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Text appears before a dazzling backdrop of stars...

"If man is to survive, he will have learned to take a delight in the essential differences between men and between cultures. He will learn that differences in ideas and attitudes are a delight, part of life's exciting variety, not something to fear."
― Gene Roddenberry

As the overture ticks over to time index 00:16, a lone vessel - an Excalibur-class battlecruiser - enters from stage right. She is difficult to make out, being viewed from something of a distance, but just enough of her is discernible to set her apart from other iconic Federations that have come before her. She moves slowly but with purpose, from the right of the screen, towards the center. After a few more seconds pass by, two more vessels come into frame behind it -- a Reliant-class light cruiser and a Sao Paulo-class tactical escort.

The camera approaches this quartet at a brisk pace, until the four of them fill up the entire screen. Then, all of a sudden, it abruptly cuts to an overhead view to allow each of them to pass by, from the top of the screen to the bottom. We see first that the registration of the Excalibur-class is the NCC-82539. Her name is the Argosy. The others appear in the same order in which they were introduced in the previous shot, starting with the Reliant-class vessel. One after another, the NCC-52697 Apoapsis and NCC-32117 Venture avail themselves to the audience.

As the camera rotates on its Z axis to keep track of the ships, the voice of Star Wars actor Mark Hamill interjects a narrative into the moment. "As far as I can tell..." it says. Suddenly, the upside-down ships are replaced by the sight of an artificial wormhole collapsing, and generating a shock-wave strong enough to rip apart a Vulcan ship that was just on the cusp of crossing its threshold.

Hamill: "...we're stuck out here..."

♪ "Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high" ♪

The lyrics are interspersed with a short series of seconds-long sequences, which begin on the bridge of Argosy. There, we see old man Hamill, wearing a white variation of the command uniform from this image, bolt upright out of his captain's chair. The look on his face is a mixture of shock and anguish.

Next, we would see two figures in EV suits from behind. It's nighttime, and they're sitting together on a cliff overlooking an ocean full of eerily luminescent water while four moons - all broken in some variety - hang overhead in a sky almost completely devoid of atmosphere. The figure on the left is smaller, more feminine, and has its head on the other's shoulder. The figure on the right is larger and masculine. Its left arm is draped across the left figure's shoulder, while its right is stretched skyward. In its hand appears to be a beacon of some kind, which pulses in a manner like a heartbeat.

Following that, we would see two women wearing blue-colored science uniforms - one played by Sonya Balmores, the other Katheryn Winnick- sitting down at a table in what appears to be the Argosy's version of Ten Forward, which is literally covered with manuals and PADDs of all sorts. As the Winnick woman leans over to take a peek at the PADD immediately in front of Balmores, the camera transfers itself to a point just over both their shoulders. From this new vantage point the audience would be able to see a series of simulations playing out simultaneously on the screens of all the PADDs. Each one depicts an attempt by the Argosy and her two escorts to escape from a collapsing wormhole.

Hamill: "...behind enemy lines..."

♪ "There's a land I heard of
Once in a lullaby" ♪

A shot of the three Federation vessels being literally eclipsed by a much larger vessel kicks off the next series of sneak previews. If the wreckage of that it wades through as it approaches the triad is any indication, this moment in time is taking place just after the collapse of the artificial wormhole and subsequent destruction of the Vulcan ship that had been planning to enter it.

Next, we see a twelve-person squad of MACO personnel retreating down the corridor of an unidentified Federation vessel. They all look like they're straight out of an episode of Enterprise, right down to the weapons that they wield. As they fire at an enemy off-screen, they have to constantly duck and weave between bulkheads to avoid being struck by emerald-colored disruptor beams.

Following that, we see a twelve-foot-tall, dragon-like creature step down off a throne made of crumbling stone and roar threateningly at a traditional away team, who all automatically scramble backward in fright.

Then, we would see the Argosy and her two escorts making progress through a spaceship graveyard. There must be hundreds, if not thousands of vessels ranging in size from one-man to attack craft to hulks of dreadnoughts five times larger than that of a Borg cube. As they make headway, some of hulled vessels begin to emit an eerie blue glow from within, as though they've suddenly been turned on.

Finally, we would see a character who could very well be Khorin Douglas from Star Trek: Theurgy, wearing the iconic red of a security officer, engaging a group of what appear to be Krill in melee with nothing but a d'k tahg. He manages to neutralize three of them before he himself is attacked from behind by a hostile wielding a dagger of its own. As he sinks to his knees in slow motion, old man Hamill resumes narrating.

Hamill: "...with no friends, and little hope of ever returning home."

♪ "Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true" ♪

The next series of sneak peeks begins with an eight second long sequence, which in and of itself begins by showing a Venture-class scout ship in the process of trying to navigate through a dense asteroid belt whilst being fired upon by a swarm of hostile starfighters. After four seconds have passed, the camera would transition into the interior of the vessel. There we would see it's haggard-looking pilot - played by Bill Skarsgård - doing everything that he possibly can to keep the ship from being destroyed.

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