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And here we are, finally. An application thread for my fellow RWBY fans and friends (Syn, Ally, Izzy, Thess and Kyru)! Down below I have my list of rules and the like. Once you go over them - and at least agree - go ahead and set your characters up! Names, ages, species, genders, all the nitty gritty!


- If you have one in mind, there can only be ONE fully-fledged hunter / huntress on your set roster. This is optional.

- You can have up to two first year hunters / huntresses-in-training. Any more would make it difficult for myself in regards to team names, organization, etc etc.

- If your character has anything big, secret, and special about them that's vital to a twist - or something of the sort - PM me and let me know.

Now that that's out of the way, get to posting!
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Full-fledged Huntress - Argent Noir (Silver + Black)
Weapons: Two identical, magnetic Chakram that can both morph into identical blades when a button on the grip of the Chakram is pressed. The two are slightly different colors and have differently colored lights to identify them. A dark colored one with purple lights, and a lighter silver colored one with green lights.

Clothes: Baggy cargo pants, black Converse shoes, light gray long sleeved t-shirt, small pieces of armor covering various places like forearms (in the form of bracers), knees and one over the chest similar to what Summer wears over her chest in this, a large, white hooded cape with a black under side also similar to what Summer has over her in that same picture. A pair of nearly identical black gloves, both have two switches at the bottoms of her palms, near the wrist, that can be pushed with two fingers together. The buttons both light up with the same colors as the corresponding chakram, when each button is pushed the chakram with the same color is immediately pulled back into the matching hand.

Personality: Arge is a natural introvert, and a loner. Due to her solitary nature and intense distrust of almost everyone around her, many believe she is mute - and many more often times forget she exists. With this hardened exterior, those she do trust earn intense loyalty and a solid, unbreakable friendship. To anyone else, she exhibits her distrust through avoidance and glares. Her anger only comes through if push comes to shove, and any on the end of her rage instantly regret so.

  • Name: Copy Cat
Ability -
  • Allows the user to copy the semblance of other people through continuous physical contact lasting 3 seconds.
  • It allows the user to negate an opponent's semblance by countering it with the same semblance.
  • Or it can be used to copy a semblance from an ally and have double that semblance output in a team.
Limits -
  • The user can not retain more than one semblance at a time;
  • If the user wishes to re-use a previously owned semblance he/she will have to physically touch the person who has it again.
  • While Copy Cat instantly copies the semblance of others it doesn't 'explain' itself so the user must learn how it works in order to be able to use it effectively.
  • (for example; copying Emerald's semblance may give the user the ability to mess with their opponent's perception, but if the user has no idea how to do that, they either won't be able to do it or at least not on the emerald's level)
  • It is also dangerous to the copier for if the semblance is dangerous in and of itself, having no understanding on how it works can lead to serious unwanted, self inflicted injuries.
  • It must be direct physical contact, she has to take her gloves off in order to copy someone else's semblance.

Current Copied Semblance:
  • Point Force: Being able to compress all force from an attack into one specific area, meaning you can kick or punch harder. This would not make your bones stronger, so if you punch something too hard your arm breaks.

First Year Huntress - Nubia Moswen (Golden Light)
  • Age: 17
  • Female
  • Faunus - Black and orange reptilian tail, various scales around her body, very sharp teeth and elliptical pupils
  • Skin: Medium Brown
  • Hair Color: Gold in the front, Black behind
  • Hairstyle:
  • Eyes: Gold
  • Born and raised in Vacuo, immigrated to Mistral
  • Emblem: A stylized image of an eclipse.
Weapons: Twin metal tonfa she stores in separate holsters on either side of her belt. Both are a mix between revolvers and Tonfa, with the handle of the tonfa serving as the grips for the revolvers and the shorter arm acting as the barrel. The longer arms have blades built in that can extend out if needed.

Clothes: Tight black shorts with a gold outline and accents reaching down to just below her knees, gold colored shoes, white t-shirt, open gold hoodie with sleeves rolled halfway up forearms (essentially this, but the red is more a gold color), emblem emblazoned in gold on the back of her hoodie, taking up the entire backside. A dark brown belt with many small, colored bags holding different types of ammo, larger pack in the back for normal ammo. A large sum of jewelry ranging from short necklaces, thick bracelets, nose studs and small earrings, all gold or silver

Personality: A very energetic and perky young woman, Nubia - at first - comes off as amicable and incredibly kind. In conjunction, she is fairly intelligent and quick-thinking, which shows itself in the middle of battle - or whenever she suddenly has a thought. When it comes to those she cares for, or those she feels it is her duty over, she'll do whatever she can to defend and protect them. Even though this can cause irritation, she barely acknowledges it - whether because she is oblivious to it, or simply stubborn.

  • Name: Light
Ability -
  • Allows the user to manipulate light energy in a limited variety of ways, mainly split in two groups.
  • The first of the two, Low Energy Manipulation includes things such as; permanently changing the color of anything at a moment's notice, creating a blinding flash of light, using her self as a temporary light source, taking all light out of a room, and darkening light sources completely.
  • The other is High Energy Manipulation and includes things like; turning whatever she chooses invisible, setting something on fire using pure light energy, shooting a sharp laser to pierce an enemy in a specific spot (if it hits), and push everything in a certain radius away from her.

Limits -
  • The user is only ever capable of creating and absorbing light at different times, never both at once.
  • Everything in the "High Energy Manipulation" group either has to take a long time to charge or requires continuous energy consumption, all of which comes directly from Nubia's personal energy supply, so using an ability to much could make her pass out from exhaustion.
  • All of the HEM abilities have downsides such as the lasers only traveling about the speed of sound, lighting a fire taking at least 5 seconds of straight concentration, and pushing everything away from her needing 3 seconds to charge up
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First year student- Ao Stone

Weapon: A bit more teched out than so , as well as more metal and armored for the extra little bit of protection.The heel holds Dust, with a pipe running to the bottom of her boot which has a blade sliding across the center of the sole and heel. The design at the top is replaced with her Emblem.

Clothes: Forest green instead of black. On the back of the vest is the is a dark black emblem, make to stand out against the green.

Sick ride- Clearly sick ride.

Semblance- Conduit.
taking friction and turning it into electricity to power it up so the more she moves the more power is stored. So it would be discharged with either an attack or in requirements to power something. This also allows her, is she has enough power, to skate straight on the solid ground.

Full-fledged Hunter- Llwyd Stone
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Male
  • Faunus/Silver fox
  • skin color: Tanish/white
  • Hair color and style: Silvery/grey
  • Eyes: Red
  • full-fledged Huntsman, Former leader of team SNOW

Weapon: Glave/rifle/kopis, shield with a fox Emblem on back.

Clothes: Casual- Black leather jacket with a dark grey shirt underneath it. Normal black Jeans. On the back of the jacket, he has a Emblem in a silver color across the whole back of it. At the back of his belt is a fancy scarf tied down along the back, hanging over the back of his legs.

Work- With black and grey, instead of the brown and red, the chest piece a mix of metal and fiber to allow mobility. In the upper back, instead of the circle there is this Emblem in the silver color.

Sick ride- The clearly not so sick ride.

Personality- (...)

Background- (...)

Semblance- True sight.
Able to use part of your aura to help see the weaknesses in opponents, such as armor chinks, nooks, peoples footing and the weight they put on each side of their body as they move.
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Name: Hua Xuri (Rising Sun Flower)
Age: Almost 17
Gender: Female
Species: Deer faunus
Skin: Fair with fawn-like spots from her temples to her tailbone. (Similar to those of a Trill from Star Trek, only they trail down her spine rather than her front.) The spots become proportionally larger at her shoulders and down her back.
Hair Color and Style: Very long, fiery red, kept neatly pulled back behind her head. Also, the wind always seems to blow it perfectly around her face.
Eyes: Golden Yellow, large and doe-like
Homeland: Mistral
Role: First year huntress

Attire: She is often seen wearing maroon boots that end at her mid-thigh over subdued yellow leggings. On the side of the calf, each boot has a sort of miniature quiver which carries her specially made collapsible arrows. A slim bandeau top in the same yellow color as her leggings covers her chest, leaving her trim abdomen and waist exposed, and her open leather biker-style jacket matches her boots. On her waist is a dark red leather belt with crystals, dust vials, and her bow-staff.

Weapon: Her Bow-Staff. This special weapon looks like a police baton in its most compact form. In melee combat, it can be used as a baton, nun-chucks, dual-wield fighting sticks, or a full length combat staff. Her favorite use of the weapon is as a long range bow.

Semblance: Deer in headlights. When tapping into her semblance, she can heighten one of her non-sight senses in a nearly super-human way. The effect is short lived when activated, but can be quickly re-activated if she chooses a different sense to heighten.

Personality: Xuri is very cheerful and friendly. She works hard and will be fiercely loyal to whatever team she belongs to, though she has yet to find the right group of people. She is not a natural leader, but is capable when needed. She is flirtatious, but has never been on a date. As graceful and fluid as she is in combat, she is clumsy when she isn't paying attention. As a deer-type faunus, she doesn't have the greatest vision. She is so severely near-sighted that vision correcting lenses don't even help. She can also leap great heights, and she's rather fast.
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Name: Adelaide Shade
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Faunus.
Noteworthy features: Though otherwise fully human, Adelaide's eyes feature catlike slits for irises, along with nails not quite clawlike, but long enough to not be normal, either. She seems a touch more flexible than most, and her left eye is copper, while her right is an odd copper-blue color. Her hair is not generally well-kept, though likely it's because she doesn't put much effort into her appearance.
Clothing: Simple but effective. Usually seen in black jeans and a dark purple top. She's never seen without her neko-jacket, the hood having polarized lenses to help filter out light. The few times she has her hood down, she's usually wearing some sort of eyewear or it's dark out.
Weapon: Lao shu ai shang Mao, collectively. Laoshu is a short jian-style sword she carries over her shoulder, and Mao is a dual-purpose tower kite shield and multi-functional launcher with two modes. Fastened in place by a gauntlet that also serves as a magazine, in its standard form it's a heavy shield, capable of firing the crossbow-like bolts fed by her gauntlet. It's secondary mode splits the shield down the middle in order to access and load its other ordinance fed from an internal magazine, a collection of dust-infused artillery shells. Though these pack a punch, on missions she has a very limited number of shells while having an abundant amount of bolts through both her gauntlet and the several reloads-worth she has on a belt hanging off her hips.
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