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A Morning After

It was a morning just like any other...a morning that I had grown accustomed to after years and years. Light rain on the window above my bed, myself snuggled deep into the covers. My cheek pressed against the top of another's head, an arm beneath ...
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The Division Roleplay

[Poll] Say when!

So one of the things that I'm having trouble pinning down is a time-frame. Several of the characters here are part of the Division's so-called "Second Wave," which is deployed several months after the first. On the other hand, a majority of the ch...
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General Discussion

[Poll] Division RP?

C'mon folks, you had to know that this was coming sooner or later. And I kind of owe it to the people who were active in the FoRP, since it likewise took place (at least partially) in New York City in the dead of winter! Just one little thing thou...
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A Whole New World

"I have had a new vision, Horanius.""What is it, Sun Sage?""Strange birds will come from the sky; new peoples, not of our world, will discover us.""Sun Sage?""It was always the Destiny of the Children of Kaalos to explore the stars; all life of in...
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The End of the Beginning.

Cracking his knuckles, the Imperial started typing rapidly at his terminal. His supervisor watched over his shoulder closely; this was to be his last test to see if he would pass the slicing section of the newly christened Imperial Elite Corps. On...
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Tales from the Old Republic

Grandpa Konhrol

Kenngri's thumbs twirled behind the chair. He tried to shift again but the ropes confined him to that chair, so he sighed and went back to twirling his thumbs. The room he stayed in was surrounded by bark.. And a solid wooden surface sat under him...
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Character Biographies

Asa'riel Vanjervallias

Name: Asa'riel VanjervalliasAlias: "Doc" "That schutta"Role: SurgeonNicknames: "Sari"Class: SmugglerAdvanced Class: ScoundrelEthnicity: ZabrakGender: FemaleAge: 26Height: 5'4"Weight: Need to know information.Hair Color: Jet blackEye Color: Emerald...
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Phoenix Rising

"Are you sure you have to go alone?" Garrace holds his wife's hand as they walk toward the shuttle bay, their children trailing behind them. The small Miraluka readjusts her rather large, but relatively empty rucksack with her other hand. She nods...
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Site Suggestions


If there is anything you think could benefit Clan Mercea as a whole, or what could improve the website, or add, please tell us! We're here for everyones enjoyment and fun!
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Tales from the Old Republic

Closure (Dara-Qu-centric)

A week before the galactic implosion…“Qu?” Synda knocks on the door to his office and peeks in the door. “Got a minute?” She doesn’t wait for an answer before coming in and hopping up on his desk to sit right in front of him, Indian style. “I thin...
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The Gift Returns

Dear Razhalia,Since you were born, I’ve written a letter to you every week; letters to an unnamed, unknown child. Letters to a child I was made to believe was killed before she saw her second day. I never imagined a single word would be read by yo...
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XCOM Roleplay

Cheyenne Mountain Active Duty Roster

This thread is where my players' character applications need to go. Please fill out the following form and submit it at your earliest convenience, but take note that you should not be going into this with the mindset that this isn't an RP based on...
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General Discussion

The Knights of the Fallen Empire - Time Skip

As we all know by now, a pretty intense time skip is central to the plot of the newest TOR expansion - KotFE. And many of us have talked about considering it as part of our own canon, and even going along with the time jump.With some support from ...
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The "throne room", as it was called by the Governor's subjects, was filled as an old man pleaded with the Governor himself. The body of the previous person to plead before the Governor was being carried away.The old man's clothes would have been v...
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General Discussion


... I heard from my old friend Nephtis today. She was among the officers of Clan Bes'uliik that rebelled against the old guild leader Nas'cuyan when he booted me out and forbade people from talking to me. Turns out she's gotten into RPing again an...
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Character Biographies

Jingorro [long over due]

Final notice from Cipher Eight and Watcher Four: The target analysis requested took much longer to compile and examine in the wake of the attack on Imperial Intelligence by the Star Cabal and summary disbanding by the Dark Council. Further, the su...
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TitanFall Roleplay

[Poll] A New Beginning

So I was thinking that once my Fallout RP, Cirsei's Elder Scrolls RP, Ally's Naruto RP, Kyurlia's Assassin's Creed RP, and the other RPs currently starring our Old Republic OCs are all at a good stopping point, that I might finally reboot this thi...
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XCOM Roleplay

[Poll] For those still interested in participating in this...

Recently I got my hands on the book XCOM 2: Resurrection, which is the official bridge between Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2. I really enjoyed this book, but I was a bit surprised to learn that the rumors of Enemy Within being decanonized were true. Th...
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Assassin's Creed Roleplay

Helix Database: People

Here is where everyone's characters will be stored. Everyone is allowed to make three separate characters if they wish. Anyone who makes a character can make them for the Modern Era or the Ancient Era. It doesn't matter much to me which time perio...
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Assassin's Creed Roleplay

The Settings

Like most of the Main Series Assassin's Creed games, this will be taking place in two time periods, Present Day and (in the case of this story) Ancient Greece. The time of Alexander the Great's conquest to be specific. But most of the storyline wi...
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