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What you're about to read has been revised heavily since it was originally written back in July of 2015. The original version was submitted to Izamura as an application for her Log Horizon RP, which I most unfortunately was unable to remain a part of. Still, the setting continues to appeal to me. Thus, on the off-chance that the RP is resurrected someday, here is my character, freshly overhauled for the GM's convenience.

- - - - -

Real Life Self

Name: Andrew Burkhardt

Sex: Male

Age: 33

Appearance: Average is as average goes. When Elder Tale was a game, there wasn't anything particularly remarkable about this 220 lbs man other than perhaps his height of 6'2".

Personality: Introverted and yet always willing to go out of his way to help others in need, be they friends or strangers that he feels are deserving. He's the kind of guy who will often be sitting alone, happy to simply watch the world around him unfold like a flower at a dawn. While one might think that this "loner" wouldn't have much to say because of his choice to remain out of the limelight, he has surprised more than one person in the past by talking to them in length about a great many a thing. (Of course this only happened when people decided to approach him, but that's somewhat beside the point.)

History: While not exactly what you would call a "free range child," Andrew was given leeway in a lot of different areas thanks to his parents' understanding that his being born with a myriad of medical issues would limit his ability to interact with people throughout his entire life. Taking that into consideration, it's really no wonder that a man like Andrew would find solace in the web, and in turn frequently allow himself to become lost in the interactive fantasy that is Elder Tale.

- - -

Online Character

Handle: Cyrus Hawksley

Sex: Male

Age: Estimated late-40s, early-50s.

Race: Human

Class: Swashbuckler

Subclass: Mercenary (Anywhere between +10% to +75% XP and Gold Drop for every major quest completed with a group. The percentage is dependent on the difficulty of the quest. However, in order to fully reap the benefits of this subclass, an Adventurer must always actively participate. If the game registers a certain lack of activity, it will deem the Adventurer a "mooch" and only allow them access to the quest's base reward(s).)

Level: 90

Play Style: If it's anything other than a common mob, Cyrus will study his target(s) from afar, stalk them, and then attack when he feels they will least expect it. Once in the process of attacking he will absolutely not stop until either the target is eliminated or he is. Of course the latter only applies to the times when Cyrus is operating alone. When it comes to groups, Cyrus is what you might call "flexible." If he finds players struggling, either due to inexperience or incompetence, he will often offer to use the Teacher System to make sure they learn the lessons they need to. If he finds a competent group in need of assistance then he will simply lend it, preferring to defer to the group's leader rather than speak out against them.

Notable Items: Before it mysteriously went missing following the Apocalypse, Cyrus was the proud owner of an Obsidian Flute that would allow him to summon a Black Wyvern for a mount. Aside from that, the only other items really worth mentioning are his weapons of choice; a Phantasmal Greatsword known as "Godslayer," and a Phantasmal Sword known as "Actuator."

[Current] Appearance:

Reputation: Cyrus is legendary for being the only Adventurer ever to solo the Dread Dragon Valyrian, a Raid Boss that becomes available for player characters to fight following the completion of a grueling long quest chain meant for groups with members whose levels were 75 and above. The encounter in question was undertaken out of sheer boredom one night, during a period of restlessness. Initially Cyrus' player had not expected to last more than five minutes, but it soon came to light that the 15 levels of experience that he had added to his Adventurer since his last encounter with the dragon had given him an advantage.

The first people to bear witness to this conflict were the members of X-Caliber, a guild hailing from Albion (the United Kingdom server) that specialized in raiding and dispatching World Bosses. By the time of their arrival, Cyrus had already managed to whittle Valyrian's health down by a full quarter. This lead many of them to assume that Cyrus' player was somehow cheating. (In fact several of them even went so far as to submit requests for GM intervention.) But as the minutes stretched on, it became clear to them that it wasn't any kind of hacking or exploiting that was allowing Cyrus to keep the upper hand, but sheer determination.

Word of the battle spread quickly to all corners of Theldesia, and soon Adventurers from all over were flocking to the site of it. (...) From an in-game / roleplayer's perspective, the fight between the lone swordsman and the legendary "Obsidian Dread" lasted nearly eight whole days. (...)

The next day, the Elder Tale community was shocked to learn through the game's forums that Cyrus' player had been hospitalized due to "extreme complications" with his health, stemming from acute exhaustion. Vigils for the young man were held primarily in-game, not only at the entrance to Valyrian's cave but at the center of the facsimile of his real-world home town. Even though he pulled through, to this day it's considered "taboo" for Adventurers to ascend Mount Rainier with the intent of slaying the beast inside. (In fact many would argue that Cyrus' encounter with Valyrian lead to the mob's perma-death, and that what exists there now is little more than a shade of the thing.)


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