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This is a thread dedicated to the placement and archiving of all of your characters. There won't be many rules or regulations placed on who or what your character can be, but as with all things, keep it within reason. If I think your character is OP, unrealistic, or plain stupid? I'll let you know. Post no more than two characters, please.

Please list the following: Appearance, Equipment, History, Personality, Skills. Equipment can include magical spells as well as armor and weapons, and you absolutely must give a reason as to why your character has it; the more powerful or valuable, the better the reason has to be. Do not feel that you need to mitigate your character's skills, but be reasonable. The history and skills section are the most important for me to get your character started, so try to be as detailed with them as possible -- that is, if you're not already going into detail, which would be sad. You can list these attributes in any format you like, which includes a short story; but if it is a story, make sure it includes everything. If a character is a skilled archer and swordsman, and you only write about his archery? Well, don't.

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Well I'm excited to be posting this. And I thank the lovely Cirs-chan for giving us (mostly me) all a chance for an Elder Scrolls RP!




Dacian appears as a human male Breton in his late twenties, with fairly long and unkempt brown hair and a pair of deep ocean blue eyes. Complimenting his handsome, prominent and squared features is a near-constant grin. He possesses a small scar on his left cheek and on his chin. Being well built, he hides his muscular form beneath simple black, fur-lined clothing.


Dacian is the youngest in the new generation of the Antiquas Noble Family in High Rock, who are famed traders and mages. Despite being fairly distant and often times neglected by his parents, Dacian developed a strong bond with his older brother, Manus, and spent most of his time learning under his tutelage than any hired teacher.

Dacian was afflicted with vampirism at a youthful age, off on a self-proclaimed adventure. Scared and disoriented by the encounter, he returned to High Rock and did his best to hide it. He was, however, eventually discovered by both his brother and his father, on separate occasions. Manus himself tried to aid in keeping his little brother under control, yet their father proved to be...less receptive of the news.

Raised to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, his father, and his grandfather before him, the youngest man became discontent with his presumed fate and chose to leave. A rather violent confrontation with his father in public resulted in his being disowned, where he gladly left and took his prized horse and stalwart companion - Si Si - and left High Rock. His whereabouts varied ever since, and it's been presumed he's been traveling Tamriel. Last he heard from his family in regards to their status, Manus had successfully overthrown his parents and assumed patriarch status of the Antiquas family.

Dacian traveled Tamriel for a century, taking his time after "dropping off the map" so to speak. He dared not travel to the Summerset Isle or Black Marsh, however; because of the former's status as Aldmeri Dominion and the latter's isolationism. He rarely traveled to Skyrim with its unification under the Stormcloak name, but has been there on one or two occasions. He maintained a near-constant presence in Cyrodiil, Hammerfell, and Morrowind. During his travels he learned all he could for history and magics.

Dacian was recently seen leaving Cyrodiil to the north, apparently heading into Skyrim.


"It's all about the adventure"

Dacian is, in all essence of the word, a bit of a ditz. He often goes wherever he feels like on a whim, and is uncomfortably direct most of the time when he speaks to others. He does tend to be friendly, no matter the situation, and frequently underestimates any hostility aimed his way. He does come off as absent-minded too, and views life as a big game, one that he loves to play.

Despite all this, he is self-assured and radiates confidence. He approaches issues with his trademark grin, and is quick to use words. If things start to go downward, though, well, violence it is! He is brave and selfless when it comes down to it, willing to put himself between danger and anyone else.

This all is implied to be some sort of facade, however. He exhibits an unnatural knowledge of the art of Soul Trapping, and has been seen on a number of occasions to carry black soul gems. Additionally, it seems he prefers to use dark incantations and magicks to his advantage.


Dacian carries on his person a set of steel-plate armor beneath several layers of black leather, with fur lining the bottom of his long sleeves, his collar, and the intersection of his pants and boots. In terms of weaponry, he wields a single long blade with a decorated hilt and pure steel edge, the only thing from his familial heritage he kept.

Of his spells, Dacian is often seen using a variety of lightning, flame and ice-related Destruction spells, along with simple Alteration spells such as Mage and Candlelight, amongst a few others. He does know minor restoration spells - mostly just some minor self healing ones.

Dacian is not without a few dark tricks and knowledge amongst his sleeves. He notably carries an assortment of black soul gems, tucked away into satchels, and has extensive knowledge in regards to Soul Trapping.


Dacian is a skilled swordsman, having an affinity for it since he was a child. He forgoes using anything else with it, whether it be another sword or a even a shield for protection, and can turn into a tornado of steel when threatened. To compensate, he also possesses some unarmed skill, but it's nothing to write home about.

His mage skill is definitely something to, though. His use of Destruction can be leveled around Adept to Expert, attributed to his older brother's tutelage and the expectations of his family. His use of Alteration hangs around Adept, however, as he doesn't exercise is as often as he does Destruction, or attempt to learn anything else beyond what he already knows.

His magical efficiency doesn't stop at the basic and expected, however. Dacian has access to some rather questionable spells in the area of Conjuration, mostly falling into lines along the paths of Necromancy and even Soul Trapping.




Storm is a male Argonian in his middle ages, filled out with muscle beneath his ebony black scales. His piercing red eyes stand out starkly against his dark appearance. A pair of sharpened horns protruding from the back of his head emphasize his intimidation factor, with a small patch of red leaves along the center.


Stares at Storms was born at sea to the Captain of the Scalebacks, a prominent pirate crew that sailed across Tamriel's surrounding oceans. His father - a man whom had spent time with his mother when she made port - was executed a year later at her order when she made port again.

Storm was raised under a rather tight and ruthless, yet fair fist of his mother, learning the finer points of leadership and the expectations of nautical warfare. In no time at all he proved to be a reliable coordinator, and his Captain began to give him praise he craved.

As he became an adult, he became the second in command, handling the crew and any issues that may have come abroad. One such issue involved discontentment for her favoritism, and when he was challenged directly for his title, Storm cut him down without a thought. This cemented his role for years to come.

The Scaleback's fortune would come to an end eventually, and the ship was wrecked in the shores north of Skyrim. Storm proved to be the sole survivor, and he braved the colds of the north fueled by his rage and desire for vengeance.


"Test me and I'll bite your arm off"

Storm is the perfect balance of a honed, commanding leader, and a complete sadistic psychopath. Due to the stark contrast between these two types of personas, he can be considered a complete enigma and uncharacteristically violent.

Being the second in command of his crew, the Scalebacks, Storm understands the levels of intimidation needed to put someone in their place, and what to do to earn the respect of others. He doesn't take affronts to his authority kindly, and is always willing to use violence in response.

Storm does express an enjoyment and thrill when it comes to combat and violence. Remarkably ruthless, he plays aggressive and is not above using petty taunts to anger his enemies. He even prefers going so far to use torture, as he states it's "for me" and not any other goal.


Storm typically dresses in a heavy set of Black Steel armor, a typical requirement amongst his former crew. It possesses straight, broad shoulders and covers most of the body, save for the armpits. In addition, he has thick bracers and baggy black pants, above his black boots. He keeps a pair of scimitars sheathed on his hips. He also has a bandolier of throwing knives.


Having lived on the open sea for most of his life, Storm is a master sailor, knowing the insides and outs of getting a ship working to the best degree out on the water. He can operate out of any position aboard the craft efficiently.

Aside from this, Storm's combat skill comes out in the use of his enchanted Scimitars: Firebrand and Frostbite. As their name implies, each sword is individually enchanted with fire and frost, giving him that extra edge in battle. Even without it, the pirate is an exceptional dualist, being both quick on his feet and in his swings.
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Name ~
Xilliad Eerikkson

Appearance ~
Xilliad is half Nord, half Imperial. This has led to him being somewhat shorter than average Nords (he's average height for an Imperial), yet of the bulky, muscly build that Nords are well known for. Thus, he has a somewhat stocky appearance.

Complexion wise, Xilliad is a bit pale/fair of skin like most Nords, and sports golden-blonde hair that is so common in Skyrim. He often keeps his hair shaved on the sides, and very long on the top, giving him something of a fauxhawk. He has blue eyes with grey and black speckles.

Equipment ~
When in combat, Xilliad's choice of gear is heavy iron armor with an axe and shield, along with a bow. Being proud of his hair, Xilliad never wears helmets!

With his father being a blacksmith, Xilliad has learned to be able to make his own gear; however, his family is not wealthy enough for Xilliad to make more quality items of Steel or other materials.

Xilliad's axe is a simple one, as is most of his equipment. His shield, however, is a different story. Passed down from his ancestors, his shield is very unique; it's of a very strong material. It is black as the darkest night, forged into the shape resembling a dragon's skull. Xilliad may not have the best of weapons, but his shield is all he would need in a fight.

History ~
Twenty-two winters ago, Xilliad's father, Eerikki, met his mother, Decorus, while travelling with his own father into Cyrodiil to find customers to forge weapons and armor for. Eerikki was instantly smitten with Decorus... who was the daughter of a wealthy Imperial merchant. Thus, there love was forbidden. That didn't stop them, however. After several weeks of courtship, their love blossomed. On the night that Eerikki's father was to deliver weapons to Decorus's father, the young lovers fled into Skyrim.

Setting up his own blacksmithy in Dawnstar, Eerikki managed to create a steady source of income for raising a new family. Shortly after, Decorus gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Filia, and Xilliad the next year. They bore Imperial first names, Nordic surnames.

Growing up, Eerikki and Decorus loved both of their children equally. However, the cultural division in their home was quite prevalent growing up. Eerikki pushed Xilliad to live up to his Nordic heritage: To live and die with battle, to worship and pray to Talos, to proud and forthright in all his doings. His mother, on the other hand, tried raising Xilliad in the 'proper' Imperial fashion.

All his life, Xilliad's family has been treated with scrutiny because of his father's choice of marrying and outsider. This does not mean they are disrespected; in fact, because of their status as being some of the best blacksmiths in Skyrim, they are quite respected!

Currently helping his father fill out orders for items from the blacksmith, Xilliad dreams of something greater... he identifies with his Imperial heritage, yet a fire rages in his heart... his Nordic blood urges him to explore, to fight evil, to discover the secrets of the world!

Personality ~
Xilliad is much more soft spoken than his Nordic brothers and sisters. This does not mean he is a quiet man; nay, he can often be outspoken and forthright on topics he is passionate about. It must also be remembered that his Imperial mother taught him the way to effectively talk to others politely, and with manners!

Another of the many things that make him different from other Nords is his love and respect for other beings. He is a kind lad who will always try to help others, whether they be Man or Beast. It should be noted, however, that his kind demeanor to outsiders doesn't mean he isn't proud and patriotic about his homeland of Skyrim.

He is charismatic, loving, kind, and passionate... but, he can at times be arrogant and quick to anger.

Skills ~
Growing up with a Nordic father, Xilliad was raised to be a warrior. He has helped the town guard in driving off many bandit raids; in fact, the first time he slayed a man was when he was just twelve years of age! A bandit had broken into their home, threatening to rape his sister... so, naturally, Xilliad defended his family. Xilliad can handle himself in a fight, but he is no combat expert. That doesn't mean he lacks potential! One must remember that Nordic blood flows through his veins... the blood of conquerors, the blood of Warriors. Given some degree of training and tutelage, Xilliad could become a formidable fighter.

Growing up, Xilliad was often tasked with helping his father craft fine weapons and armor. Xilliad worked the forge since he was but ten years old; he knows how to craft VERY good weapons and armor, rivaling the skills of an Expert Armourer; he just can't use them for himself because he can't afford to.
Rex: Hero

Valeiro: Psycho

Kojasta: Mystery

Solljus: Villain

Abaddon: Shadow

Xirad: Warrior
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Name: Elanna Moorsly

Race: Breton

Appearance: White skinned, tall, slightly muscular, shoulder length red hair done in a pony tail

Equipment: Light Dwarven armor, Dwarven Sword, Conjure bound bow, conjure familiar, conjure flame apostate. Her dwarven gear was the first reward for her first dive in skyrim.

History: Treasure hunter- From Daggerfall, she grew up in a poor family with 2 brothers and a sister. She dreamed of being rich and important so as soon as she could she set off to explore anywhere she thought or heard of that hadn't been explored before. She met with a Khajiit named Josmhirr, who took her down her first tomb. Eventually they went off to skyrim, where they had been told of a vast amount of unexplored tombs laid in wait for them.

During part of her beginning time in skyrim, before her first dive with Josmhirr, he had dropped her off at the mage's academy there (Who took her in as well as a lot of gold.) In it she dug her head into books and was able to actually learn some magic in conjuration. And then, she was kicked out into the snow after setting one of the rooms on fire... Josmhirr found her a day later in the tavern.

Elanna hit the snow face first, skidding across the pathway as she did. She stood up a little, shaking the snow from her hair as she looked back at the academy student. "Well it's not my fault you put so many flammable things in your room!"

The Imperial merely shook his head his in return, his long black hair waving back and forth as he did. Next, her things hit her in the face and flopped down to the snow, knocking her over again. With a huff, and a face rub, she got up and started to move off into the village.

Personality: A bit cocky, but only when she understands what's going on with it. She is a bit anti-social to most, and enjoys being in dark areas. She's faithful, if you've proven your worth, and is in love with any lore that she can get her hands on.

Skills: She is a rather decent conjurer, at least of adept level. She's good with a sword and bow; and an excellent sneak and thief.
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Name: Dar'Anjira (Born as just Anjira)

Race: Ohmes-raht Khajiit

Appearance: 5'11'', thin and lanky, very dark red fur with jet black swirling patterns all over her body, claws she keeps extra sharp for unarmed. Her face, ears, hairstyle, and fur thickness is very similar to this.
Her skin color is a dark reddish-brown, almost like a redguard, and her fur is pretty thin, so you can just barely see parts of her skin through it without too much trouble, (only on her face, hands, feet, chest, and stomach is it thin enough) but it blends so well with her fur it's hard to tell.
Not Digitigrade, walks like a human instead, on the heels and not the balls of her feet.

Age: 25

Equipment: Light armor, always wearing what essentially amounts to a couple layers of leather covered by a cloak, so she can keep most of her agility. Always barefoot, at the most she wears foot wraps, sometimes. Carries around a black colored glass dagger she stole from a rich family back when she was a kid, she named it Liskina, meaning "kiss" in Ta'agra.

History: Born in the slums of Senchal and raised in the alleyways, working as a theif throughout the city stealing to help herself survive until she was about 10 and clever enough to be able to leave the city, sneaking out and joining a caravan.

For most of her first 8 years afterwards, she was a thief who traveled all throughout Elsweyr and the south of Tamriel in a caravan similar to the ones in Skyrim, she would pose as the daughter of the caravan leader in order to steal from their customers and the rich people living wherever they stopped, taking anything she thought was even vaguely valuable and selling it to fences all throughout the continent, throughout that time she became very proficient in using bows, daggers, swords, and making herself silent.

When she turned 18 and had enough money, she joined the College of Winterhold in Skyrim and stayed there for 5 years, the first 2 spent training mostly in Illusion while working on Conjuration on the side, the remaining 3 years were spent focusing on Conjuration and Conjuration alone.

The 5 years she spent at the College of Winterhold were also spent with her stealing from the other, much richer students to be able to stay in the College.

She practiced her Illusion and Conjuration spells while on missions for the College and while stealing from the other students.

Once she finished training in those two magic schools she spent the two years after acting as a thief for hire in or around Riften while trying to make money and ended up as a thief on the call lists of many people very high up in the world, such as Boreas Black-Briar.

Personality: Puts on an act when on a job, making people around her think she's a calm and collected thief instead of what she really is. She's very loyal to any of her friends or employers, but if any of them were to betray her, that loyalty would vanish and they'd end up on her hit list. Anyone who cheats her out of her money won't die, but will find that she'll take what they owe her anyways. She doesn't really like to kill people who don't betray her or she has had no prior bad experience with unless they are trying to kill her for no reason, or are animals, monsters, or Daedra. She's very energetic and childish despite her age, but not gullible at all. Also has a very short temper for people who mess with her.

Skills: She has 9 years of formal training in Illusion but 20 years of experience, including the time spent practicing during her formal training. The same is true for Conjuration, but she has a little more formal training in that school, since she did some of that at the same time as her Illusion training, resulting in her having about 12 years of formal training in that school, with 20 years of experience, including the years spent in training. She's proficient in swordplay, archery, and an expert in assassination with a dagger.

With her Conjuration training she's able to use a Bound Bow, Dagger, and Sword, Conjure a weak familiar, and reanimate a body only about the strength of bandit for a limited time. She can also, using most of her energy, summon a couple thralls.

With her Illusion training, she can use a self only invisibility spell, or she can use a mass invisibility spell with an area of effect of a small radius around her. She can also use spells like Muffle and Mayhem, and all weaker versions of Mayhem, along with Calm, but not any of the stronger variants.
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Name: Eohlwyn Stryker (Generally introduces herself as Wyn.)

Race: Breton

Appearance: Black, lightly curled hair hanging just passed her shoulders. Green eyes, lightly angled face. Possesses a lithe build with not much in the way of curves, emphasized by her spartan garb. Preferring stealth and agility, Wyn's primary method of defense is either magic, or her ability to think and react quickly, qualities personified by her form-fitting breeches, her acrobatically enchanted boots, and her scandalous (If she lived in High-Rock, that is) tunic.

Equipment: Eohlwyn's equipment is rather spartan. Accustomed to a life of travel, she carries only the absolute minimum on her person. A bow and quiver hang over her shoulder, with a shortsword hangs off her belt while a dagger sits in a sheath strapped to her leg. At least two or three potions hang from her belt for quick use, while two pouches carry septims carefully stacked and folded to negate any clinking coin, and a set of lockpicks. The only other item she carries is a spellbook that hangs from two straps; Her master's old spellbook (Treated with many environmental enchantments to protect against the elements, making it immune to any sort of environmental damage such as water or fire).

Within her bag is a plethora of supplies. A bedroll, rations, extra writing materials, a couple books, enough folded cloth to make a makeshift tent, a hatchet, spices, a traveller's alchemy kit, several minor soul-stones, a change of clothes, a fur blanket, and a fur-lined cloak.

Spells: Her late master was an expert in the ways of conjuration, and much of Wyn's repertoire reflects this. She is adept in mysticism, restoration, and destruction, though her alteration and illusion skill is at a lower level.

A comprehensive spell list is nearly impossible, as Wyn spends just as much time experimenting with her spells as she does fighting them, but a list of the spells she commonly uses:

Bound Bag, Bound Quiver, Bound Bow, Bound Dagger, Bound Sword, Bound Armor, Conjure Familiar, Expel Daedra, Dispel Daedra, firebolt, lightning bolt, ice spike, fire/ice/lightning rune, flames, mage-light, detect life, slowfall, lesser ward, healing, close wounds, heal other, steadfast ward, turn undead, telekinesis.

History: Born to a drunken father and a whore mother, thrown into an orphanage to live as another unloved child destined to be forever unwanted, her life changed for the better when she discovered a knack for the arcane. One lucky happenstance brought another: A mage from the college in the upper echelons of Daggerfall, looking to raise a child, though he'd claim it was to give his barren wife something to occupy her time other than thinking up new things to nag him on while he was away, teaching.

Charmed by her inquisitive nature and intrigued by her rather creative applications (Namely scaring bullies off), he took her on as an "Apprentice." In such a place as High Rock, adopting a child was tantamount to social suicide, but taking on a lowly commoner apprentice? Well, that was an act of charity, with the added benefit of essentially gaining a servant.

Regardless, her new home was astoundingly ornate, and her life began anew, the life of a mage's apprentice. Originally, Master Stryker could have simply been training a promising young student. But despite all the nuances he had to go through, from social circles to professional red tape, it became those lessons were the only way he truly knew how to bond with what had become his surrogate daughter.

That didn't mean the house was where she spent the rest of her years. She was denied access to the college (Something about 'low birth'), though spent her free time among the common rabble. And, on occasion, the local guards. From time to time, she'd amuse them with little displays of magic, and they in turn would amuse her (and themselves) with sparring matches of varying types. Brawls were most common, though sword-fights and archery contests weren't out of the question. When she became of age, she was grudgingly allowed to at least learn the basics.

...And fight the rookies, from time to time. It was a good show, and became a hazing ritual. "Go easy, she's just a girl! Not even trained!" They would jest, only for the rookie to get handed his ass.

Politics, however, are the name of the game in Daggerfall, and even a seemingly neutral party like a college must take a stand somewhere. During the year of Eohlwyn's twentieth summer, the manor was stormed by men in dark clothing with glowing red eyes. Many colleges teach rather dubious forms of magic, and Master Stryker had a firmly negative opinion. Being a senior professor, there wasn't much anyone could do about his policies.

Aside from put a hit on him, and blame a local vampiric group for the trouble. Master Stryker and his w-...Her father and her mother were killed, along with nearly the entirety of the manor. She was only spared because she'd found another bed to occupy in another house.

And the rest, as they say, is history. In a fit of rage and a dervish of steel, spectral and corporeal, she tracked them down and slaughtered the menace. . .And their master. Unfortunately, High Rock politics had no tolerance for those who wouldn't play the game, a fact Eohlwyn was VERY aware of. So, in the dead of night, she loaded up as much as she could into a bag or two and set out.

She could have easily taken up residence as a village healer, but she'd discovered a taste for blood that wasn't about to lose any time soon. Catching it nearly as it consumed her, she got herself cured of Sanguinare Vampiris at a local Vigilant outpost, signed on with them, and found work as a mercenary of sorts.

It wasn't fulfilling, it wasn't meaningful, it wasn't exactly the best occupation she could have wished for, but it kept her going.
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Name: Stelio Kontos

Race: A Bastard Half-Redguard, Half-Imperial.

Appearance: This man has two faces / one for life, the other for work.

History: This story is one that you've all likely heard before. Stelio was raised in an orphanage until his early teens, when a series of unfortunate events forced him to make a desperate bid for freedom in the middle of the night. He was found days later, dying of hunger and thirst, by a woman dressed in the leathers of a Dark Brotherhood assassin. For reasons that to this day remain unclear to him, the woman (whom he would soon discover was called Fisher) took him with her, back to the Brotherhood's Sanctuary in Dawnstar. There, under Fisher's guidance, he was trained to be an assassin himself.

But for every life in took in the Brotherhood's name, Stelio endeavored to claim thrice that many in penitence. He became a masked vigilante, roaming the lands as soon as he was able to do so on his own, and using the skills he was given to dispatch those he considered to be "wicked" and "unworthy of the privilege of life" with righteous fury. Word of Stelio's extracurricular activities eventually reached the ears of the Dawnstar Sanctuary's leader - the Vampire Lord, Gabriel Thorne - who consequently ordered Stelio brought before him.

Much to Stelio's shock and amazement, Gabriel did not plan to punish him for his actions beyond offering him a few curt and choice words. Instead he would tell Stelio his life's story; about how he had hoped to make a deal with Sithis that would see his beloved wife and children returned to life, following their tragic deaths under the flames of Alduin after his return during the early years of the Fourth Era.


Personality: Stelio can best be described as a "high-functioning sociopath." As his history implies, he is constantly split down the middle between his duty to the Dark Brotherhood and his constant need to atone for the sins he commits in their name, and as such is prone to the occasional mood swing brought on by accumulated stress. ((Honestly I think Qunai's description of Stares at Storms is oddly fitting here, so I'd just go look at that now.))

Equipment: Stelio has very nontraditional garb for his job as a Dark Brotherhood Nightblade, as you clearly saw above. The pendant that he wears around his neck allows him to summon a unique set of Bound Armor that gives him a Death-like appearance. His sword is known as Sanguineous, and was gifted to him by the aforementioned Vampire Lord. As the name suggests, it allows its wielder to draw the strength and stamina from those it slays into themselves. (These effects are only temporary, however, and always come at the cost of a sensation not unlike a severe hangover later on.) He also has on him at all time a variety of knives, burglar tools, and vials full of poisons and antidotes of all sorts.

Skills: Stelio has access to all of the usual Nightblade staples thanks to his time spent within the Dark Brotherhood. He's a master of the blade and an adept at using stealth and various kinds of Destruction Magic. He is also a master of parkour, just like the heroine of the Mirror's Edge games, which has proven useful time and again in a variety of situations. A good example of these skills in action can be found @
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Zanik R'en

A dunmer staring out from beneath the hooded robes of a Vigilant of Stendarr. His hair, when visible, is like coal, pulled back into a short ponytail. His skin is only a touch lighter, an ashen grey that makes his eyes seem like a pair of burning dots upon his face. While slim and short, as his race usually is, nothing about him is delicate. His features are angled and sharp, and his face bears a scar that crosses his face, leading into a broken-then-healed nose. His body is hard, and muscled, though not particularly defined; the typical body for someone who does a lot of honest fighting.

The most iconic item on Zanik's person is the crossbow that never seems outside of arms reach, with a quiver of bolts belted to his hip. In addition, a mace that seems to shimmer with a burning light [burning enchantment] rests easily, hanging off his belt. A backpack of various adventuring supplies is never too far, as well as the shield strapped to it. The robes he wears are actually a set of plates and chainmail, covered and stamped in cloth to give the appearance of ordinary robes. Finally, he wears a necklace of what appears to be fangs, around his neck, often left open on display.

Zanik grew up as a fairly normal child in Morrowind. By all accounts, his life was terribly average, and had plans to enlist into the town guard. Nothing in his life seemed wrong, until the day the Vampires came. During the longest night of the year, the winter solstice, a clan of Vampires struck out against the world. They cleared a swath across the countryside of Zanik's little town, bodies without blood littering the landscape. They even devastated the nearby keep, before the rising sun forced them back into their holes.

The following morning, the Vigilants of Stendarr were called in to exterminate the foes, and little Zanik, in awe of these men and women who had come to face the monsters that had destroyed his world, followed them. Barely a teenager then, Zanik followed the Vigilants into the cave, and while he had attempted to remain hidden, was swept up in the ensuing fight. When all was said and done, more Vampires than Man and Mur were fallen, and little Zanik had his first taste of a fight for his life, against the monsters that had slayed his kin.

He joined up with the Vigilants shortly after.

Zanik cuts a rough figure, speaking little, and intimidating in presence. However, his voice is surprisingly smooth, and calm for a man of his profession, and it's not uncommon to find him singing as he trots down the path of his choosing. In addition, Zanik is a charitable person, offering food, coin, and even shelter to weary travellers who happen across his camp. For those who know him, Zanik's scary factor begins and ends with his appearance, until one realizes he hunts Vampires for a living.

Zanik, as one might imagine, is a skilled Vampire hunter. As such, he is a master of the crossbow, but is only relatively proficient with Restoration magic, enough so to keep himself alive in a fight. He also is proficient with his mace and shield, but relies mostly on the burning enchantment instilled on his hammer to do the heavy lifting.

Crossbow, plus Bolts.
Fire Enchanted Steel Mace
Steel Round Shield
Potions (Health and Mana)
Vampire Tooth Necklace
Heavy armor Robes
Homo Homini Lupus
For More Often Than Not, We Forget to Act Human to Others
But Still, Despite Our Forgetful Nature, There is Always the Next Day
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Tariel Forestwalker




Long, dark, and straight black hair going down between his shoulders, held up with different pieces of vines or animal parts. His face is usually covered in some sort of blood or strange paste like substance in a near camouflage design. His face is a bit angled, with green snake-like eyes, and slightly greened yet tanned skin. A bit of facial hair sits along his jawline, giving him a scruffy look.


Long bone staff, carved down and runes sat across it all. Along the staff are little pieces of wood, and metal to use for clubbing. A large sharpened tooth sat at the top of the staff, as sharp as any Bosmer arrow.

On his back under his cloak, <c>
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