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[Pinned] EMC Description
Four Moons Mercenary Company

[Pinned] EMC Description

The Echani Mercenary Company is run by some of the members of Clan Mercea of various families. Unlike the Republic, Imperial, or many other military organizations the EMC is fairly relaxed in comparison. The leaders attempt to uphold the idea...
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Four Moons Mercenary Company

Guild Revitalization Planning (Public Thread)

alright, I'm copy and pasting this thread from the officer's section for everyone to see and post in.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Original post:Last night (4/16/2016), we had a discussion...
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Four Moons Mercenary Company


Qu offered to take over. So because i'm pretty sure none of you will get on the game to do this, I'm putting it to a vote on the site. If you want Qu to take over the FMMC then vote for him, if not then vote for me, simple as that. Note: this is ...
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Four Moons Mercenary Company

Sith Guild

I am considering making a Sith Council type guild Impside... this won't be a sadistic style guild, thats been done up the wazu and is, well, boring! I'm thinking it will have Sith leaders, but have Agents and BH members on the ruling council to ha...
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Four Moons Mercenary Company

Guild stronghold unlocks

I need you guys to vote on what i should unlock next at the end of this month. we've got to make it count, because chances are it's going to take us until september to unlock the last thing.if i can get 5 other people (completely volunteered) to d...
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Four Moons Mercenary Company

Guild Ship Positions and Offline Hijinks

As the thread title suggests, I was thinking about what positions the members of the guild would have on the ship and the official guild one when that comes out. On top of this, having an official story for what you're up to when not playing one o...
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Four Moons Mercenary Company


Alright, So I figured we should bring training over from Theta...Of course I also thought we should change it up so...I kind of decided to do four kinds of training exercises...1. Training sims: Pretty much the same as what we did in Theta. Flashp...
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Four Moons Mercenary Company

Potential places of headquarters

Note! This is subject to change and is only intended as a reference point!Burning Moon Combat Association's Nar Shadaa locale: Izamura Aldun heads much of the business there, and functioning as a fight club, she freely offers it out to anyone asso...
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