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Guild Ship Update

Punished Gabe / Jan 27, 2016
I found simple way to earn the frameworks for our recently acquired Guild Ship. Basically we need to set up an ops group, go to a neutral planet like Tatooine or Hoth, stroll into the opposing faction's bases, and kill the unnamed commander NPCs located there. Each person participating in the op should receive an Encryption each time one of these NPCs is taken out. Those people can then donate the Encryption to the Guild Bank. Once we have enough, we can sell them and use the money to buy the frameworks! Doing this seems to be a lot cheaper and far less time consuming than grinding for Dark Project MK-1s. For those interested, here's a map showing where the NPCs are.


Unfortunately, probably impossible.

Logistically? You'd need more than 8 people, with tanks who know what their doing, people who can pull the commander from the base and get the rest of the adds to disengage, healers who are on point, DPS who are geared and know how to dps smartly, plus plenty of other factors like time management.

If past experience has taught me anything, we're terrible at actually showing up.
Well...We've got a four options

  1. we craft everything which means we'd need 2700 Dark Projects, which would take forever (up to 8 years for a single person) unless we somehow get more people
  2. We could grind the battlemasters, which really only requires 4 people, as the encryptions drop from them either way and are weaker than the commanders, and would be the most efficient way.
  3. We could buy the encryptions from the gtn, but that would be extremely expensive.
  4. We could take part in the weekly conquests, which give out 1 encryption per week once we hit the point cap for that week

I'm in to help out, Gabe!
yeah, option 4 would take us over 150 weeks, so...we'd be able to get it fully unlocked within three years...i think

Option 1 would be perfect if we had more people who have armstech, armormech, etc leveled out and if we had more people in general.

I still say we should just set up a day for the battlemasters (who are easier to kill than the champions), for them, we'd again only need 4 people.

Feel free to check my math using this, because i'm sure i screwed up somewhere:

Of course, Izzy does raise some excellent points, so if we're going to do this, I'm going to need dedicated individuals who WANT to do this.

It would help if I didn't get so caught up in the bullshit of the real world so often. But put me down as tentative, please. I don't want to seem like I'm doing nothing.
It's alright, thess, I understand what you're going through. Everyone is helping out in their own way, or so I'd hope.

We are going to have to up our ante eventually I actually think the engineering area should be opened last, Only because it's the easiest, relatively speaking, anyway, since it's all just a single room.
Alright, doing option 2 is literally the best way possible.

As of 6:31 AM, 1/29/2016, I did it with two other people at outpost zaroshe on tatooine, we managed to take the battlemaster out within a minute, we just needed a comp, then we lured the battlemaster to a wall and then wailed on him for like a minute. he's got over 100k health.

Gabriel, this is something to discuss far in the future, we don't have the manpower for this.

While I was in the Risen Empire, we spent weeks grinding for each deck, with 12 or more people in each OPs group, two tanks, two healers, and a number of DPS along with people who couldn't possibly help, but still got an encryption simply because they were there. We need a lot more people before we can worry about getting new decks, so bring this up during the meeting and we'll discuss it.
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