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Lately I've found myself becoming enamored with watching videos of people playing Star Trek: Bridge Crew, but none more so than the one uploaded by the Angry Joe Show in April of this year. For those of you who aren't in the know, Bridge Crew is a virtual reality action-adventure video game developed by Red Storm Entertainment and published by Ubisoft for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. It takes place in the alternate reality established in the 2009 Star Trek film and sees the Starfleet ship USS Aegis searching for a new homeworld for the Vulcans after the destruction of their planet. The ship is assigned to survey a region of space called 'The Trench,' which is being occupied by Klingons.

The game is played through four roles -- captain, tactical officer, engineer and helmsman. The captain is the only role to which mission objectives are directly displayed, and therefore they are responsible for communicating them to the crew and issuing the orders needed to accomplish them. The helm officer controls the ship's course and travel between regions through impulse or warp drive. The tactical officer is in charge of sensors and weapons. The engineer manages the ship's power distribution and supervises repairs. Each role except the captain may be occupied by a human player or by an NPC indirectly controlled by the captain.

Well as we all know there's more to a ship than just those four people, and that's where all of you and your various characters come in. I was thinking that it might be a fun little writing exercise if we all reimagined our characters as being crew members aboard a likewise reimagined Argosy, working under a proxy of Lebbeus Cole. So here's what's going to happen: I'm going to provide you all with a general setup, and then it's going to be up to all of you to let your imaginations flow through your fingertips, down into your keyboards, after you've clicked that big ole Add Reply button! Got it? Okay, here we go.

This story, and I use that term somewhat loosely, takes place in an alternate alternate reality where the Temporal Cold War and the events of Into Darkness never happened, Starfleet uniforms were made to look like this after the Enterprise era jumpsuits were retired, and Section 31 never came to exist. It has been approximately nine months since the attack on Starbase Yorktown. The United Federation of Planets, forced to acknowledge that the geopolitical quagmire that exists in the areas of the Alpha Quandrant beyond their borders is likely going to result in numerous open conflicts in coming years, has come to recognize the need for a stick over the proverbial carrot. In one of the ultimate acts of irony, the Military Assault Command Operations organization was reestablished and full-fledged warships entered into production. These vessels were classified as Wardens.

In the winter of 2266 the second of these ships, the USS Argosy, was launched from the San Francisco Fleet Yards. At the time of her christening, she only had a fixed crew of eight individuals -- Captain Charles Tucker Cole, grandson of MACO/Enterprise veteran Amanda Cole and proxy to the aforementioned Lebbeus Cole; Chief of Security Thomas Kristianson, proxy to Thyssen Krupp; Chief Engineering Officer Teresa Kristianson, proxy to Thessia Krupp; Bridge-based Science Officer Andrea Volkov, proxy to And'amyl Lantre; Helm Officer Quentin "Skip" Skipsteknisk, proxy to Qunai Duvallin; MACO/Argosy CO Major Alexander Cyone, proxy to Arcuo Cyone; MACO/Argosy XO Captain Alak Valto, proxy to Ardenith and noted Changeling; and MACO/Argosy Sergeant Gabrielli Spina, proxy to Gabriel Thorne.

Now this brings us back to the spot where the rest of you all fit in. I would like you to help me fill and flesh out as much of the rest of the crew as possible via creative writing, including those who've already mentioned in the above paragraph. There are a couple of caveats that you'll need to be mindful of, however. For one, it's important to remember that the Federation is still on bad terms with both the Klingons and the Romulans. This means that unless the character you submit is part of part of the Romulan-Vulcan Unification movement like Commander Valas of the USS Endeavour was, then those two particular species, as well as species allied with them, will not likely be seen aboard a Federation vessel like the Argosy.

So yeah!

None of you should feel obligated to submit to this, but I still think it would be fun if you did. After all, what's a good science fiction story without a wide and colorful cast of characters? Am I right? So what're you waiting for?!

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