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The orange-furred, amber eyed cat stretched out her legs and let out a long groan of annoyance, gazing up from her favorite spot - her human's reading seat. Her ears perked up as she heard the popping of a familiar can, and she quickly rose. With a brief stretch, she leapt down to the floor and trotted along over the carpet, the wooden floor, and onto tile.

The scents in the air made it clear that the other human - the smaller her human - wasn't home. Though those thoughts faded the instant she got the wafting allure of her favorite treat. Chicken and fish. Mmm...

"Here you go, Rose."


She purred, her dish settling right in front of her and her human's hand coming through her fur. Her tail swished and her eyes looked up - her head tilting as she spied the odd, somber look in his eyes. He quickly smiled, rubbed between her ears, then padded off in his socks.

Her human was an odd one...but he was hers. She leaned down, eagerly lapping up some of her meal...until she heard another "patpatpat". She looked up...and saw another cat.

His appearance flickered in and out, and...she could see through him.

He sat back on his haunches and just stared back. It was silent...then he looked off to where her human had wandered.

"Take care of my human, until my return..."

He nestled himself in his carrier, looking off out the window - his human not around, instead his creators taking the seats in the front.

"He is a weak human, a broken and scarred human..."

He watched on, in silence, a dimension away as his human hugged the tiny other human in his arms, his human's grief a mere afterthought.

"But he will never forget meal times, nor forget to keep your bathroom clean..."

He twitches in his slumber and sits up - a quick inspection revealing a clean litter box and a newly-filled dish of food.

"He will come to check on you hourly, even if it is not always welcomed, and knows where the itches are when you ask to be pet..."

He mrows in annoyance as his human scoops him up, and replaces the soft cushion with bony legs. Still, he purrs gently as his human's fingers start to rub at his back, and below his chin.

"Please keep him warm as he does not possess fur..."

She trots through the darkened corridors, the dimness not bothering her. She pushes her way through the cracked open door and leaps onto her human's bed, following the outline of his legs before she clambers up onto his chest - rising and falling in his sleep. She slowly curls up, and slumps onto her side.

"Please keep him company as he is lonely..."

"Stay safe...all of you!"

"Don't worry so much, Kai!"

She sits beside her human as she watches his younger self go running off with those infernal other humans - loud annoyances that always took up space and made the home smell funny. Her ear twitches as her human sits down, resting his head in his hand, alone, his kin running off with his friends. And she gingerly steps up, rubbing her head at his hip, and getting a pet on the head in return.

"Please take care of my human...until I return..."
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