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#13320486 Jun 26, 2017 at 08:43 PM
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"Do you know the best way to get rid of a pest, my friend?"

Two large men in black armor carry a third between them, dragging him by the arms. The sad soul seems broken, his head hanging low. His once beautiful brown robes, those of a jedi, are tattered, dirty, blood-stained.

"You see, you have got to go to the source before anything else."

A man with heavy armor and wampa furs stands with his back to them, his arms crossed behind his back. He stands, emotionless, almost as if observing from the cliff they were standing on the carnage of the burning town.

"If you don't eliminate them at the source, they will just return and return."

They arrive to the man; he turns to them, a mask covering his eyes. A quick twinge, a small smirk, appears on his face, then disappears just as quickly. The two men throw the man they had been dragging down in front of their leader.

"Then, you can deal with the pests. They don't have anywhere to run, nowhere to escape to, and there won't be any more of them."

The mask covered man leans down, grabbing the jedi by the hair and lifting him up easily by one arm, almost with super-human strength. He turns with out a problem, the robed man now hanging over the cliff. With a wicked smile, the masked man drops him.

"Indeed, my friend. It is quite easy, then. They are scared. They act stupid. It gets easy."

The robed man, a jedi, falls, almost in slow motion. Far below him is a giant hill of mangled corpses, the bodies of the residents of the burning town. As he falls, the masked man begins to walk away. The two goons follow after him, wicked grins on their faces.

"And then... well, no more problems."

The scene changes to two men in a dark-lit office. One has dark, slicked back hair, a thick black beard on his face. The other, a Zabrak, bearing the uniform of an Imperial officer, gives the man with the beard a toothy grin.

Stroking his beard, the man with the beard leans back in his chair. "Interesting. So then how do you suppose we can get rid of this pest? What's his source?"

The Zabrak stands up, facing out the window now, looking out at the rain-covered oceans of where they were. "Well, that's the thing about these self-named 'Heroes'. They've all got friends, family." He turns back towards the bearded man, a wicked grin on his face. "Find his loved ones, and you find the source of the pest."

"Hmm. Well... okay, then." The bearded man stands up, showing off his large stature. On the waist of his pilot's suit is a lightsaber. "Anything else you want to tell me before I go hunting?"

The Zabrak hesitates. "Well... yes." He turns to fully face the bearded man. "I know a great mercenary who used to know Rex. He's one of the best. Ruthless, cunning, cold, merciless. I'd like you to use him." He gives an emotionless smile to the other man.

The pilot nods. "Alright. I'll let you know once I've been able to make contact with him." He turns to go.

"Oh, and, one more thing, Abaddon."

The bearded man looks back at the Zabrak, an inquisitive look on his face.

"I want you to kill everybody that has an association with Rex." The smile returns back to the Zabrak's face, sitting back down in his chair. "Now, good day."

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#13320900 Jun 27, 2017 at 04:09 AM
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The Wampa Masked Man sits in a chair at a simple metal table in a dark, dimly lit white room. A large Nikto stands at his side, his arms crossed in front of him. In front of the Masked Man is seated the dark bearded man.

"So, we've got a deal?" The dark bearded man raises his eyebrow as he asks the question.

"Hmmm." The Masked man distractedly looks at his wrist. "It looks like I got a little scratch on my armor, there.... darn..."

"Are you even listening to me?"

Just then, a group of three gangsters walk into the room, two weequays and a human. Solljus stands up, a flicker of a smile on his face. "Ah, buddies! You should've knocked! It's not very nice to come in uninvited when your friend's busy talking with somebody! But, that's okay, come on in!"

The gangsters walk in, one of the weequays looking down at his feet timidly. The Masked Man stands up, walking over to them and gently setting his hand on the weequay's shoulder. "Hey, what's wrong, Kol? Old buddy old pal? What's on ya mind?"

"Duh... well, we was able to figure out some stuff about da Hutts. But, uh, well, we don't feel no good about spyin' and creepin' on da Hutts. Dey's is dangerous!" Kol looks up shyly at the man. "And, well, mista Soll, da boys and me was wonderin-"


He's cut short as Soll punches him in the face, sending him flying into the wall. The bearded man has a surprised look on his face at this, the other two gangsters having their own looks of shock and fear; the Nikto looks unamused. Soll walks over to his body and starts punching him in the face even more; after just one more punch, a sickening pop is heard, blood splattering onto the two other gangsters and covering Soll's face and armor. He keeps going, punching the... mush... eight more times with both hands before standing up. He looks over at the gangsters in a way that isn't seen; no, with his masked covered eyes, Soll's vision could not be seen, but, rather, felt. over at the other two gangsters. "What did I tell ya, boys? It's rude to not announce yourself, or even introduce yourself, when you meet somebody new. Are you boys going to make that same mistake again?"

They quickly shook their heads in reply.

"Good! No, I want you two to clean up this mess before ya go." He walks over to them, placing a hand on one of their shoulders and gently petting the other on the cheek. Both of the gangsters flinched at the act. "Does that sound okay, boys?"


"Good. Now, I like ya boys, I do!" He gives them another flicker of a smile. "Just don't let me down, okay? Great! Now, get goin'!"

As the two gangsters hurriedly drag the corpse out of the room, Soll goes back to his chair at the table. The Nikto calmy grabs a white cloth out of his pocket, handing it to Soll, who accepts it. "Thank you, Thresh." The Nikto nods in reply. Soll wipes off his face with the cloth, smearing it with blood. "Now, where were we?" He turns back to the bearded man. "Ah, yes. Well, tell Abaddon we've got ourselves a deal."


"Except... well, one thing."

"And what might that be, Mister Soll?"

"Tell your boss he works for me, now. Or else I'll kill him. And you."

"You dare threaten a Sith?"

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#13334991 Jul 05, 2017 at 05:48 PM
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"What a good time to be alive, am I right?!"

Rex sat back in his captain's chair, a big, warm smile on his face. His crew mates that weren't seated all stood around him, many of them rolling their eyes. "Yeah, sure thing, Cap'n."

The blonde stood up, his arms wide. "Come on, what's not to celebrate?! This is our 100th slave convoy bust! We've got an awesome fleet put together! We've helped a lot to defeat those Zak's!" He stopped for a few moments, looking at the view port of his motley array of three other cruisers. "If you ask me, I think it's time we all went somewhere and threw a big ol' party. Whaddya say, team?!"

Chrysa, his non-force sensitive Sith first mate, smiled back at him. "I think you are quite right, Rex. Where are you thinking? Coruscant? Tatooine? Hutta? Nar Shaddaa?"

"Nar Shaddaa. Let's goooo!"

Rex and his some-odd one two hundred employees from all of his ships filled up the whole cantina. There was a lot of rowdy laughter; the bartenders were QUITE busy, running from table to table. Many of Rex's men (and women) were fraternizing with locals; Rex himself sat at a large corner table, his signature grin filling up most of his face. Joining him at the table were all of his ships' captains and first mates. All around, there was smiling, the whole group enjoying themselves!

Chrysa, at Rex's left side, turned to him. "How do you feel, Captain? Accomplished?" Golden eyes glowed in the mid-darkness.

"You know what, Chrys? I feel alright. I feel... good." He winked at her. "I feel like maybe it's time for me to slow down. I'm in my thirties, now, ya know."

She raised an eyebrow back at him. "What are you saying?"

"Well... I'm thinking about retiring early. I mean, I don't have a TON of money, since I spend so darn much on all of you!" He chuckled at everybody at the table, everybody laughing along with him. "But... well, I'm tired. Ma always tells me that our greatest legacy is our kids... so, I mean, maybe I wanna do something... peaceful. Settle down, have a few kids."

"You're joking!?"

Rex sighed. "I've already got plenty of scars. But, really, the main reason I called y'all here tonight was to-"

He was cut short but somebody running into the room, shouting.


The blonde stood up, a confused look on his face. "What? What do you mean!?"

The man who bore the news was a Zabrak, his hair shorn to only bare his horns. "I ran back to the spaceport because I left my holopad on the ship... and, when I got there, the ship was on fire. I checked the others, too, and they were burned down as well!"

The cantina hushed down, whispering going around everywhere. Rex himself pursed his lips. "Alright. That's okay. We'll find out who did this, and then we-"

He was cut off again as a blaster shot went off. The Zabrak that had run into the cantina fell to his knees, then on his face, a smoking crater in the back of his head. Behind his corpse stood a large man in jet black armor, a helmet covering his head. The man conspicuously pulled a thermal detonator from his belt, activated it, and then threw it into the large room.



Too late. The lights went out, but the fire started by the explosion kept most of the room lit. In the middle of the room was a smoking crater left by the detonator, several bodies burnt to a crisp lying within it.

"Open fire, open fire! Return fire!"

Several of Rex's men had already begun to open fire at the door where the man in black was, their green, blue, and red blaster streaks lighting up the room colorfully. The man in black armor returned fire with a huge rapid-fire cannon held at his waist, mowing down those unlucky enough to not be behind cover. The weak sidearm and holdout blaster shots seemed to do nothing more than singe at the man's armor.

Rex and his captains, all in the far corner of the room, had shoved their table over for cover. They all looked at him, Chrysa tugging at his arm. "Come on, we've got to get out of here!" They half stood, half bent over as they all tried to go out the exit closest to their corner.

Rex shook his head at them. "No! We can't just leave everybody here!"


Rex sighed and followed after them, slipping out of the back, many of the other crew mates following after them.

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#13345162 Jul 11, 2017 at 05:40 PM
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Rex stroked his chin, deep in thought. The other captains had all split up, everybody splitting up in the large Nar Shaddaa crowds in an attempt to make it harder for their assailant to track them; they had lost some 30 men in that attack, but there were still 178 still around. It would be hard to get them all.

Walking as inconspicuously as they could through the crowd, Rex, Chrysa, and another human had stayed together. Rex had found a hood to draw over his head to hide his incredibly blonde hair. He mentioned to his companions to follow him into an alley-way. "I've gotta make a call, and then we need to change our clothes. This is bad."

"To who?"

"Family, friends. I've gotta warn them."

The trio stood huddled together as Rex took out his com-unit. He held it up discreetly to his ear after choosing a few options on it.

After a few seconds, an answer.


"Hey, brother. I'm in trouble."

"I can't deal with your shit right now, Rex."

"They might come for you. They might come for mom and dad." A few moments of silence followed this statement.

"Okay. Thanks for warning us, at least. But if anything happens to them, it's your fault..."

"I know." Rex ended the call. He motioned for the other two to follow him back out of the alley, and they continued on their way.

A few hours later, Rex emerged from a dark-looking shop, the people of the busy street paying him no attention. His hair, now black, stood in stark contrast to his pale skin. With a nod to Chrysa and their other companion, they melted back into the large crowd...
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