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“They have destroyed the fleet. They have reduced our main force down to just a few dozen of us. Hundreds of our brave men and women have been killed.” The Hologram wavered for just a moment… no, it was not the hologram itself; it was General Organa. She looked at what could be presumed to be the ground for a few moments in contemplation. Looking back up, she continued. “But, my friends, the fight isn’t over.”

“Supreme Leader Snoke is dead. Thanks to the sacrifices of our brave Resistance fighters, we live in. Vice Admiral Holdo, my good friend, destroyed a lot of their fleet in an incredible act of courage.” She stopped again, this time looking around with a big smile on her face. “This is just the beginning. We are lighting a spark across the galaxy: A spark of freedom, of liberty… a spark of hope. Luke Skywalker has sent a new Jedi to be with us. A new hope.”

“This call is going out through the entire galaxy; with this spark, we are going to create a fire that will be a signal to any and all who have a desire to see Light prevail of the Darkness of the First Order.” She stopped for one second, then smiled again. “May the Force be with us all; will you answer the call?”


Shadiv Roker hung by his wrists in the middle of the dimly lit room, hands crossed above him in clamps; his jumpsuit had been pulled down and tied around his waist, and his chest showed the signs of what was likely a brutal torture; blond locks covered the top of his face, but his mouth was clearly grim. A pair of First Order Stormtroopers flanked the door, and an officer walked into the room, arms crossed behind her back. She nodded to the troopers before continuing on to the prisoner. A wicked smirk grew on her face, and she grabbed his chin to angle him to look at her. “Have you considered my offer?” Her other hand pulled his hair behind his ears, revealing a pair of dark grey eyes that bore back into hers. “Come, rebel. Answer me.”

His reply came in the form of spitting back in her face. “You don’t have anything to offer me that I’ll accept.”

The officer raised a shaky, gloved hand to wipe her face, then proceeded to back hand slap him with the same. “This is your last chance; should you deny me again, I will have your eyes ripped from their sockets… I will have your fingers cut off of your hands… I will have your stomach split open, and your entrails wil-”

Her comlink blipped suddenly, and she took in a deep breath before picking it from her belt and answering. “What is it?”
“Sir! The facility, it’s under attack!”

Surprise was evident on her face and in her voice. “What?! By whom?!”
“The Resistance!”
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