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Originally written and published on September 4, 2014, on the forums of the Direwolf Starship Brigade.


"You've heard the mantra repeated by us Exiles a million times over, I bet. 'Get up, go to work, come home, watch the net, go to bed. Repeat.' The life of the Average Joe who doesn't have to worry about life's more devious intricacies. I envy that type of person, I really do. Me? You'd think I'd stand out, but at the end of every day all I am is just another voice in the crowd; somebody that can be heard but not understood.
When I first came to Nexus I was at the end of my rope. I'd lost everything during the time it took to get here... My parents, my friends, a place to call home... But, heh, wouldn't you know it? I got it all back again. New friends, new 'family,' new home. For a time, anyway.
Eskari, Sindra, Lunete, Belenos, Ghidoran, Crith, Espionetta; recently they and a whole bunch of others just up and left the planet without a damn word... Not so much as a goodbye...
And then you have folks like young Sallie and Bonks... It's been months now, and I still don't know what happened to the girl whose smile could light up a room; she just vanished without a trace and left her bar behind, unlocked and still stocked full of the good stuff... And that silly chua who could materialize muffins with just a press of a button? He and his team from the Coalition simply never returned from their expedition to Southern Grimvault...
I'm gonna miss 'em... I'm gonna miss all of 'em, dammit...
I mean, sure, I'm with the Wolves now, but none of 'em ever attempt to get in contact with me. No letters, no texts, no calls or even messages left on the answering machine. Nothin'. I always just have to show up at the right place and at the right time in order to make sure I have a foot pokin' into the frame of the bigger picture...
The only constant in my life is the girl from my dreams; that redhead with the golden eyes who is always just standin' there on that cliff, lookin' back at me, beggin' me to save her. And I don't even know who the hell she is! Gah! Why am I even telling you this, anyway?!"
The freebot's optics 'blinked' as Thyssen presumably concluded his rant. It then shrugged -- before falling to the dusty floor as its one and only customer drilled a hole through the center of its chassis. Thyssen didn't bother to check on the bartender's condition. He simply took the bottle that had been sitting in front of him, slapped a handful of coins onto the counter, turned, and then trudged out the door of the cantina and into the pouring rain.
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