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((Chapter 1: The Dark Inside))((Chapter 2: Dreams))((Chapter 3: Smiles))((Chapter 4: Bad Guy))((Chapter 5: Monster))________________________________________________________________White.That's all Xirad saw when his eyes burst open. He could only ...
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Everything ends and everything begins (Title subject to change)

8/11 3644 BBY0700 hours; Fort Garnik mess hall A Republic Captain, a mirialan named Romido Crowe, walks into the room. He makes his way over to a table occupied by a squad of five Republic Troopers, consisting of Staff Sergeant Allana Roshishi, Se...
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Until I Return

"Rosalia!"The orange-furred, amber eyed cat stretched out her legs and let out a long groan of annoyance, gazing up from her favorite spot - her human's reading seat. Her ears perked up as she heard the popping of a familiar can, and she quickly r...
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A broken ending

A broken Heart- Nal Hutta isn’t such a bad place – The dangerous thought goes trough my mind. It’s dangerous because that is how some slaves think after being so much time in such situations. They forget they are humans and forget that life goes b...
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(( ))“They have destroyed the fleet. They have reduced our main force down to just a few dozen of us. Hundreds of our brave men and women have been killed.” The Hologram wavered for just a moment… no, it...
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'Time', a retrospect of Darth Tsorig

Time---[0:00 - 0:34]A young boy strikes a shovel under the harsh storms of Dromund Kaas.Bluish-green eyes widen and bare feet stumble as rubble gives way to the mouth of a cavern - a sith tomb.The boy watches on, from a distance, as a sith gloats ...
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Breaking Bones & Hearts

Minute alterations in his grip, his alignment, the target's movement... The wind speed, direction, the Coriolis effect... There were so many factors in lining up a perfect cold bore. A kill on the first shot out of the barrel. Such as shot require...
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By Eight

Chapter One: Age EightI was eight years old when it struck me: I never knew my father. I was attending a party with my mother, and a few select servants. It was a familial gathering, the celebration of a new child accepted into the Treveleus famil...
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(( Is mandatory to read before this. So, do it. Also, I ask that you read this slowly. For dramatic purposes.))(( bl...
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Watered in Blood

”Transparent palms had gripped the whites of sky’s palette, turning them like knobs to reduce them to classicslike sad, vibrant spirals; or pulling at its ends and stretching its artificial spokesfor a single, bedazzling rose.‘Twas a garnish on th...
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Bad Guy

(( small Republic outpost located to the far north pole of Ord Mantell was officially called "Outpost Zeta", but the some 40 troopers that inhabited it had taken to calling it "Outpost Boredom." It h...
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See You Again [RL AU SongFic]

Note: I did take some creative liberties when writing this since nothing is set in stone between the high school/college years of these characters and their adult life. So don't kill me...please.---[Play - See You Again by Wiz Khalifa ]It's been a...
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I'm flying.(( was the same dream, again.The dream where I'm standing, standing high up, high above the other skyscrapers of Coruscant, when, sud...
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A new player

((Started off from a tired person, will continue more as it goes on.))Zoma V, such a green planet.. Compared to the planet just off near it.. The Dark green and blue clashes so much with the sands of tattoine. The ship would fly down quickly towar...
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"Do you know the best way to get rid of a pest, my friend?"Two large men in black armor carry a third between them, dragging him by the arms. The sad soul seems broken, his head hanging low. His once beautiful brown robes, those of a jedi, are tat...
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Five Years - With and Without You

Fythan, Age FourThe skycar was a silent ride from spaceport on. Qunai marveled to himself about it. In all his years, he rarely flew himself, and he was rarely awake to experience the rides. They weren't anything compared to shuttle rides that The...
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Off Into the Sunset

[[For your brief reading pleasure - a short story based off of a familiar Star Trek scene....Synda handed the last of her things to her husband before doing a final once-over of the medical supplies being left behind for the skeleton crew. The Fou...
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Book of Ten (name sucks deal with it)

Chapter 1Escaped Pray Why does it have to be so spacious? The Twi’lek grumbled as he walked down the hallway of his personal ship. He had to be stuck in space just waiting, the collectors not at their OWN drop point yet. He let out an...
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Purpose: Three Centuries of ZR-01

One: Taris.It is dark. It is quiet. I feel electricity course through my body, and fingers prod around the circuits in my head. I am confused. Lines of code run through my internal processors. I feel a door open. designation_self:. My name. But no...
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Honest Lies

I suppose my secret had to come out eventually...not exactly how I planned it though.I pictured something more along the lines of me getting sick of carrying it around, hiding it from my closest friends, from my sister. Not this...deefinitely not ...
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