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Tales from the Old Republic

How Do You Say Goodbye?

[[ A somewhat complete death!Fic focused on our Qunai Duvallin ]]How Do You Say Goodbye? “Go! GO!” Qunai Duvallin shouts, flinging himself sideways into the speeder car. Despite the pain shooting down through his older, worn bones, he manages t...
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Tales from the Old Republic

Evil Begets Evil

[While the final chapter of the FITE Arc will be concluded as a story written by yours truly, what I present for those interested in the events that have transpired is a kind of epilogue. There are still mysteries to resolve, after all...]A bald, ...
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Tales from the Old Republic

The Sound of Breaking Chains

THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY A VERY TIRED PERSON. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO READ WELL. ((I'd like to mention that the first part of Ardenith's story arc is on hold, not cancelled. Because I want to respect his wishes and see his tale told through to th...
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Tales from the Old Republic

The Fire In Their Eyes

Handler 2 was an uncompromising individual. He made no apology for his actions, and did his job well. It was why he had been given permission to forge unconventional and terribly effective tools in service of the Empire. One group in particular, t...
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Tales from the Old Republic

Grandpa Konhrol

Kenngri's thumbs twirled behind the chair. He tried to shift again but the ropes confined him to that chair, so he sighed and went back to twirling his thumbs. The room he stayed in was surrounded by bark.. And a solid wooden surface sat under him...
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Tales from the Old Republic

Closure (Dara-Qu-centric)

A week before the galactic implosion…“Qu?” Synda knocks on the door to his office and peeks in the door. “Got a minute?” She doesn’t wait for an answer before coming in and hopping up on his desk to sit right in front of him, Indian style. “I thin...
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Tales from the Old Republic

It is with great sadness...

Megi stayed behind on Alderann after the rest of the crew left to return home. Her time would be better spent earning more credits by helping THORN take down more of Rakghouls. Synda begged her to leave with them, but she would not, her barely hea...
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Tales from the Old Republic

Spirrie's "Operation: Plague Doctor"

Several months have passed since Allynier nearly destroyed the Four Moons mercenary company. Much has happened since then, but at the end of the day it's the same routine; get up, do your job, earn your pay, go to bed. Some days just happened to b...
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Tales from the Old Republic

What Makes The Monster?

[Note: Posted without permission. If this post was placed in any error, I welcome the admins to remove it.]So, in the wake of my recent addition to this wonderful community, I have spoke with several of the figure-heads, and have been given (tenuo...
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Tales from the Old Republic

Heart of Darkness

THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BY A VERY TIRED PERSON. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO READ WELL. So this here is the next chapter of the Four Moons Saga. I hadn't planned to run this, but Ally asked for help in seeing her character fleshed out further and so I v...
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Tales from the Old Republic

The Dark Side of Yavin

((GM's note: I have not personally played through the Shadow of Revan expansion. What you're about to read is modeled off of this trailer, which depicts a massive battle in the skies above Yavin IV.))"The enemy of my enemy is my friend." ~ Ancient...
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Tales from the Old Republic

Gabriel Thorne, kidnapped.

OOC:Goodmorrow, friends! This thread is gonna be a place where I introduce and update regularly a plotline that I'm running for the EMC. No one is required to participate in this plotline in any capacity, and if anyone from impside would like to s...
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Tales from the Old Republic

Treasure hunt

Alright so...for those of you that know about the treasure hunt thing, i'm starting it on friday. for those of you that don't know. basically, chef, kiki, and I were contracted to retrieve a holocron during kwenn what I've done is basi...
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Tales from the Old Republic

The Fuel of the Forges

((OOC note, since I cannot be in game except for very very rarely Synda and I have decided to forum RP their conversations since it makes no sense for Rayth to vanish off the face of the planet without telling her))Raythil strides into the cantina...
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Tales from the Old Republic

Frost & Mettle (Closed RP with Varanu)

OOC: This thread is for Iyo'tress and Varanu, for their anticipated visit to Hoth so that Iyo may learn the smithing methods of the near-extinct glacierdancers. Without further ado, I'll begin.______________________________________________________...
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Tales from the Old Republic

Nar Shadda Rumble

The Argo Cantina was quiet, empty, the only prominent occupant being the ever vigilant Goldy, wiping down the counters and cleaning the varying mugs and cups. Off in the corner, amongst the sea of couches and chairs, Garrace Vikarn sat, staring bl...
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Tales from the Old Republic

Argosy Nightlife

Vilinde grins her usual lopsided grin as she strolls onto the loaned Republic ships cantina, shouting out to the droid, Goldy, who is always dutifully standing behind the bar, faithfully tending it, “Oi! Come on, the Pubbies’ only keep a skel...
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