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For those of you who've been wondering how I was going to handle combat in my games, this thread's for you. As the name of the thread suggests, it hinges on the use of a random number generator. In scenarios where there are one or multiple player characters and / or non-player characters trying to kill each other, I will assign numbers to everything and ask you - yes you - to describe how it plays out. Here's a very simple example of how group combat will work:

There are 5 enemies in the room that you 3 have entered.
All 5 enemies notice you.
2 enemies flee to get help.
The remaining 3 enemies attack. (In the final game I will include the number of times that each of them attack.)
You and you but not you are hit by their attacks.
You, you and you successfully counterattack.
2 of the 3 enemies die.

Basically what you get every time with this system is a writing exercise. How did the enemies attack you? How badly were the two players in the party hurt? How did you counterattack? And so on and so forth.

With this system I am giving my players the ability to really add to the scene. It also ensures 100% fairness when it comes to combat, as it's all about the numbers. Keep in mind though that all characters have a certain amount of plot armor welded to them, so combat isn't guaranteed to outright kill your character unless you absolutely want them dead for whatever reason. (If that turns out to be the case then I implore you talk to me in PM beforehand.)

Questions, suggestions, criticisms? Don't be shy!
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