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Fallout Roleplay

Marcus Bowenford's 'Fallout: The Melting Pot'

((Some out of character notes before we begin. First of all, I would like to thank all of you for showing as much interest in this game as you have, and placing your trust in me as a GM. This is something I haven't done in eleven years, so I beg y...
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General Discussion

(Pseudo Trailer) Star Trek: Pathfinder [WiP]

🎶Text appears before a dazzling backdrop of stars..."If man is to survive, he will have learned to take a delight in the essential differences between men and between cultures. He will learn that differences in ideas and attitudes are a delight, p...
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Fallout Roleplay

Denizens of the Eastern Seaboard

So what we have here is the thread dedicated to character applications. Names, backgrounds, physical descriptions, quirks? All of that goes here. But before you go spilling your creativity all over the place, I'd like to call your attention to the...
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Tales from the Old Republic

How Do You Say Goodbye?

[[ A somewhat complete death!Fic focused on our Qunai Duvallin ]]How Do You Say Goodbye? “Go! GO!” Qunai Duvallin shouts, flinging himself sideways into the speeder car. Despite the pain shooting down through his older, worn bones, he manages t...
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((Chapter 1: The Dark Inside))((Chapter 2: Dreams))((Chapter 3: Smiles))((Chapter 4: Bad Guy))((Chapter 5: Monster))________________________________________________________________White.That's all Xirad saw when his eyes burst open. He could only ...
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Everything ends and everything begins (Title subject to change)

8/11 3644 BBY0700 hours; Fort Garnik mess hall A Republic Captain, a mirialan named Romido Crowe, walks into the room. He makes his way over to a table occupied by a squad of five Republic Troopers, consisting of Staff Sergeant Allana Roshishi, Se...
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XCOM Roleplay

Marcus Bowenford's "Security Status RED"

THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY A VERY TIRED PERSON. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO READ WELL. Our story begins mere moments following the appearance of the Temple Ship. If this were a cinematic cutscene, then players would have noticed the first hints of dive...
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General Discussion

For Honor

Knights-"I said move it!" The knight slapped his Halberd across the horses rear where the Young boy sat with a large sack and a puppy in his lap. The horse took off quickly as arrows landed in quick steps around him. The Dark haired boy looked bac...
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Until I Return

"Rosalia!"The orange-furred, amber eyed cat stretched out her legs and let out a long groan of annoyance, gazing up from her favorite spot - her human's reading seat. Her ears perked up as she heard the popping of a familiar can, and she quickly r...
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General Discussion

For Honor: TOR-For Honor Names and Colors

KnightsCirsei Altaros/Cadence Altman:Conqueror - color=#990000Xyrna Altaros/Alexandra Altman:Peacekeeper - Qunai Duvallin/Damien Altman:Warden - color=#3333ffThyssen Krupp/Thomas Kenton:Warden - color=#ffccccThessia Krupp/Thessallia Kenton - color...
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General Discussion

For Honor, or Naught

Prologue: Knights"Apollyon won't wait for an answer, Thomas.""I know!"A breath heaved as wood groaned beneath hard metal slaps, silver-clad hands leaning hard on a table. The armored man - Thomas - slid one to his face, rubbing the bridge of his n...
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The Division Roleplay

Agent Dossiers

__________________________________________________________________RETRIEVING DATA FILE: AGENT HAWKINSName: Louis HawkinsAge: 25Height: 6'0"Hair Color: BlondeEye Color: Dark BlueAppearance/Equipment: Wears a brown leather jacket, with a standard Ke...
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General Discussion

"A Three-Dimensional Crossword Puzzle of Reality" by Marcus Bowenford (WiP)

THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY A VERY TIRED PERSON. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO READ WELL. "Raymond? Raymond, can you hear me?"The sound of the doctor's voice caused the man's eyelids to snap open, revealing bloodshot orbs that rolled around unchecked in t...
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A broken ending

A broken Heart- Nal Hutta isn’t such a bad place – The dangerous thought goes trough my mind. It’s dangerous because that is how some slaves think after being so much time in such situations. They forget they are humans and forget that life goes b...
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(( ))“They have destroyed the fleet. They have reduced our main force down to just a few dozen of us. Hundreds of our brave men and women have been killed.” The Hologram wavered for just a moment… no, it...
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'Time', a retrospect of Darth Tsorig

Time---[0:00 - 0:34]A young boy strikes a shovel under the harsh storms of Dromund Kaas.Bluish-green eyes widen and bare feet stumble as rubble gives way to the mouth of a cavern - a sith tomb.The boy watches on, from a distance, as a sith gloats ...
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Breaking Bones & Hearts

Minute alterations in his grip, his alignment, the target's movement... The wind speed, direction, the Coriolis effect... There were so many factors in lining up a perfect cold bore. A kill on the first shot out of the barrel. Such as shot require...
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By Eight

Chapter One: Age EightI was eight years old when it struck me: I never knew my father. I was attending a party with my mother, and a few select servants. It was a familial gathering, the celebration of a new child accepted into the Treveleus famil...
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Naruto Roleplay

"Naruto: Happiness Doesn't Last"

(So, as we dive into this wonderful world that, as stated before, is a few hundred years into the future from the ending so the Ninja world is changed and blah blah peace and jazz... XD So, this is also my first time with Forum events... So please...
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The Elder Scrolls Roleplay

The Elder Scrolls: Unifying Dawn

An old man, withered and blind in his age, sits in a wooden shack by a fire. His twisted wooden staff leans on the chair upon which he rests, and a much younger man sits across from him, holding a quill and a book filled with blank pages."Master,"...
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