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Fythan, Age Four

The skycar was a silent ride from spaceport on. Qunai marveled to himself about it. In all his years, he rarely flew himself, and he was rarely awake to experience the rides. They weren't anything compared to shuttle rides that Thessia and a bunch of others gave him...for one, it was far more comfortable.

The Duvallin took a moment to adjust his jacket with a hand, before he gripped the wheel and rubbed at it. The horizon of Coruscant was cast in a beautiful orange glow as the sun drooped it's way out of sight. It was...calming...a true sight to behold. He assumed this was one of the reasons both Xyrna and Thyssen decided to make their own home here.

His green eyes flickered up to the rear-view mirror, and to the slumbering child in his car seat, wrapped up in cloth blankets for warmth.

He certainly had his own.


The home was certainly bare. So much space, and he hardly had anything to fill it up with. Qunai merely sighed as he finally stepped into the front room - what would eventually be the living room. Well, he imagined, anyway. All he really had was a couch, a bed upstairs, and a kitchen with all the essentials.

'...I need to get more things...'

He never really thought he'd have a home of his own. Adult-ing was hard, and it was a harder realization. The cloth bundle in his arms shifted, and a yawn filled the air.

"Ah? Is my little bundle of energy awake?" He grinned, and peered down. Green met green, and grin met grin.

"You can drop me dad!" So he did, and little Fythan stumbled a tad before he peered up at the vast walls and distant door frames. "Whe-...where are we dad?"

"Well...take a guess?" Qu chuckled, squatting down to eye-level with the tiny being. To his credit, Fythan frowned and scratched his noggin. Clearly...he was deep in thought.

"...are we in the dragon's lair?! Are you going to strike at the dragon's heart?! Like the stories?!"


Fythan immediately deflated, kicking the floor with a pout. Qunai laughed, shaking his head and scooping the boy back up into his arms, striding forth through the doorway and into the central hall.

"It's even better," Qunai began, turning around in a three-sixty, "it's our new home."

"New home!?" Fythan gasped, staring up at his dad. His eyes twinkled brightly. "Do I get my own room!?"

All he had to do was nod, and Fythan cheered, throwing his stubby little arms into the air. He quickly swung his arms around his father's neck, and held on tight.

"I love you dad!"

Qunai merely smiled, and hugged his little boy in turn.

"...I love you too, Fy."
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Fythan, Age Sixteen

"Oh come on dad, it's not like I'm going to be gone forever!"

Red hair bounced, green eyes twinkled, and an all too familiar grin flashed up at him. But it was different. The older-yet-youthful face lacked the pure innocence that he liked to remember. Hands tightened around a backpack strap, but this one wasn't filled with school supplies and the like - instead with gear designed for long treks through the galaxy. Even his clothes, more streamlined and covered with bits of armor, a shield generator dangling from his left hip, instead of just casual attire fit for a kid.

Fythan Duvallin, age sixteen, was stepping away from his father for the first time in his life.

Qunai couldn't decide if he should feel proud...or sad. But he smiled regardless and placed his palm in the center of Fythan's hair, ruffling it. The teen grumbled and batted at his father's hand, before finally ducking down and backing out of it. His boots thunked from the simple metal of the hangar bay to the more hollow-sounding ramp to Karvis' ship. And he paused.

Fythan looked warily over his shoulder, up the ramp and to the grey-furred Cathar who stood up at the top - strapped up in his typical battle harness. His arms crossed over his chest, face it's typical stoic...but his eyes told everything. Doubt, concern, pride, determination.

"You keep yourself safe out there, okay Fythan?"

His father's voice drew the young Duvallin out of his daze, and he nodded emphatically, grin quickly returning.

"Pft, don't worry about it, Karvis and I are going to kick so much ass!" He eagerly exclaimed, fist-pumping the air.

Qunai merely rolled his eyes, and gazed up at the older Warrior - who looked on with some amusement.

"Keep him safe, Karvis. Force knows he needs a leash!"

Karvis merely responded with a nod, the two adults ignoring the indignant "hey!" that came from the teenager of the three. Still, Qunai stepped forth once again and encircled said boy in his arms, and hugged him tight.

Fythan didn't even protest - he hesitantly returned the affectionate grip, and buried his face into the crook of his dad's neck.

"I love you, Fy."

"I love you too dad...and I promise," Fythan slowed his speech, slowly stepping back and looking up at his father, "I'll do better...for you, and for mom...everyone."

Nothing was said after that. Nothing ever had to. Qunai merely looked on, as his son jogged up the ramp and disappeared out of sight. He merely looked on as the ship's landing gear retracted, it hovered, and then shot out of the hangar. He merely looked on as the ship grew more and more faint...and then was out of sight, presumably breaking Tatooine's atmosphere. He stayed there, looking out at the bright blue skies on the dust ball's horizon...despite the dripping tears that fell from his cheeks and to his boots.

Tears of pride...for his son had become a man.
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Fythan, Age 18

Smoke tickled his throat, ash covered his face. A quick wipe with his hand cleared his vision to a sea of the two - and with a groan he rolled off a mound and onto his fours. Hissing, he rose, and blinked about. The building was no longer a building, a complete and utter flaming, ashen wreck.

He took a weak step forward, and nearly collapsed. The explosion took more out of him than he expected...

"Fythan!" He called, moving forward with shaky footing, peering through the sea of gray. "Fythan?!"

A voice responded, but wasn't one he wanted.

"Not Fythan," the accented voice of his son's Cathar master spoke, resonating from just over another mound of twisted metal and fire, "he should be here...somewhere...if we both made it."

Qunai jogged briefly, coming to a kneel beside the grey-furred cat. Karvis breathed in and out deeply, eyes shut and mouth open. His fur was darker shaded, marred with ash and dirt. His hands clasped at his leg, a single piece of metal shot straight up through it.

"Ahh...that looks bad..."

"It's...nothing..." Karvis shook his head, waving off his comrade's concern. "We've all had worse, I'm sure."

Qunai sighed and hung his head.

"If you had just called me sooner-"

"I called you as soon as I was able." Qunai looked back up at that, green orbs meeting ice blue. The Cathar exhaled again and shook from left to right. "You arrived as soon as you could...this isn't on either of us."

The force-sensitive sighed weakly, and slowly rose. Karvis merely nodded in acknowledgement, and looked back to his wound as the younger man moved on.

Everything around him seemed to blend together - the continued blur in his vision didn't help much. His numb legs continued on, though, head swaying back and forth.


Until a mop of red hair crested the "horizon", and Fythan stepped into view - coughing up a storm and rubbing at his eyes.

"Dad? The hell happened? What're you doing here?"


Energy surged through his veins, and in spite of his shaky steps, Qunai managed to close the distance and wrap his son up in an embrace. The young Duvallin squeaked in surprise, and quickly pushed his way out of it.

"C'mon dad, not here!"

"Sorry, I'm just...relieved..." With a breath, he regained his composure. "Karvis called me...luckily I was in the area. And...from the looks of it, your troublesome target didn't want to go down without a fight."

"Damn right I didn't!"

Fythan blinked his eyes wide and Qunai straightened himself up, before slowly turning all the way around. The blaster was the first thing he saw, and his gaze trailed it's way up the red-and-black arm to the snarling face of an angry Zabrak. His skin was scorched and covered in soot, like the rest of them, and his grip on the weapon was shaky - but still leveled straight at the elder Duvallin.

The latter eased his hands up, narrowing his orbs into slits.

"You kriffing bastards cost me a good operation here! Credits, men, and whole lot of damn good product! I've got nothing! I'm ruined!"

"Yeah, that's the point, dickhead!" Fythan snarled from behind his father. He didn't even recoil as the blaster shifted from elder to younger.

"Quiet." Qunai hissed, "I will handle this..."

"Ain't nothing to handle! If I'm going down, you're going with m- grrk!"

The air shifted heavily around the three, the Zabrak's body locking up - shaking. His teeth grit and his nostrils flared. His right arm slowly eased itself off to the right, but he struggled to keep it up.

Qunai slowly grit his own set of teeth, dark red leaking slow out from his left nostril.

"AaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA!" The Zabrak's finger tightened around the trigger, just as his arm jerked all the way to the right, and his arm snapped at a brutal angle. He shot forward, the toes of his boots raking through the grey ground, before his throat connected with Qunai's open palms. With a roar of his own, he caught the criminal, raised him up into the air, then brought him down. A fist to the face rendered the man unconscious.

Qunai exhaled shakily, rubbing his nose free of the blood. He blinked upward, catching movement: Karvis. The cat crested the upper mound, his leg wound wrapped up with some cloth. His feline gaze looked from the criminal, to the elder Duvallin, then past him. His face froze, mouth partially open.

Qunai's heart skipped, and he turned on his heel.

Fythan swayed as he stood up straight, head angled towards the ground. His bangs covered the upper half of his face. His mouth narrowed and widened as he breathed heavy.


He looked up at that. And Qunai's heart stopped.

A charred black hole spread out from his left eye socket, red-orange slowly eating away at the skin before his ear, and at his cheek.


His legs buckled, and he collapsed to the ground.

Qunai didn't hear the thud...his ears only picked up a foreign-yet-familiar voice screaming Fythan's name.

His own voice.
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