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Here is where everyone's characters will be stored. Everyone is allowed to make three separate characters if they wish. Anyone who makes a character can make them for the Modern Era or the Ancient Era. It doesn't matter much to me which time period you pick for your character(s), but I would prefer that there be more from the Ancient Era as most of the story will be taking place there.

Here's a rough character template I made, feel free to add anything you feel needs to be added.





Birth Date: AD or BC



Affiliation(s): Assassin/Templar/Neutral

[Try to include detailed description of character’s physical characteristics (freckles, moles, scars, eye color, accessories, etc.), ethnicity, common attire, etc.]

[Be as detailed as you can with your character’s personality.]

(Unknown or Famous, how your character is viewed, in general.)

Eagle Vision?: Yes/No

Fighting Style:

Preferred Weapon(s):

Rank: [ Initiate, Apprentice, Soldier, Assassin/Templar, Master ]


Now feel free to post your characters!
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Here's an Example!

Name: Shahin Arbab

Age: 47 in November 333 BC

Gender: Male

Nickname(s): Persian Eagle (Persiká Aetós)

Birth Date: December 13, 381

Birthplace: Persepolis

Occupation: Wandering Merchant

Affiliation(s): Assassin

Appearance: Rugged and Squarish features. Scars all over his face from years of being an Assassin and Mentor of the Macedonian Assassins. Short, jet black hair, almost like a buzz cut. Many scars around his mouth. Light brown eyes. Very buff. Usually wears a black scarf that goes around his whole head and neck, leaving a space for his eyes and nose. Baggy pants, large metal boots he took off a corpse when he was young, mostly leather clothes. Large leather bracers on both wrists, wrapped in white cloth.

Personality: Almost completely silent, only talks to those he deems deserving of his voice, very arrogant. Follows the Creed of the Assassins almost religiously. Anyone who breaks the code is forced to fight him to the death in a trial of combat. Not necessarily a nice person, anyone who gets in his way is killed, their fault or not.

Reputation: Famous among Templars and Assassins for leaving the mark of Cyrus the Great next to any high priority targets, hence the nickname.

Eagle Vision?: Yes

Fighting Style: Unique fighting style consisting of staying low to the ground and disabling rather than killing immediately. Often let his enemies suffer before death.

Preferred Weapon(s): Rope darts and large curved daggers, almost like mini khopeshs. Double Hidden blades.

Rank: Mentor of Macedon

History: Born in Persepolis, December 13, 381 to a homeless family. At thirteen his parents were executed for attempting to steal from the Persian treasury. He ran away before he could be caught by the guardsmen but ended up killing one on accident. He took the guards metal boots and ran away. He spent many years wandering the deserts of Persia, eventually arriving in Tyre. He lived in Tyre from age 16 to 23, eventually leaving on a boat headed to Athens, where he found the Assassins. He joined up with the Assassins in Athens and stayed with them until age 36, when he left Athens for Macedon. At age 40, he became Mentor after the last Mentor died of old age. He spent 4 more years working as an assassin against Philip II's reign in Macedon in an attempt to free everyone Philip II had conquered. Philip's reign ended that year when Shahin had Pausanias of Orestis, a young Assassin posing as one of Philip II's personal bodyguards, assassinate Philip II at the celebration of his daughter marriage. Pausanias was executed soon after due to his own clumsiness.

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Name: Gisgo Barca

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Birth Date: March 28, 363 BC

Birthplace: Carthage

Occupation: Captain of the guard, Carthage

Affiliation: Templar

Appearance: Tall, tan skin, black beard and close cropped black hair. Has a proud and noble face. Very fit. Almost always adorned in his very ornate officer armor.

Personality: Somewhat kind to the citizens of his city, but quick to anger. Very Xenophobic; hates outsiders. Gisgo has a very strong sense of honor, and is unwilling to do things he deems dishonorable. Very proud.

Reputation: Very smart in tactics when levelheaded; would be a general if not for his incredible temper.

Eagle Vision: No

Weapons: As a previous member of the Sacred Band, Gisgo has a heavy spear, shield, and sword.

History: Born into one of Carthage's noble family's, Gisgo was put into the Sacred Band when he came of age. As Carthage's most elite, being in the Sacred Band taught Gisgo everything he would ever need to know about war. After being distinguished in battle against barbarians, Gisgo was given
the duty of protecting the city of Carthage itself from any dangers. Shortly upon his appointment, the Templars contacted him. Coerced into believing that the Assassins would try to overthrow his glorious city, he quickly agreed to joining the Templar Order.
Rex: Hero

Valeiro: Psycho

Kojasta: Mystery

Solljus: Villain

Abaddon: Shadow

Xirad: Warrior
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Name: Antreas Golias

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Nickname(s): The salty blade

Alias(es): Currently none

Birth Date: May 30th 365 BC

Birthplace: Athens

Occupation: Fisherman, in Carthage.

Affiliation(s): Master Assassin

Appearance: Short but straight blond hair, rugged looking. He had a clean face, no scars or facial hair. Tanned slightly from the sun while at sea, but otherwise still white; usually adorned with standard hood and sleeveless assassin like outfit.

Personality: Kind to the poor; however tends to care more for Greece than anything else. He also practices the assassin’s creed to the letter, and manages to keep a cool head in many things.

Reputation: Caring, and sometimes gives away free fish or homemade wood carvings to children. Many people even bring him to conflicts on the docks because he’s quite decent at figuring out a solution, whether with a fist or by simply talking, it still helps.
(How people view your character in general)

Eagle Vision?: Yes

Fighting Style: Usually gets close, the spear is easily thrown since it’s more of a javelin than an actual spear, he also is quite good in any close quarters combat; tends to try to either maim or kill his enemies quickly. If he gets an opening, his hidden blade usually finds its way into his opponents’ neck.

Preferred Weapon(s): As a former member of the Athenian naval army, he has a Xiphos, a light spear, his shield, and his single hidden blade.

Rank: Assassin

History: Grown up from a young age his father introduced him to the assassin order. They began to practice the code together and when he was just twelve, he did his first assassination on a Templar in Athens. He began to become found of ships, since his father and older brother had fought enemies of Greece with the navy. So when he came of age he joined up, while also taking part in the assassin order.
After some time, he was transferred… More or less, to Carthage by the order. There he continued to follow the creed and keep an eye on Templar activity disguised as a fisherman.
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