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Our tale begins with the original 2014 E3 cinematic trailer for The Division. Everything that you see in the trailer plays out exactly as depicted, save for the inclusion of an additional segment that introduces itself at time index 03:50. Rather than cutting to black and then fading back in to show the "Take Back NY" sign, we cut to Louis Hawkins, then to Garrett Ambrose, then to Erin Casey, then to Cody Knight, then to Peter Helson, and then finally to Anja Sokolov. With each subsequent cut comes a miniature, self-contained scene.

Louis is sitting at a kitchen table in an unimpressive, moderately sized apartment with his family. All of them have just sat down with the intention to eat, as indicated by them all praying. Louis' watch begins to glow.

Garrett is in the process of talking to his sister Lana in Boston via video chat when his watch begins to glow. He fails to notice this until Lana points it out to him.

Erin is in the process of playing with her family in the middle of their living room. Her kids and dog are all piling on top of her while her husband stands off to the side, arms folded across his chest, laughing. It's only by chance that he happens to glance over and notice Erin's watch, setting atop her already prepared backpack, begins to glow.

Cody is in the process of clinking a glass of whiskey against an identical glass being held by his buddy Gabe. As he throws the amber liquid down his throat, the sleeve of his shirt falls back, revealing his glowing watch.

Peter is in the process of teaching a class at East Side High School when a student in the front row interrupts him, pointing out that his watch is glowing.

Anja is in the process of polishing off a bottle of bourbon whilst sitting slumped against a nondescript wall when her watch begins to glow. As she is the last person on the "active duty roster" for this interactive story experience, that gives her the honor of being the only one of our six heroes to actually be shown touching her watch. Doing this causes her contact lenses to activate like so. After the hologram of Manhattan has finished erecting itself, she is given a notification by her ISAC that several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are in need of assistance -- the same agents from the aforementioned trailer.

This news prompts a new series of back and forth transitions, as each of the six aforementioned characters wrap things up with those around them. In the cases of Louis, Garrett and Erin, it means saying goodbye to their families through hugs and / or reassurances that they're going to be coming back alright. In Cody's case it means simply reaching a hand down and retrieving his backpack before leaning across the counter to give Gabe a "bro hug." In Peter's case, it means dismissing his class early before hurriedly making his way out of the classroom. And finally, in Anja's case it actually involves her getting dressed and recovering the rest of her S.H.I.E.L.D. equipment from behind a secret panel at the back of her closet.

One after another, the doors close behind these players, starting with Louis and ending with Anja. Only two scenes are longer than the rest. Erin's scene includes her beckoning to her kitted out German Shepherd. Cody's scene ends with Gabe calling out to him and throwing him an good ol' fashion pump-action shotgun. Cody would grin and flash him a pilot's salute before stepping out into the hazy afternoon. Finally, when Anja closes the door to her apartment behind her, everything smash cuts to black.

The Great Divide
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Louis shuts the door to the apartment, a deep sigh resounding from him. He'd miss his family, no question about it. But he had a duty to go fulfill, not only for their sake but also for his nation's.

Shoulder his backpack of equipment and adjusting the pistol holster on his thigh, he starts walking down the hallway of his apartment complex. Noise could be heard coming from his neighbors' doors; they were all watching the news.

He passes a few people on his way downstairs; he got a few wary glances from people. One of his neighbors headed home asks, "Louis, where are you headed off to? Whoa, what's with all the stuff?!" Louis just ignores the man's questions. He had a job to do.

Leaving the apartment, he walks out into the evening of the city. A small snowfall was beginning; snowflakes touched down lightly on him. Louis cracks his neck, walking down the street a ways to a public storage building. At the front desk, a man looks up at Louis. "Hey, kid. What can I do ya for?"

Nodding back at him, the Agent says, "I need access to my storage. It's unit 32B. I've got the key on me..."

"Go on then."

Louis walks into the building until he reaches his storage unit. He lifts up the door of it slowly. Inside is a small armory of civilian and small military arms. Shotguns, pistols, hunting rifles, a couple of sub-machine guns, and even a set of knives.
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The teacher in question moves hurriedly through the school, his jacket folded over his arm, and a satchel bag over one shoulder. He drops a stack of papers onto the secretary's desk and steps through the front door without a word. When he reaches his car, he sighs, loosens his tie, and throws his bag and jacket across the seats.

"Time to go to work."

He reaches across into the glove box, and pulls out his High-Power, strapping the pistol to his thigh before buckling in and pulling the car out of the parking lot. He taps his watch, pulling the three-dimensional model up once more, only this time with directional guides. Now it was just the teacher and his thoughts...
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