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"I said move it!" The knight slapped his Halberd across the horses rear where the Young boy sat with a large sack and a puppy in his lap. The horse took off quickly as arrows landed in quick steps around him. The Dark haired boy looked back as the knight turned around to face the horde that was the viking raid. They weren't prepared.. They had no warning at all and just the single knight to defend them. He was the last child sent off towards the monastery, where the Law Bringers headquarters actually was.. The silver back legion. He looked forward, not daring to glance back at the carnage that was soon to befall his old home.


The knight barely turned back, the halberd stopping an arrow from slamming into his shoulder. He yanked it out of the small bit of wood on it before he fell into a guard stance; ready to protect the road. The vikings came quickly, threatening to run him down with numbers alone. His armor shifted, clinking together as he grasped his halberd and braced for the first closest opponent. He took a quick step to the side, yanking the halberd up and slamming it down just as quickly as it was raised; the swoosh sound it made was quickly drawn out by the cry of the viking it struck and the sick crack and slink as it drove through the shoulder of the woman into its chest. His black, green, and white tabard were quickly drenched with a new color, the dark red of freshly spilled blood. He wasted little time, yanking his blade out of the girl with a loud slush sound, before impaling the man that quickly ran after her.

His body slid down part of the halberd, stopping him just by the guard as he swung at the knight, clipping along his armor and making new holes and lines in the finely crafted steel. He yanked once more to the side, sending the him tripping over the first viking and crashing into another to send them both to the ground. He breathed heavily from the movements alone, the weight of it all tiring him so quickly but he couldn't stop.. His son had to survive long enough to get to the monastery. The metal shifted again as he swung the halberd in a wide arch, cutting straight through a wooden shield into the man side. Causing another howl of anger and pain before a heavy axe was slammed into his right shoulder. He stumbled back down, his arm screaming in pain as the halberd was yanked from his grasp. The axe lay buried in his right arm, blood soaking quickly through the hole it made as he picked up one of the viking swords with his still functioning arm, with a loud cry he drove it into the next; unable to yank it out as it buried into its now dead side. He let go again, dropping low enough as a hard blow was delivered to his head that sent him onto the floor. He was stunned as he scrambed for the short sword that sat on his back, as an axe rose above his head and slammed into the thick steel that protected his gut, caving it in tight around the muscles and padding underneath. He let out a howl before a loud booming voice caused the vikings to step back.

He didn't understand what was said, but before he could complain he howled again as the axe was ripped from his arm and he was forced to his feet. Infront of him stood a tall and broad shouldered warrior, thick hide and leather covered with a mix of steel, a large round shield sat in his left hand, and the viking blade in his right. He twirled it slowly with a grin, before tossing his shield to the side. He spoke with a thick accent, and didn't know the words all to well but he attempted to speak it none the less.

"Fite' fer yor poiple!" He shouted before his right arm slid slightly behind his back. The broad shoulders held so much power as he rolled his sword back and forth with one hand, the air swished around it as he did.

Silence fell over the now destroyed village, as the law bringer tore off his helmet to reveal his blonde hair and dark blue eyes. He pointed the blade at the man, before falling back into a guarded stance, ready for the large mans charge.

The war party shouted as their leader charged in, the clash of steel echoing loudly into the village as it mixed with cheers.

---Half hour later---

The doors to the monastery were hastily opened by the monks, all the children were hiding behind the now flipped over tables, as the young black haired lad peeked his head out to look towards the door.

The Law Bringer was helped quickly inside, his right arm hanging limply at his side and blood streaking across his face with his armor mostly in ruin. He was rushed quickly off out of the kids eyes before the doors were once more, sealed tight; the only sounds that were made were that of the sniveling children or their cries as they sat alone in the hidden darkness.
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