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Tsukiko stood, arms folded, as her Genin disappeared. When Kasuse appeared, she glanced at him with narrowed eyes. If they weren't supposed to be undertaking a mission, the Fuuma Shinobi might have even taken him up on the offer. Her consideration showed in her expression, culminating in a simple shrug.

"If you like, grab us a bottle of sake. We can share while we're on the road."
She said, the slightest hint of a smirk visible. Was it a request, or a convenient way to "Lose" him?

She'd done worse.

At that, Tsukiko's form blurred from existence, leaping from roof to roof to the city gates, where she'd casually lean up against the wall, waiting for her students (And Kasuse, if he was quick enough) to show.
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Kasuse smirked. As Tsukiko left, it would seem like Kasuse was about to spill some evil plan or spell out a plot to kidnap the woman and force her to marry him. But, no. Kasuse isn't smart enough for that!

"Joke's on her!" He exclaimed, revealing a bottle of the Leaf Village's best sake and holding it up to the air. "I always carry an emergency bottle!"

And with a huge grin on his face and love in his eyes, he rushed after Tsukiko (no doubt making a point to try and be there before any of her genin for some early flirting).
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To say it was nearly a common sight to see rock of all things coalesce in the Hokage's Office would make a commoner laugh. To those present, it would just make them sigh. Not because the source was necessarily a was cleaning up after he had gone. And yet it happened anyway, and he didn't seem to be the wiser in regards to the mess he created each time he appeared.

"Lord Hokage." Satoshi Takeda greeted, shaking the rock off his body as he finally formed completely. The older man rolled his neck a moment and stepped toward one of the present seats. "Apologies for the perceived interruption. It seems simpler to meet my team here when they turn in their report than to prowl the city for them and waste time."

The elder Jonin slipped into the seat, lowering his head as he fumbled through his hip pouch. Appearing in his hands, surprisingly enough, was an old familiar orange book. Satoshi grew silent as his eyes locked onto the contents, but his eyebrows steadily rose.

If one would be listening, they could possibly hear him say, "I had no idea a man could do that..."


"Last one there is on their own with Tsukiko-sensei!" Hotaru laughed as she pumped her legs, leaping from rooftop to rooftop. It hadn't taken long for her (nor her siblings) to assemble their gear, but she just had to make it a game. And, considering their master's tendencies, it would be a correctly guessed experience.

Taro squealed as he chased after his eldest sister, legs shaking from both the landings and the internal fear. There was no way he wanted to be on their master's wrath...again. He briefly glanced back and blanched. In complete contrast to his and Hotaru's attitudes, Jun was...bored? She leaped along at a leisurely pace, face devoid of any concern or excitement. Oh wait, Jun was always like that...

They made it to the gate in under five minutes. A new record, for anyone who bothered to pay attention to it. Fun fact! The Takedas didn't either.
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Yushin had been in the middle of speaking when Satoshi made his surprise appearance. The expression he wore all throughout this unexpected (and highly unwelcomed) segue was nothing short of priceless. But if / when Satoshi turned around to see who else might be present, Yushin would immediately become quite somber. Gone was the man with the short attention span and questionable IQ. In his place sat "the professional" that he in reality was. He hunched forward, scratching his cheek thoughtfully as he looked between Hisoka and the Hokage. "How did it happen, and where? More importantly, why do you feel it necessary to involve all of these people?" His voice, despite carrying with it a lackadaisical tone, was quiet and contemplative. It was almost as though he were speaking in soliloquy. However this could not be, for his eyes had found and focused upon Seika.
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She stands there uncomfortably, not sure whether to say something or quiet. She starts to tap on her leg, suddenly feeling nervous.
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Katsue let out an exasperated sigh at the mention of her name as she slowly started to walk off the Kage's building alone, taking her time as she walked there. She grew more irritated as she passed the road that led to the baths, Aki by her side the whole time his tail wagging exceptionally fast since he was excited to be back in the village. After some time she arrived in front of the Kage's building at which she began looking around for her team
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Asuka nodded back at Toki, grabbing the boy and dashing off to his house as quickly as she could, skidding to a stop in front of the door. She set the boy down and ruffled his hair a bit "Fun, isn't it?" she looked at the boy, smirking. She pat him on the back and knocked on the door before opening it, pushing the boy in with her "Come on....." she waved at the boy's mother as she walked in, a large smile on her face.

It was a good ten minutes before Asuka walked back out, a small cake in her hand. She waved at the woman as she called Aya out of the house and onto her wrist "Don't worry, he'll be fine! Ready to go Aya?" she turned to the hawk on her shoulder, rubbing his beak a bit. She dashed from the house to the Kage's place as fast as she could, halfway across town in only one minute. She skidded to a stop right next to Katsue, nearly crashing into the door. She slowly back away from the door, a look of shock on her face, she set her hand on Katsue's shoulder, shivering a bit "I'll be upstairs, tell him if you see 'im." she shook herself and walked upstairs, leaning against the wall right outside the door to the Hokage's office.
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Keiki Kasuse, Fuuma Tsukiko, Taro Takeda, Jun Takeda, Hotaru Takeda

As the Genin arrived at the gate, one after another and mumbling about who showed up last. The two Jonin stood near the gate, Tsukiko not wanting to wait for the road to start drink, after all she needed some way of dealing with Kasuse; right? When the Genin walked up Tsukiko had the equivalent of this expression on her face as she listened to Kasuse give off some flirty remarks or dirty comments.
The two gate guards waved and wished them good luck on their mission, watching them walk out. The travel time would be about half a day long at max speed and a full day if just walking. Never the less, it would be a long, and uneventful journey to the place that was marked for them.
You all arrived about sunset, the orange light shining a bit through the trees onto the path. The path was now in the basis of tatters. Holes lay spread across it, probably from paper bombs or some other jutsu; and there was even a part where a huge fire had engulfed part of the forest, which must have been put out after the fight.
Inside two of the many holes that littered the area, were two sticks with kunai implanted into the tops of them. Makeshift graves, is what you can guess. Though, there were only two there, but there was three in the ninja’s that came here…

Yushin Okami, Hisoka Takame,
Satoshi Takeda

As the rather rude Satoshi entered the room, without knocking as always (and covering the floor with rocks), the first thing he earned from entering the room was a glare from the hokage. He gave a soft sigh as he sat back in his chair once again. "All these people are being involved because something like this hasn't happened since before I became Hokage. If it's an attack, then we need to be prepared. Most of the ones going out there are patrols, who I hope find nothing... As for the team I sent to the zone? Well, I hope they can reclaim more than just the headbands..."

The hokage sat forward again as he looked at Yushin and Hisoka. His gaze was soft, and even for his young age, this situation seemed to make him... Age drastically. "How would you feel about getting a job, for now, as an instructor/bodyguard?" His gaze shifted to Yushin as he asked, before looking a bit sadly again at Hisoka.

Toki Uchiha, Katsue Inuzuka, Asuka Tsukino

Toki dropped off their sensei and quickly filled out two clipboards worth of paper work. He was handed a bag and he started off towards the hokage building. He knew that his team would be impatient so he started jogging, reaching the building a few minutes faster then usual. Katsue still sat with Aki at the entrance of the building, jumping up as Toki showed up with his bag. She questioned about it, only to be told she already knew what it was.

The three walked upstairs, "You know, it isn't right to listen in on others conversations, Asuka." Toki stretched and set the bag on the floor as he sat across the doorway of the hokage's office.
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The instant her genin appeared, Tsukiko snagged a swig from Kasuse's flask before taking off - Setting off on a journey was something team Fuuma learned to do quickly. In and of itself it was a test of skill and pacing, the Kunoichi taking pride in ensuring her students were not only able to keep up with her at a more-than-brisk pace, but making sure they had the stamina to fight if need be.

Curiously enough, for all her vim and vitriol against Kasuse, the genin would notice a camaraderie between the two - She was the Demon of Konoha while he was a simple Sand-nin, yet as they neared their destination there was no questioning a certain amount of reliance on his own skills to supplement her own. Of course, that could simply be one Jonin trusting the judgement and tracking skills of another, though Kasuse might say different and Tsukiko seemed inclined to act as though nothing existed at all.

"Spread out. Stay within eyesight."
Tsukiko commanded as she began searching herself.
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"Yes, ma'am," he said with a half-smile. He searched around the area, inspecting various attacking points. He could definitely paint the struggle in various ways, but every string led him to a dead end. Curious.

Kasuse found his way on a thick branch of one of the trees. Taking a swig of his sake, his red cheeks rose in a satisfied -- yet somber -- smile. To anyone else, it would seem that he was lazing about, but this was genuinely his process. Kasuse never really did anything with a forced attitude or even with ardor. He did fine work, sure, but he never let his easy-going demeanor fade. Ever.

He sensed around for any strong presences of chakra. Nothing. He was no Hyuga, but it seemed to be that there were no enemies present, at least for now. Even so, this was a sensitive mission, and he needed a tool for both defending himself and examining the evidences.

What's better than a puppet for that?

Kasuse unfurled a scroll. "Shincho!" The bald puppet sprung forth from white smoke, his amber cloak in stark contrast to the subtle tones of the forest.

Kasuse dropped to the ground, the puppet floating down after him. He proceeded to continue examining every piece of evidence he could find with Shincho's hand, which sprung outward like an army knife with various gadgets, while the 'blade hand' remained primed and ready.
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"Yes, sensei!""Whatever you say.""Understood."

The Takedas hastily spread out - mostly. While Jun made a beeline for the kunai-marked graves and Hotaru went about inspecting the battlefield, Taro paused mid-step. The sight of the numerous craters, and the scorched forest, caused a bit of panic to rise in his chest. What if the attackers were still here? Would they be waiting for inspectors to arrive? No no no, he quickly shook himself free of it and jogged after Jun. Four hands, two graves, make it easier.

Jun was already combing through the poor-man's version of a grave when Taro arrived and did the same with the second. Her face remained neutral, but her eyes briefly gleamed with both thanks and surprise, before simply pride. Pride that Taro was finally climbing out of his comfort zone. She glanced back down and furrowed her brows when she saw something...wrong. With a bit more care, she finally pushed the dirt aside and winced. Inside, a burnt corpse beyond recognition stared blankly back at her.

She quickly rose and turned, waving and gesturing for Tsukiko to see.

Taro, himself, stood with a backpack in hand, prodding the clinging dirt off it.

"Backpack?" He muttered to himself, tilting his head and unzipping it. "Not much in-...a map?"

Indeed, a map.
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"Instructor?" He repeated the word as though it were something entirely alien to him. Apart from the sudden arching of his left eyebrow, the expression on his face didn't change. After a solid beat of silence finished meeting his one-word question, his finger came up to point down at the top of Hisoka's head. And then his eyes slowly slid over, until they were peering at the girl through their peripheries. After another two-count of nearly overwhelming silence, those eyes slid back to look at the Hokage. "To her?" His voice betrayed no emotion, but a vein made a point then to pop into existence upon his forehead. Clearly this was not the assignment that the mercenary had been expecting - or wanting - to get.
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Asuka shrugged at Toki, she stood up and did her hair up into a long tail that went down to her waist, she walked over to where Toki was and sat next to him across from the door, she whistled once and Aya flew over to her head, perching himself on her head

She sighed "I hope we don't have to wait much longer.." she let out a deep breath and turned to Toki "How's the sensei?" she raised an eyebrow at him and took a bite of the small cake she'd been holding for a while
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Keiki Kasuse, Fuuma Tsukiko, Taro Takeda, Jun Takeda, Hotaru Takeda

As the Genin held up the map, with a rather unknowing look on his face. His Sensei would snatch the map from his grasp and stare at it. You've seen something like this before.. You think at least. Even if it was just passing it by somewhere on one of your missions.

Yes! When you were after rogue ninja you usually tended to find this.. Maybe that means that the ones that attacked them were rogue ninja? Who knows what you'd assume it would be.

Kasuse however, managed to find a few broken ninja tools. Though, the way they were broken, it almost didn't seem like they were broken from actual use. It seemed more of it was broken from someone either smashing it or cutting it. It did take you a few minutes to actually fully understand this though.

A map and a ninja tool broken to make it seem like a very serious fight happened.. To the Genin it was strange, but for you two Jonin; your minds were racing at what it could really be.

Yushin Okami, Hisoka Takame,
Satoshi Takeda

"And how much will you need to do this -and- be happy about it?" The Hokage raised his brow, causing Satoshi to sigh slightly at the hokage.

Yushin seemed to think a bit, the vein still bulging slightly as he looked back over at Hisoka.

The Hokage gave a small sigh, picking up a piece of paper, scribling on it quickly before handing it to Yushin. Yushin picked it up, folding it open so only he could see it before giving it this wonderful stare. He coughed a little, adjusting himself in his seat before getting up and pulling the girl to her feet, carrying her off with him out of the room.

"I'll just put the money in your account then!" The Hokage chuckled a little before looking at Satoshi, blinking slightly before shaking his head.

"You're too nice, sometimes."

"I know, but it's from my own money so it's fine.." The hokage gave a soft sigh before calling in the other group outside.

Toki Uchiha, Katsue Inuzuka, Asuka Tsukino, Satoshi Takeda

"He's doing better, though I suspect he'll be in there for quite some time. Toki nodded slightly before he picked up the worlds from the hokage and the other two leaving. He got up and stretched.. Dragging Katsue inside with some small bit of protests and a huff, allowing Asuka to just follow in.

The three of them stood in-front of the Hokage's desk, Satoshi still standing in his corner. Toki gave the quick rundown on their mission, caravan protected, no causalities, but their sensei in the medical recovery wing.

The Hokage nodded slowly, looking between the three of them; gesturing for Satoshi to join them. "I know that you all just got back from your mission, but I need you all to be ready to go in about five minutes for another mission with Satoshi in charge. It's S class, and you're the only tracking team available at this time. I'll let him explain it to you before you leave the gate." The Hokage sat back, pulling out four scrolls, beginning to write it out quickly.

Toki gave a quick nod, looking over at his team before starting to drag them out. "Okay, let's meet up at the gate in three minutes." Toki gave a very stern look at Katsue to make sure she knew that it was mainly her he was talking to. "And it will be a pleasure to work with you, master Satoshi." He bowed quickly before disappearing off out the closest window.
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Of course the old man arrived at the gate first. He always arrived first. At the cost of having to shake himself free of any loose rubble, however. Which he was doing, currently - smacking his hand against the left side of his face, seeing if any pebbles would fall out of his right ear. It was a song and dance he grew accustomed to.

Finally ensuring he was guest-free, the Jonin craned his neck up toward the bright blue skies above. With a hum, he slipped a cigarette between his fingers, then in between his lips. Not lighting it, however, just letting it hang.

The news was a discomforting one. The possibility of war unnerved him, even if it had yet to be confirmed. But the deaths of the diplomats so close to the border, and the Hokage being on edge...? His thoughts drifted off to his nieces and nephew. Tsukiko was doing a fine job training them, all of them - even Taro - but...War wasn't what he wanted to see them partake in. The thought slammed his heart into his rib cage, after which his eyes shut tight.

'Please let this all be a false alarm...'

Regardless, he finally lit the cigarette and dragged hard on the nicotine. This tracking team sure was taking it's time...
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Asuka would leave the Hokage's office immediately after Toki, running over to her sensei's apartment in the Jonin quarter, which he'd lent to her so she had somewhere to live. She stayed there for roughly ten seconds, barely enough time to change out of her black and red outfit and into her white, teal, and gold one. She downs a glass of water and grabs some food for Aya, whistling for him to start heading to the gate.

She dashed out the door and into the main road of Konoha. It wouldn't take very long at all for her to reach the gate at the speed she was going at. The first thing Satoshi would see, not too long after he arrived there, was Aya's silhouette diving down at him from the sky above, he would swoop right over top of his head, nearly touching his hair with his talons. He swoops around and sits on a tree in front of him, staring right at him.

Only about thirty seconds later, Asuka would arrive, accompanied by an extremely strong gust of wind. Immediately she started laughing maniacally as the gust of wind attack Satoshi and Aya, the latter would caw at his owner before flying over to her and eating the food she held out for him in her left hand as if this happened every day and had just became a mild annoyance.

Once Satoshi had time to settle himself back into place, he'd find Asuka right in front of him with Aya resting on her shoulder as she fixed her messy hair so it was straight down her back. One hand left her hair and was extended out to Satoshi. "Sorry about that, I get carried away." she smiles to him "You're Satoshi, right? Asuka."
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Kasuse gave Tsukiko a fairly serious look. "If this is the work of rogues," he said, his voice hushed, "this could be a serious threat. The Mist and Leaf has always had strenuous relations, and Mist plates with Leaf blood on them could start somethin'... well, bad." His puppet handed him a cleanly halved kunai, and he looked at it gravely. "Ya'd need a powerful jutsu to cut this thing in half during a battle. If that's even what happened."

He placed it in his pouch, along with all the other broken ninja tools as Shincho delivered them. As this happened, he spoke once more, to the group.

"In any case, only two of our three Chunin-in-question are accounted for. Meaning this could turn into a rescue mission real quick." The puppeteer looked specifically at Tsukiko once more. "You got a reliable way to track these guys? Or you want me to handle it?"
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Tsukiko maintained her silence, observing her genin and following their progress with a critical eye. Broken ninja tools, a map, rogue ninja. . .For Kasuse and herself, something like this might require a third Jonin, but she almost considered sending the kids back in order to track down the culprits. The three of them together might roughly equal a chunin if they acted as a team, but even then - It wasn't that Tsukiko thought badly of them, merely that she expected the worst.

The first few higher level missions she'd gone on as a Genin and a Chunin nearly ended with her dead. She took her duty as sensei seriously, despite how hard she was on them.

Chewing on her lip, she pulled a scroll out of her pouch. "I'll handle it." She said, unfurling what was very clearly a summoning scroll, clapping it between her palms as she signed away, before nipping her thumb and drawing a bead of blood along the scroll. Slamming her palm pressed against the paper down to the ground, there was a puff of smoke as two hounds - What looked like a Great Dane and a Malamute, appeared before her.

"Pinpoint the scent. Lead us to it." She commanded the hounds of Konoha, indicating the devastation.
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Hashirama Uzumaki, carefree ninja of the Hidden Leaf, entered the village whistling, seemingly oblivious to the obviously tense atmosphere. He winks and clicks his tongue, shooting thumbs up at village residents and ninja protectors alike at the front gate. "Eeeeey, Shikaku! Lookin' good! Hey, Sora, how ya doin'? Family all fine? That's great!"

He makes his way, almost painstakingly slow, to the Hokage's office, shooting smiles and waving at almost everybody along the way while doing so.

However, beneath the visage of his smile, he was definitely deep in thought...


Idate Uzumaki woke with a start from his bed, looking at his clock. Holy shit! It was already 3 in the afternoon! He'd slept in almost all day after staying up almost all night! His team leader was gonna kill him! His team MATES were gonna kill him!
Rex: Hero

Valeiro: Psycho

Kojasta: Mystery

Solljus: Villain

Abaddon: Shadow

Xirad: Warrior
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"What are we doing here, Yushin-sama?"

The man looked down at the young girl at his side, who gazed back up at him with a perplexed expression. At present the two of them stood in front of a house located directly on the Naka River, on the southeast side of Konohagakure, where the forest was notably dense. Unlike most of the buildings in the village city, this one was noted for its old-fashioned / traditional architecture. When Yushin spoke, his words carried with them a quiet yet serious undertone.

"I was told to take care of you, to teach you. I am not capable of either. But the couple that live here are."

As if on cue, the door to the house opened up and out stepped a woman who appeared to be in her mid-30s, with eyes as green as jade and flowing blonde hair tied back in a high ponytail. The clothing that she wore could have been considered skimpy, but at the same time they screamed 'tactical.' Most interesting about her though was the band that she wore on her left arm, just below her shoulder. It had the symbol of Kirigakure - the Village Hidden by Mist - stamped upon it, instead of the symbol of the Leaf.

The woman beamed at both of them, but most especially at Yushin. "Okami-kun," she said. Yushin, his face completely impassive, nodded and replied with a simple "Mikun." Something about his gruff voice seemed to please her, because Mikun smiled and stepped off to the side, giving Yushin and his companion enough room to see past her and into the house's interior, which was just as traditional as the exterior. "Welcome to our home. Please, come inside."

And so they did.

((I'm going to be taking a different approach with Yushin and Hisoka's narrative. Rather than post everything in one go, I'll be doing so in interludes that'll be inserted here and there. Eventually their story will intersect with everyone else's. But, for now, this will be how it goes.))