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WildStar Roleplay

[Story] "Bad Honeymoon" by Mr. Elevator

Originally posted on August 18, 2014, on the Direwolf Spaceship Brigade forums.- - -((Author's note: What you're about to read is an experiment of sorts, meant to simulate a cutscene. It was originally posted on the WSRP forums on Friday, August 1...
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WildStar Roleplay

[Character] Vale Lyonhart

'Nothin' like a little adventure, eh?'[more to come]
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WildStar Roleplay

[Character] Kyruli Kevirin

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WildStar Roleplay

[Character] Ali Greenseed

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WildStar Roleplay

[Character] Thyssen Krupp (WiP)

"I was born and raised and, for a significant portion of my life, lived 'board one of them Agriculture Ships with my folks. I was an only child, but had enough friends growin' up t'give the impression that I was part of a much bigger family. At ag...
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