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[Author's Note: I've revised Mededayya and Iyo'tress Kojhal's backgrounds, with much larger retcons and additions than with Cirsei and Xyrna. Enjoy!]


Mededayya Raverra Kojhal is an Echani Matriarch of Clan Mercea, born to the previous Matriarch Ishtaya Kojhal (a Flamedancer) and a father she would never know, with a single sister named Jind’uress. Born and raised on the Mercea Fleet, she would have lived an early life that was typical of an Echani of her stature, full of training and learning and fighting. Specifically, she would learn the arts of old-world weaponsmithing as well as modern techniques, along with those standard unarmed combat practices learned by every Echani.

As the daughter of a Matriarch, expectations were high, and so she excelled in all of these fields; however, her social life suffered as a result. One could never say Mededayya had “friends,” other than other Matriarchs’ children such as Vilinde (who she would later fall in then out love with), and her behavior as a result did not help: she became vindictive, selfish, and close-minded, much to the chagrin of her mother.

At some point in her early life, when it became clear that Mededayya was not Force-sensitive (and so not meant to follow the path of her mother), she came under the official tutelage of one Raverra Aldun, the Matriarch of the bookkeepers and historians of the Fleet. Much of Mededayya’s current fighting style (which will be gone into later) and her knowledge and appreciation of her species’ culture can be directly attributed to the teachings of Raverra, one of her namesakes. Raverra also alleviated some of Mededayya’s social and emotional troubles in a small way, but so much so that she could function (if poorly) in a role so demanding as Matriarch.

Near the close Mededayya’s education, her mother mysteriously and suddenly fell ill. Ishtaya would soon and abruptly pass away; much mourning on the Mercea Fleet happened as a result. Another result of her passing was the immediate transfer of the title Matriarch to the elder daughter, Mededayya. Needless to say, given Mededayya’s emotional condition as well as the circumstances of such an honor threw her into a spiral of despair, stress, and grief. After all, her mother was one of the brightest (and of the only) lights in her life. The Kojhal family suffered for this for a while, but Mededayya did eventually come to grips with her situation and resign to a life that she did not want but would perform to the best of her ability. To this end, with the help of her family, she started a weapons company: Kojhal Arms. Without creating the ‘master weaponry’ reserved for the family, the Kojhals would go on to make a profit to contribute to the Clan and the expansion of their experimental weapons studies; out of these studies came Mededayya’s unique blade: an inordinately large behemoth blade (owing to Raverra’s teachings, as she uses the same sort of blades) with an experimental vibration cell that could crack duracrete and utterly obliterate any weaker substances, as well as throw off unsuspecting opponents incredibly.

Years later, Mededayya would meet one Rai’rinn Aldun, whom Mededayya would end up marrying and having two children with: A daughter, Iyo’tress, and a son, Raythil. Why not Vilinde? Well, the infamous 'Driiquar Wanderlust' took her away from Mededayya, and her immature mind suffered for it. So she resented the Driiquar until much, much later in her life.

Unfortunately, despite her willingness to lead a family and head up a company, she was not so up to the task of being a mother. Abusive and neglectful, she merely left the teaching of her children up to others, only really spending time with her children at events like funerals or Echani holidays, which created high amounts of resentment in her children. As a result, both Raythil and Iyo’tress would end up eloping (the latter more illegally so) to serve as mercenaries in the Four Moons.

Needless to say, Mededayya was none-too-pleased with this turn of events. So, she went to ‘supervise’ the Four Moons, since it was originally a Clan Mercea investment. However, the reality of her intentions for doing this is quite a bit more complex than that:

Mededayya was, in fact, dying.

The same illness that took her mother had taken her. This illness was a special kind of Rot that occurred as a result of prolonged exposure to specialized plasma forges that the Kojhals utilized combined with lack of treatment. With the inordinate amount of time Ishtaya and Mededayya spent at these forges, they both suffered from it much more severely than others. In her particular case, the rot took her entire right arm, and was approaching her heart. Given her vehement respect for the Echani values of ‘purity of body,’ Mededayya would not accept any kind of treatment for it, and instead resigned to die. And despite her lack of motherly affection shown for her children, she did love them; and so, she wanted to spend her last few months with them and with her estranged friend/ex-lover, Vilinde, all the while not telling them a word of what was going on.

She did not handle it well. Reverting back to her vindictive, mean self of past times, she was only a burden on the FM. However, even with the intention of “helping” the FM, the various personalities of the mercenary company, combined, actually managed to heal Mededayya’s emotional condition as well as convince her to get the proper surgeries to heal her physical ailment with an ornate prosthetic and the proper blood treatments. In this time, she also managed to form a very good relationship with one Thessia Krupp, who later became her adoptive daughter.

After having all of (most of) her problems solved, she set off on a two-year journey of self-discovery and exploration with her blood-daughter, leaving her responsibilities as Matriarch to her sister temporarily. Upon her return, she resumed her work in her family, a far different and better Matriarch, mother, and woman than before.
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Iyo’tress Ishtaya Kojhal was born to Mededayya and Rai’rinn Kojhal on the Clan Mercea Fleet, where she would spend most of her early life with her brother, Raythil.. Being the daughter of the Matriarch of the Mercea weaponsmith family, and a respected Aldun historian, the pressure for her to be “excellent” was on from birth, similar to her mother herself. However, unlike her mother, she did not go through her life with the excellency expected of her. Time and time again, she failed her tests, lost duels, and consistently disappointed her family with lack of “proper” Echani behavior. She was average, and in the eyes of her peers, as the daughter of what equated to royalty, she was failing. The one thing she excelled at? Weaponsmithing. Given her blood as a Kojhal, this was natural, but most ignored this benefit in light of the various flaws she presented.

Her relationship with her mother was a key cause of this suffering. While Rai’rinn and Iyo’tress had a wonderful father-daughter bond, Rai’rinn was a solitary man, and spent much time away from the Fleet. Mededayya, on the other hand, had her soul on the Kojhal capital ship and spent most of her time there, but was a much worse parent. Her mother’s neglect and unwillingness to teach her daughter largely resulted in her teachings suffering.

This motherly abuse reached a peak, however, when Iyo’tress was just nineteen years old, and she (after her brother) eloped to serve as a mercenary in the Four Moons. It was here that she honed her fighting skills for the next few years and was taught more in the ways of Echani life and combat by Eremon and Vilinde Driiquar, respectively. In this time, she also met Qunai Duvallin, someone with whom she would fall in love (though some would argue this was a juvenile act of defiance against Echani norms), and Thessia Krupp, whose friendship would get her through the trying time in the young girl’s life as well as end up in Thessia becoming, essentially, her adoptive sister.

Eventually, her mother came to supervise the Four Moons, but elaboration on that period of time can be found in the post above. The short version? Their relationship was repaired, and they both set off on a journey to find themselves and properly mend their friendship. While Mededayya would spend much longer on this journey, Iyo’tress only accompanied her for two years, intermittently visiting friends and family.

When Iyo’tress returned to the folds of civilization, she came with a bounty of knowledge; her mother had fit huge amounts of training into the two years, and so Iyo’tress caught up on the knowledge of Echani combat she missed on the Fleet. She also learned a myriad of other techniques from other species and fighters on her journey; even Mandalorians! She even learned the elementary principles of crafting lightsabers (as well as many other new forms of weapons), and would go on to use this skill to craft an offhand shoto for Qunai Duvallin. However, her biggest boon would prove to be her legacy and eventual mark of merit in the Kojhal family: an experimental set of blades that held a unique property.

In her time away, she heavily focused on researching shielding technology. Despite the Echani way of “little-to-no-armor,” they still utilize personal energy and melee shields; but they certainly have their drawbacks. In one firefight, one shield could be entirely depleted, and in an unlucky charge one could lose all their defenses if they were a melee-leaning combatant. To remedy this, Iyo’tress created an experimental energy cell for her specially crafted pair of twin long vibroblades: a pair of blades that, rather than deflecting energy bolts as a lightsaber might, it absorbs the blast and uses it to power the user’s personal energy shield. The more direct the hit, the more energy it absorbs. Essentially, this meant that Iyo’tress (if she were skilled enough [which she would be]) could absorb a flurry of blaster bolts, severely bolster her shields, and charge a squad of ranged attackers.

Iyo’tress would go on to use her new skills to help her family and friends in her own way as a weapons researcher and developer (and a part-time solo mercenary), and she would never return to the FM in an official way. Also, having matured, she would realize that her feelings for the aforementioned Qunai were genuine, and they would slowly enter a proper relationship as time went on.

And, of course, the rest is history.
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