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Addiction & Reprisal

Time moved so slowly... a languid, placated pace, never quite pulling itself from the old before moving to the new...The vibroknife came out and around, point driving towards his neck. His forearm slapped inside the knife wielder's own forearm, ta...
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Log Horizon Roleplay

Fan Character - Andrew Burkhardt / Cyrus Hawksley [WiP]

What you're about to read has been revised heavily since it was originally written back in July of 2015. The original version was submitted to Izamura as an application for her Log Horizon RP, which I most unfortunately was unable to remain a part...
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A teaser for things to come...

Ash, dust, cinders and smoke choke the air. War is literally Hell.A tepid gust allows for the man to see what lay at his feet; the bodies of a family who had died huddled together. The heat of the explosion that had transformed the ground around t...
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TitanFall Roleplay

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"To cross a frontier is to be transformed. The frontier is a wake-up call. At the frontier, we can't avoid the truth; the comforting layers of the quotidian, which insulate us against the world's harsher realities, are stripped away and, wide-eyed...
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TitanFall Roleplay

[Poll] Are You Still Prepared To Drop?

Well folks, I just thought I'd put this back out here since people like Ardy, Cirs and Sev are starting to show up more often these days, which I'm thinkin' is a good thing. (Like, a really good thing.) The TitanFall RP is one that I've been eager...
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I.M.P.S.: Galactic Warfare

Prologue - "Baptism By Fire" (WiP)

THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY A VERY TIRED PERSON. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO READ WELL. «Before we begin there are three things that the casual readers need to know...1.) Like most Call of Duty games, this story focuses on the missions of one or more pl...
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Tales from the Old Republic

The Sound of Breaking Chains

THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY A VERY TIRED PERSON. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO READ WELL. ((I'd like to mention that the first part of Ardenith's story arc is on hold, not cancelled. Because I want to respect his wishes and see his tale told through to th...
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WildStar Roleplay

[Story] "Bad Honeymoon" by Mr. Elevator

Originally posted on August 18, 2014, on the Direwolf Spaceship Brigade forums.- - -((Author's note: What you're about to read is an experiment of sorts, meant to simulate a cutscene. It was originally posted on the WSRP forums on Friday, August 1...
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I eased myself back into the black leather medical chair. My gaze flickered about the room, the assembled medical personnel of Watchpost Besh. Although they milled about and prepared for the strenuous objective before them, they glanced backward a...
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The Dark Inside

I can't do this. I can't do this.I can't do this.I can't do this.I can't do this.I can't do this.I can't do this.I can't do this.I ca-"REX!"The young blonde looked up, his hands shaking, the blood of his late crewmate covering his shirt. His once ...
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"We can't keep the kid, Rex. He's a liability!""Yeah, what the hell are you thinking? Let's just drop him off at the galactic orphanage with all the other kids we pick up."Rex and the seven of his crew-mates from his main ship sat around a table. ...
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Four Moons Mercenary Company

Guild Revitalization Planning (Public Thread)

alright, I'm copy and pasting this thread from the officer's section for everyone to see and post in.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Original post:Last night (4/16/2016), we had a discussion...
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General Discussion

Time to Turn the Page...

Alright, people, I'll get to the point. I've had an idea in my head for a new story arc for the FM for a while now, and I'd not only like to treat you all to yet another chapter in the Four Moons story, but I'd also like to stretch my GM muscles a...
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Tales from the Old Republic

The Fire In Their Eyes

Handler 2 was an uncompromising individual. He made no apology for his actions, and did his job well. It was why he had been given permission to forge unconventional and terribly effective tools in service of the Empire. One group in particular, t...
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Krayt's Jaw Cartel


[Author's note: Yes, yes, another Cirsei-centric series of short stories, I know. But this one will be a little different; in FITE, I officially introduced the Dragon Guard, Cirsei's personal squad of bodyguards as well as her premier taskforce. T...
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The Artist

Queue: knife is lodged into a table; The blonde haired man sits at the table, nursing a drink. His bright blue eyes gleam in the dark gloom of the room. A beautiful young woman sits opposite him, her fa...
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By the Souls (Pre-Four Moons)

He grinned.The click of a lock giving way made it widen, before the black haired man rose from his kneel and idly stretched. His amber eyes flickered over to the woman at his side - mutually black haired and amber eyed. He gave her a bow, and she ...
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The Blasphemous Sith

*36,386 months before Emperor Vitiate consumes all life on Ziost...*"My dear Sith brethren, my Sith sisters! Before I share with you what I have to say, I must thank you all for coming. Glory to the Empire! We have accomplished much in the space o...
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What Makes a Man?

What is it that makes a man? Is it his will to live?Is it his determination to change the world?Maybe a man is made by his passions, by what he believes in. Maybe a man is made by what he leaves behind; a father leaves his children, a builder leav...
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((Warning, graphic medical detail inside.))The jungles were alive, yet not with the sound of the creatures that inhabited it, it was filled with something awful. The acrid stench of plasma and the coppery scent of blood lingered in the air as the...
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