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Guild Restructuring

Punished Gabe / Apr 10, 2016
Since it seems that the meeting with Vilinde isn't going to take place, I've decided to start Phase I of the guild's revitalization, which involves us changing some things up. However this does not mean we're moving away from the mercenary theme. That will stay. We're just changing some things around, nothing really too drastic.

I would like to thank Syn for helping me out with this and without further ado, here's a list of changes that we have:

-The ranks will be changed for the most part into something more understandable, however the Zhuantur and Zhuantur's blada ranks will stay the same.

-The addition of combat (tactical and assault), engineering, logistics, supply and medical departments that will be led by myself, Qunai, Thess, Izzy, and Syn respectively. There will be more departments, but for now these are what we'll be focusing on.

-More squads like Andy's will be added for each department, and will be added as we, god-willing, gain more members. The leaders of these squads will be hand picked by those within their departments.

-Recruitment will be handled by someone from the engineering department and myself and it will most likely stay in the same interview format as it was before.

Hopefully, this will go well, I plan to instate it soon, and if it goes well, then we can move on to Phase II of the revitalization, which will be the planning of events, in game and on the site, and other miscellaneous stuff.


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