports, "Aside from the two of you, there are no survivors. What happened?"

Synda, dressed in her newly repaired leather armor, walks by Qunai, stepping on her toes to kiss his cheek as she passes, to tend to Thess as she waits for the quick brief. With her hand over Thess's abdomen, she absorbs enough of Thess's injury to make sure she will be able to care for Ally and get her to the safety of Synda's own home.
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To say that Thessia was surprised to see her Miraluka friend would have been an understatement. From the moment that Synda arrived to point that she had finished using the Force to heal her of her freshest injuries, Thessia had just been staring at her, mouth agape. Finally she blurts out: "But... But you and Gare are supposed to be aboard the Argosy! I heard Chef calling to you! I..." She rubs her head, feeling positively overwhelmed.

Despite how badly she doesn't want to relive what all had just happened, Thessia does what she can to fill Synda in. "As I was just telling Qunai here, Gabe received a transmission - I think - from Cirsei asking him to round up every able-bodied fighter and herd 'em aboard the Argosy for transport to Tatooine. I say 'I think' because I wasn't told anything by anyone, nor was I invited to go with. Only reason I know they were heading to Tatooine was because I thought to track the Argosy's IFF transponder. Anyway..."

The rest of the story was difficult for Thessia to tell and likely just as difficult to understand. She talked of how Kenny's child was left in the care of Allynier and her guards, except that her guards turned out to not be her guards at all but two interlopers disguised as Four Moons personnel. She went on to tell her that she'd been shot when attempting to question them, and that she had blacked out as a result, and furthermore that by the time she had woken up everything had gone to Hell in a hand-basket. The decision to save Allynier despite her past misgivings was completely arbitrary, and would she have been placed in the same situation a second time she would likely have made the same decision again.

"... And that's where we are now." She had once again decided to gloss over the fact that several Jedi and Sith had been responsible for detaining Ally and handing her over to them, although this time it was more out of the desire to not see Qu's face when he realized she hadn't told him everything.

"I would say that we could track whoever did this, but without my workshop - not to mention the fact that they didn't use one of our shuttles to make their escape - it'd be like finding one particular needle in a stack of needles." At this she would look back over to Ally, perhaps hoping that she would further shine some light on the subject.
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Ally had curled herself into a ball as Qunai showed up and tore Thess from her arms. As Thess had explained what had happened to him, she had made small sniffling sounds and had quickly tried to wipe her tears.

As Syn had showed up she seemed more of in a sulking stage, leaving her head hidden slightly under her head. Once Thess had explained again, turning her gaze onto the Echani, she decided to look up. Her eyes were still slightly teary, and voice slightly croaked as she spoke.

"I.. I fought similar people to this in the empire... I couldn't tell their intentions or even sense a change from them... Whoever they are, they're good at what they do. Just... Be careful, and please bring my baby girl back to me..."
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While Gabriel continues trekking towards Cirsei's position he comes across a few of handler 2's people who start firing at Gabriel, he gets behind some form of cover, and fires his suppressed rifle at the attackers, he then takes out a couple of grenades, activates them, and then rolls them them both in the direction of the attackers from the safety of his cover. Once they go off, he finishes off the survivors with his rifle. He then turns towards Kennigri, who had just come up behind him. Gabriel Keeps his rifle ready just in case. "You one of them or are you with Chef's team? Or are you with the KJC?"


Cabotta Thorne takes a drag from a cigarette as he pulls the slide back to his own slugthrower "Well, what do you want to do, Captain? Is there anyway we can get everything up and running again?"
"The smew honks at noon."
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Synda stands, wincing slightly at the injury she absorbed from Thess. She crosses her arms once on her feet. "I want you both out of here... but I don't want my family in danger." She motions toward Ally, but speaks to Thess. She can sense Ally's turmoil. "Is it safe for this one to be near them? I can tell Gare to prepare rooms for you."

Without waiting for an answer, she turns to Qunai. "We need to leave right now. I heard something about Tattooine on my comms... I assume that's where the Argo's gone."